Saturday, February 27, 2010

diggin the snow...

met up with sandra this evening for a little ski. the trails weren't groomed when we left but we got passed by the grooming machine (below) as we were skiing. blossom was a bit unsure about the machine. it was nice to ski on the fresh trail though. we ski'd just over an hour.
blossom out enoying all that fresh snow!

definitely a frisbee day. i was going to post some video, but i apparently haven't figured out how to move those from the camera over to the computer yet. i'm sure it's very simple, but...i've had enough computer confusion for one 24 hour period.

the snow machines of anchorage were working hard these past few days. some complain about the roads not being cleared quick enough, but i think this crew does an amazing job everytime it snows and all winter. i've never had any difficulty getting from place to place. the main roads get cleared quickly and the side roads within a few days. they also have special machines for sidewalk clearing. i think they bought those after a few kids got hit due to being in the street since the sidewalks were covered. hats off to the great road crew of anchorage! you rock!

tried to fit swimming in today but the gym closes earlier on fridays than i planned for. do normal people actual find other things to do on a friday night than swim? i did get in 33 laps (66 lengths) on tuesday. i love that feeling after you've done a good workout. that day i had walked the dogs the gasline-powerline-tank-moose trail loop. wednesday i was a bit beat from the day before's activities and i just did a bog loop. not that there is anything wrong with the bog. it's my lazy walk some days though. it started to snow that night and is still snowing a bit more tonight. yippee!! fur rondy and iditarod will be happy with the fresh white stuff. i gave up the sleep between shifts and took the dogs for a nice long snowshow in the n. bivouac trail system.
work went well. my only drama was realizing that i had accidently let my acls expire. it was just expiring in this month, but still you have to be current or you can't work...! anyway. that meant getting into a class at this late date wasn't my best option. i was able to get them to put me in the computer generated course. i worked on that for the better part of last nights shift. they have you run through all these scenario's. i'm cool with the scenario's, it's just the learning curve for me was high on the computer program to mimic a code. there were over 12 scenario's i think...the first one was just a basic bls one and that was the one i had to repeat like 6 times. i was starting to panic thinking i'd never get this done in one night. once i sorted out the programming, i got better. it's still kinda silly.
acls was originally created so that health care workers could be on the same page when it came to codes. there would be a universal plan that we could follow. it was well intentioned and a great idea. sadly, like all things, the powers that be can't leave well enough alone and they keep adding and changing the thing. the book is now huge and more technical than needs be. too much information. learning is great but now they have me perscribing treatments and medicines not in my scope of practive. this is cool for lifesaving drugs in the immediate, but i think it's dangerous to put this tool in the hands of everyone in medicine who chooses to take the class. this class is for in house codes and so we will have md's handy. they write the orders, we can be more helpful if we have more knowledge but these scenario's give you no feedback and expect you to "write" orders. anyway...i got through it and now i just must wake up really early monday and get to the hospital for a check off. i hope i do fine there. i didn't learn anything on that computer scenario thing except how to use the program. silly, but hopefully, it will be enough for this requirement.
olympics is winding down. the big game is sunday. canada vs usa for gold/silver in hockey. the womens team of canada beat out our womens hockey team yesterday. i told sandra she could come watch it here or at home...but i'd know 1-2 seconds before she would the results. she has a delay with her satellite. hehe. long day planned tomorrow. i think i'll take the pups downtown for the festivities of fur rondy. there are the snow sculptures and outhouse races!

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