Wednesday, February 24, 2010

spring, spring go away, let winter stay a few more days...

another warm day. i took the gasline to powerline to tank to moose ridge cut off at n. bivouac. pretty day. always love a big sun.
for some reason i always find old cars in odd places entertaining. it's really just big litter and should be removed, but one mans trash is anothers photo op.

this is the powerline trail...named for obvious reasons.

spotted another melting snowman cruising around anchorage...perhaps after a good snow i should look around for the original, unmelted sort.

not ready to return to work tomorrow night, but there it is. had a little competency class thing for the adult icu. they wrap thiers up in an hour or less while the peds units one takes like 6 hours. i prefer the rapid wrap up. :-) i'm lazy that way. it was nice to get in and out. this allowed me to get to the pool for a relaxing 33 laps (66 lengths)
enjoyed more olympics today. womens short program for ice skating. they showed lots of other stuff before getting to the skating and i suspect they will get alot of grief at nbc for thier coverage. i kinda like that they didn't just show the most popular sport and ignore the rest. nowadays i suppose you can watch any event on the internet, but i like getting a mixture and seeing events i would otherwise totally miss. like i don't really get the nordic combined. i guess it's been around since the 20's. just seems odd to match up jumping with nordic skiing. not sure where that came from. it was cool to see any sport that has cross country skiing in it be successful. our mens team got silver. this olympics is the first to see an american/s get any medal in this sport. not sure it will make it a popular sport here, but it's a boost for those who participate. horrible day for one norweigian in speed skating. he was probably going to get the gold but his coach told him to switch lanes, which he did and shouldn't have. it got him disqualified. he was really ticked. that bites totally. that poor wish there was some way to fix it, but train forever and are headed for gold and something stupid like that ruins it all. you just can't get that back ever. no doubt it will haunt them both for the rest of thier lives. a canadian ice skater rose to the occasion. her mother passed away suddenly a few days ago. totally unexpected death and yet the skater decided to carry on with the dream that was as much hers as her mothers no doubt. she did a wonderful job on her doubt the best memorial she could give her mother.
off to bed.....

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