Sunday, February 14, 2010

catching up....

blossom creats large holes looking for her tennis balls out there. below is a moose that was snoozing by the parking garage at work as i drove out this morning. as i drove in that moose was there as well, munching on the trees.
on thursday between shifts i headed to n. bivouac to get the pups out for a run. as we first got started a dog came barreling down the trail at us...i quickly saw that it was indy and headed back to the trailhead where i met up with tanya who had been trying to load the dogs when he took off after something...blossom no doubt. as we finished our own loop and i was trying to load blossom and rio, emma and luke came barreling down the tank trail. it was a good 10-15 minutes before jill made it to them and she was relieved to see that they were safe with us...apparently they had taken off a bit back and it scared her.

the trees are from that same day. still very pretty with all the fresh snow. it's getting too warm and could quickly become a mess out there. in tonights news there were 2 avalanches in two seperate area's. a guy was killed in eagle river when he was skiing and an avalanche struck and out at spencer glacier area 2 snowmachiners were apparently killed by a seperate avalanche. one of those killed was the president of exxon, alaska i think it was.

rio started getting excited as we left the bog the other day and headed back to the house. from behind this car i saw the moose butt only. it's a young moose and looks like it found some interesting trash. it's pretty young...hopefully it survives winter, but this can't be a very good sign.
tuesday rio just stayed on the couch so i took blossom to dog park. we walked it once and then i got the skate ski's on for some practice time in the field. the snow was pretty perfect that day and they'd just groomed so it was fun. i'm slow, but i think i did okay. that was also the day that phil harris of deadliest catch passed away. thoughts go out to his family and friends. will be interesting to see how the show handles this all.
hopefully, i haven't already put this one in here....just a cute picture of rio.

finally had my appointment with the employee health np. not sure what is causing my hip pain still but she sent me to physical therapy. i felt almost embarrassed to be there as all the people were dealing with major rehab stuff. not that having hip pain isn't worthy of action. he gave me some stretches to do and we'll meet up again next week. i did work three nights in picu and tough the hip pain was increasing through the subsequent nights the little stretches seemed to help keep it from reaching the highest level of pain. the real test will be a busier night and those higher chairs that acc uses. harder to do the hip stretches. now my big pain is the headache that i started my day with. hate headaches. the hospital is full of rsv so i always worry i'll get a bug with all those sick kids everywhere. i definitely had increased sinus pressure doing my laps today. swimming felt great but my breathing was off a bit. got my 25 laps in.
came home and watched olympics. the vancouver olympics have begun...they actually began in tragedy as a luge olympican from georgia (the country, not the state) had an accident in a training run on the luge and flew out of the track and was killed. i saw the video and it was awful...though the death was instantaneous from what i could see. his poor family and team mates. i guess they started the luge competition today and his team mate opted out....just too emotional for him. that is sad as well, but understandable. if you are on a sled going at 90 miles per hour you had better be mentally on your game. they moved the mens start gate down to the pairs and womens gate and they did some modifications of the track where he died. it was completely unpadded metal and concrete posts. a very experienced luger said he's never seen or heard of anyone flying out of the track before so it probably was a freak thing, though this is a new track in whistler and it is turning out to be quite dangerous. tonights events seemed to go off without incident which will help everyone move forward. my heart goes out to this mans family, friends and country at this time...amazing how something so exiting can turn into tragedy so rapidly.
loved watching short track speed skating tonight. the match was quite exciting. apollo ono came out with a silver after 2 of the 3 koreans in lead took a spill. that also moved another american to bronze metal position. very exciting sport to watch. you just never know what will happen. they also showed womens moguls...don't know why anyone would do that one as it totally trashes the knees. oh well. gold and bronze for the americans on that one i believe.
still have a headache and i'm tired so that will have to be all for now. off to bed....

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