Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my usual is unusual...

this young moose keeps wandering the hood. he took some nibbles out of my tree the other night and there were moose prints on my front deck when i returned home from work. blossom must have gone nuts barking at that move. below is the normal moose diet for this time of year...bark. this tree has been nibbled on by moose.
dog walk monday today. didn't take any pictures out there. kelly and andrea showed up with thier pups and the three of us kept a pretty good pace. i'm the slow one in the group and use rio as my excuse. i mean really, rio was slowing up towards the end...but i was happy for her pace. it's great to be pushed a bit by kelly and andrea though. i love walking with them. below is blossom. when i let them out of the car after the walk blossom leaned against all the snow in the driveway. she was probably trying to cool off. it's been unseasonably warm this week so the snow has been melting to slush at times and then freezing up at night. have been wearing cleats to keep from falling down.

this picture shows her a bit better. in the upper left you can see the remnant moose prints in the snow as the moose went after my tiny tree. i can see moose prints in this picture too...but then i am a bit of a footprint expert.

we walked at prospect heights, rovers run and the bog/hood this week. rio hasn't been able to visit with her dog buddy for a bit and she was pretty excited. i think they both were.

the next two pictures are from the bog. thought the sun and clouds looked pretty cool out there.
this one turned out really purty i thought. the bog in winter is beautiful and i feel really lucky to live right by here. it's so great for in between work shifts to just walk down the street and into the park.
as i walked the hood, i saw lots of snowmen in varying states of decay. thought it looked funny all the melting snowman. was thinking of driving around and doing a dying snowman series.
it may be too sad though. hehe.

as i curled up to sleep after working my 12 hour the sun was rising out my window. had to stop and enjoy it. the skies have been so pretty all week. i love that my bed faces. a view is always wonderful. nothing will compare to the views i had living on the water in ketchikan, but the chugach range is a close second!

have been enjoying the olympics. i always love the stories of how these athletes came to thier sports and how they have trained. some overcome much and sacrifice much. was a bit harsh sounding in last post i think. really not disappointed in the current athletes. just sad that in general our nation isn't as excited about cross country as i am. our cross country skiers strive for the best i can tell, but sadly they just aren't all given the tools to acheive what they are capable of. kikkan did a great job in the relay today. if she'd had a skier her equal or close to her equal she would have possibly been on podium. as it was she made up for lost time and they ended up in 6th. she is so excited each time she pushes the envelope and brings the usa closer to medals. she's placed in top 10 twice this week which for the usa is a huge accomplishment. hopefully, one day she can be there to see that happen if she can't be the one to make it happen. she is a great influence on the kids of anchorage i suspect and i really do hope cross country in the usa will improve over the years.
watched ice dancing finals tonight, which i actually enjoyed. teared up as the americans got silver and canadians gold. our mens hockey team defeated canada's team in a pre lim match...will be interesting...and womens hockey will play against canada for the gold or silver so they are doing great. nordic combined usa got it's first medal so ski, ski, ski! was able to sneak in some olympic time at work the night of the mens figure skating finals. there were some great skates, but usa's evan lycacek came away victorious. i thought his program was really deserving of the medal he got. the scoring in figure skating seems so much more fair to me now. used to seem so subjective and based more on popularity than the immediate program.

work...well...it was neuro week at work. i probably did 75-100 neuro exams over the weekend. it's funny how things come in waves. well, we had a wave of intercranial bleeds/strokes/head trauma's...i'm afraid to get a headache this week. last week it would just be a headache...this week, who knows. my second night i came on and both my patients had to go to cat scan right away. lucky for me my friend maureen stayed and took one as i got report, then i took the other down. her stroke has extended. i really thought she'd pass away that night, but they withdrew the next day. sweet family. i'd already had a gentleman pass away that morning so was kinda glad that i missed that. he was a copd patient (result of smoking) .

swimming is going well. i've marked my days to swim on the calendar and so far have been successful. last wednesday i got in 25 laps or 50 lengths. was a bit messed up on numbers as despite the fact that i asked someone who works in the pool area if there would be a class starting soon and lanes closing and being told no, had to change lanes after about 10 lengths. the water aerobics class did start earlier than i thought. one of the people in the class just started closing down the lanes as i was swimming a lap. i let him know that was not a good idea to close in a lap as someone is swimming into the deep end. it kinda freaked me out to see the ropes closing in on me and feel like i had no where to go. idiot!! today went much better overall. i did 62 lengths or 31 laps. still not sure where the mile mark is but i know i'm pretty close. i've heard 30-35. at the end of my laps today some guy got in my lane and then was joined by 2 of his friends who treated it not like lap swim, but more like free swim. this meant that they were goofing around, kissing and generally being annoying. they would be on my side of the lane and the guy took my kickboard to use so when i came up to use it, it was gone. the jacuzzi fixes everything though. most people are nice there and hopefully, my swim tomorrow goes without a hitch. i did do most of my laps without the kickboard and much if the time i was doing 4 strokes to one breath so that is cool. when i was cruising in my own lane before the idiots it was so relaxing. i love water and reflection and the quiet of it all when you are in your zone swimming.
so much for going to bed early...good night

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