Tuesday, July 13, 2010

amazing alaskan weather....!!

three nights of work gone. the first night was the toughest. coughed like crazy all night. was exhausted of it by morning. it eased a bit each night though. got alot of pity as i sounded so pathetic. work load was steady but not crazy.
walked a few times up patterson road and a few treks further out to cheney lake. we had some beautiful days. today was quite lovely. i believe rain may be coming. we'll see. if it's decent i think i'll see if i can get blossom up for a longer walk tomorrow. thought i should look at the local parks and lakes and find some more gems like cheney lake. would be good to explore the parks of anchorage. great to have cheney within walking distance. it's so pretty out there. lots of others out there enjoying it today especially. got over 75 degrees today here.
the geese continue to grow.
the top two geese pictures are from a few days ago and the lower two are from today.
bought some beef ribs this weekend impromtu and so i cooked those up in the crock pot while i walked the pups for a few hours today. blossom loved swimming for an extended time today. jeff called while i walked so we chatted. his partner may need his gall bladder out, hope that goes well. i'm short a gall bladder and it hasn't been a problem to be without that i've noticed.
apparently another brother just got laid off work ...well just. i just heard about it, he got laid off in april. so two brothers laid off, jeff quit his job so he could stop commuting between sacramento and huntington beach...so really i have 3 of my 5 brothers out of work. one's been able to get week to week temp work and i hear the other had an interview he felt good about.
it's always strange and sad that as we get older the space grows between us siblings. there are a few that really don't make much effort to bridge that. not much you can do. i wasn't hurt or mad that i hadn't heard my brother was laid off. i've called and left messages, but he rarely gets back to me. it's just sad to me to have some siblings so disconnected. guess i figure if nothing else you could at least say a prayer and be supportive in any way you can if you knew.
are other families like this? when our mom passsed away it seems like that line of communication just stopped. mom kept us all informed on each others lives as she called everyone often. i try to make phone calls and such, and i think there are several of us who are trying to keep in touch and keep those ties, but others seem to have no interest. like i said...just sad and strange. so it was nice this weekend to chat with tom and jeff and eric earlier in the week. i probably speak to linda most. we weren't close as sisters growing up, but after a tearful thanksgiving talk we had a few years back i think we are much closer. with all relationships if you want it to last you have to be willing to give some of yourself and make that effort. it's about prioritizing i guess. you have to decide that family is valuable and then put the effort in. i know i fail more now than i used to. i think it just got frustrating. they were busy and it was just so one sided. it's family so it's worth it i think to keep trying...
such a warm day i was looking forward to getting back in the water myself. did my 35 laps so got my mile swim in. yippee! still seems odd that i breath best under water. i suppose you really have to concentrate when you are swimming on your breathing.
these yellow flowers are really pretty. not sure what they are.
enjoyed the sights of the lake as i tossed the tennis ball for blossom. lots of grebes out there and there was a pair of loons in the middle of the lake. of course, again only brought my little camera. oh well. loved all the shades of green.

below is just a random bog picture. sometimes when i walk to cheney lake i wrap around it and return the same way i came. other days i will walk around half of cheney and return down bragaw and then cut into baxter bog. did both this week.
finished another novel on my kindle. not sure of title right now. it wasn't some amazing, change your life story, but it did keep me reading so i enjoyed it.
goose, goose, ducks...
more cheney...blossom swam on one side of the lake one day and they other side today. she doesn't care either way.
always love to try and get good dog shaking pictures. i wasn't very successful the other day, but it's fun trying.
this shaking shot looks a bit freaky but i liked the blurr of it anyway.

old poem of the day...
a simple smile,
may travel a mile,
when dark clouds hover,
a smile will shine all over.'82
how else could anyone,
harm thier child,
it's all that makes sense,
what we tell ourselves,
for surely,
no sane person,
could do the things you've done,
won't stop abuses though,
another life,
will now be spent,
off to finish the movie i jsut started to watch....more later....

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  1. that second one was the new poem of the day...yes...another 5 minute poem. perhaps one of these days i'll take more time to write.