Monday, February 1, 2010

laps, ginger midgits and proposals from facebook....

tossed in a few pictures from yesterday as i had several. below you can see the tracks and the people on the trail by it. well dogs anyway. the two above were across from potters marsh.

woke the paper...took dogs to dog park with intention to leave rio home and take a longer walk after, but i got the chills. sometimes that happens when there is alot of moisture in the air. i just can't warm up when i come inside so i curled up under the electric blanket with a book for a bit and took a nap. when i woke, i was trying to decide if it was too late to take blossom out. my friend sandra called to see if i wanted to catch a movie so decision made.

before we met though i had time to hit the pool, which was the other option i was debating in my little brain. so i got almost 50 laps in...well really i guess that is 25 if you count down and back as one lap. i count each time i hit the wall. i alternate with the kick board. 4 laps kick board, 4 laps swim. i used to do every other lap front stroke, back stroke. now i do 3 front and 1 back and towards the end of the swim i just did front stroke. don't remember swimming being at all difficult when i was a kid. you just jumped in and swam. i've never really done the lap thing though. anyway, it felt good. my hip likes it and i think my back likes it too. swimming is just good exercise. have to return the suits i bought the other day. hopefully, the one i can exchange and it will work. can't stand swimsuit shopping. bra shopping is becoming a bother too. my boobs are totally different sizes which has gotten more pronounced. hmmm....very annoying.

i did get a marriage proposal already this year. omg! it all started a week or so ago. i got a strange friend request on facebook. the guy only had one mutual friend of mine and it's not someone i know real well. with his request came a note telling me how much he liked me and wanted to date me and all that. i wrote the mutual friend to try and ascertain who this person was who was showing interest and if i'd met him somehow as i was clueless. i didn't hear back from her and yesterday i got yet another note from this mystery person. this time he was telling me he loved me and wanted to marry me. it was a bit too bizarre for me, being the paranoid and non-trusting person that i am. well i hit ignore on the friendship and clicked the button to alert facebook of a possible spammer. when i checked facebook this morning the mutual friend had finally written back. this guy is apparently a brother of a friend of hers. he has downs syndrome. he must cruise peoples lists of friends....anyway...i told her that since she hadn't written me i'd alerted facebook. i feel bad, but perhaps someone should be monitering his internet access a bit closer. sandra said at least i can say i've had one marriage proposal already this year. i'm sure i'll sleep better tonight.

i met her to watch "sherlock holmes". turned out to be a fun movie with robert downey who is always adorable. i think i'll have to watch it again to get all the lines though. suspect i missed many a little line in there. sandra was busting out laughing everytime they said "ginger midgit". i loved the "meat or potatos" line.
i'm off to bed....


  1. Wow! The photos the last couple days have been amazing!! Such a beautiful place to live.

  2. sometimes you just get lucky. looks cloudy today.