Monday, February 15, 2010

poop in the pool...and other events of the day!

happy valentines day to all. i spent my valentines evening out at the bear tooth theatre with friends. we saw "it's complicated" which turns out to be a good valentines day watch. i enjoyed it...more the second half than the first half. the movies are cheap here as they know you will be buying dinner. you purchase dinner and they serve it inside the theatre. there are little tables throughout the theater. just found out tonight they now charge $20 bucks to get the booths at the top of the theater. it used to be first come can grab em.
earlier today i headed out for a walk with the dogs. we did a loop in n. usual. it was a pretty day though it clouded up as we walked. got a few pictures before it got too cloudy out. above are the bumps...moguls. :-) i guess canada got it's first gold on home soil on the moguls tonight.
i watched the olympics after the walk for a bit and have the replay of the evenings on now. the combo jump/cross country ski was very exciting today. the americans came in 2nd, 4th and 6th...great to see the usa getting better at the skiing. i don't know that we had medal'd in that before. they were pretty excited. the czech, i believe, were very excited tonight in the speed skating as thier team member took gold. just watched the chinese pairs skaters do thier short program. they look like they could come up gold. they are married and both in thier 30's....that is old for skaters, but i wouldn't mind seeing them come up gold. i always love watching the olympics and hearing all the stories. it takes a great deal of personal sacrifice to get to that point...the olympics. we all dream of it, but few acheive it. that does make it even sadder about that georgian luger...

beautiful blue skies out there today for a bit. it's been warm all week. the dogs had a great time. blossom is pleasantly pooped out. it hasn't stopped her from barking at that kitty cat that roams the neighborhood at night, tormenting her. i can't even say "kitty cat" without her going nuts and running to a window.

i had time to head to the gym for some laps before the movie. i got in 15 laps before they cleared the pool on account of some kid pooping in there during family time. disgusting. luckily i was wearing goggles and a nose clip...still i'm sure i swallowed some poopy water. i did think i saw some little floating things in the water. couldn't get to the shower soon enough and i think i used up much of their soap there. children are cute and all, but they really can be germ transmitters...they are just gross sometimes. i guess the pool should be super clean if i decide to head there tomorrow night. the reality is ocean and lake water is full of all sorts of crap with no way to clean it. i'm sure with a pool that big it can handle one poop...but still it's jsut disgusting!!!
back to watching a bit more of the olympics before i crash for the night...oh and the avalanche victim was the boss of conoco-phillips not exxon. his friend wasn't found...snow too unstable to risk looking. so three deaths probably from avalanches yesterday.

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