Saturday, February 6, 2010

the musical snowballs of blossom....

just a smathering of pictures from todays walk in the woods. just discovering that pictures from the rebel take a long time to load and ones from the little powershot load in seconds. good to know.
above blossom takes a break to try to de-snowball. generally unsuccessful. at this point she doesn't appear to have eyes.

blind shot of blind dog. she's such a cutie!!
luke or emma...not sure. they don't look as covered with snow as blossom was at the end of her walk. blossom is snowball less in the above picture as we started the walk.
jill attempts to load up her doodle. they wanted to play with blossom and rio though.

i found a great place that was closer yet protected to watch the teams. this was the last team of the day though and the snow machine follow up came right after.
blossom is one happy dog!

out on the big ponds and the sky began to clear up.

blossom rolls around attempting to off load some snow clumps.....only to add to her issue. she's smart, but...
turned out to be a lovely sunset. i love tree's backlit by sunlight. thought this was pretty. below is another sunset picture. the clouds got all pinky later.

below is a close up of blossom
she should be tired, eh...that's probably 10 extra pounds of water at least.
dog teams rush past. they move very fast. above is closer in, below you may have to look for the team of dogs and the musher.

a bald eagle was flying around with a bunch or other birds. often other birds like crows will taunt the eagles.
blossom near the end of the hike today, covered in snowballs.

got called in that night i was on call. my friend/co-workers back got tweaked. rest should hopefully fix that. i made an appointment to get my hip checked at employee health as it's been doing the spasm thing still at work, though not for as long since i got the dansko's. of course, i scheduled it during the monday walk so now i'll have to call monday and re-schedule. what a brain i have some days. i had just settled in bed when they called,but i wasn't having much luck sleeping cause my brain was so sure i was going to get called in.

i did manage to get up and take the pups to the dog park friday. so a semi- productive day after working 6 hours that night. got the bills paid and some grocery shopping in. dog food and cat litter took up like $50 bucks. pets are pricey. well worth it, but man....

work last night back in the adult world, it was a slow moving night. i had two pretty easy patients, except the one is a patient of the doc i "fired". he "fired" me too so it was mutual. he's the lovely jerk who accused me of falsifying my records and accused me of not telling him about his patient and what was wrong in the 2 phone calls i made. anyway. i was annoyed that i was given this patient as they didn't change the assignment because they said he was really easy and i wouldn't have to call said doctor...well, the patient has major panic/anxiety disorder and i spent a great deal of time in there trying to keep him from totally coming unglued. called a different doc to get a xanax order. the guy is super sweet. both my patients were totally nice so that helped. always little frustrations. hopefully, that doesn't happen again.

it snowed a bit last night so i was excited to get the dogs out there for some snow time. i didn't get out there til 2pm so most of the fresh snow was tramped down so i just walked. the parking lots were packed in all the trailheads up campbell airstrip road. ran into my friend jill and her dogs in the parking lot. they were just finishing thier ski as i was just starting. it was still snowing as i started, but i was out there 3 hours and it had cleared into an amazingly beautiful afternoon. i took a side trail that takes you back to where some mushing trails are. you have to cross over them twice. i knew there were races at tozier track so i was hoping to see some teams pass by. i had the dogs so i stayed back quite a bit. did get there in time to see 8-10 teams cruise by. they are so silent out there and it's just cool to watch those dogs run. each team had 10-12 dogs. that trail is off of the big loop. i cut across the center where the ponds are and then back through the middle. very pretty. we were out there for 3 hours and probably got in at least 5 miles walking. the dogs are beat.
the snow stuck to blossom and by the tank trail she was covered with snowballs. many of them almost 2 inches in diameter. you could hear them all clunking together as she walked/ran. it was quite funny. i had rio the blind dog and blossom the snow blind dog. her face gets so covered she can't see. i thought i took a cute video of her rolling around in the snow, but now i'm thinking i may have accidently deleted it. dang. wish these dang pictures would start loading. i gotta get to bed soon so that i can wake early, walk dogs, get to kincaid and do that ski for women
pictures are loaded and i am tired from my walking and then swimming. i did 25 laps (well i hit wall 50 times). it was good as i alternated 2 kickboard laps with 4 freestyle. only did a few backstroke so i think it was a good swim day. the jacuzzi felt awesome after this day. i'm tryin to hydrate and now i'm off to bed. still need to figure out how to display my potato head toys while i ski...hmmm....

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