Monday, July 19, 2010

rain, rain, rain...on my days off. oh well....

had big plans for today. sandra and i were going to drive out towards seward for a walk on one of my favorite trails, ptarmagin lake. when i woke up it was raining pretty hard. blossom was feeling better from our last walk, but still seemed a bit sore. she must have torked her shoulder chasing her toy in the creek.
worked overtime friday night so saturday, though it was totally perfect weather, was a bit of a bust. i should have been off doing a huge walk, but overtime and sleep. oh well. must say for overtime it wasn't bad work. i transfered out a patient by 22oo and then helped, counted narcs, played moniter tech and such until i took over patients at 1am.
when i woke up i decided to brave the bears and head to north bicentennial park and hike around north bivouac for a few hours. got chewed up by mosquito's, but i think blossom was excited to be out on the trails. we did do the patterson walk a few times with work and the rain and sore leg.
these two pictures below are from n. bivouac.
have been watching my lillies in the front yard and today, they started to bloom. so pretty. i love lillies!
i put rio's rain coat on and we headed out today for a little walk. i'm always amazed that the dogs have zero desire to head out the back door in the rain, but if you put on leashes and go out the front door it's like it's not even raining. doesn't she look cute in her coat! actually bought this one for her and then used it as my pattern for her other winter coats that i actually sewed for her. you know you love a dog when you are willing to sew coats for her. i really don't sew so that is a sacrifice. :-)
the adult icu has been busy this summer. lots of trauma. i got floated down from the peds icu the first night, worked peds and then back to adults for my overtime shift.
next two pictures are also in n.bivouac. always a great place. i've avoided it for a few years by myself as there have been so many bear encounters and such. of course, there was bear poop right next door so seems silly to avoid places. i used to go there all the time and though i saw scat i never had any major issues. i'll try and be less of a chicken and just go where i want to long as i carry spray and make noise i guess.
it was really great out there the other day. i then got a swim in. so finally back to my 3 swims/week. i'm trying to not be neurotic about that. i mean if something outside comes up and puts me off schedule i try not to kick myself about it. once the summer is gone, i'll pick up hte swimming to at least 3/week. it does feel great to get in the pool though. i quite enjoy swimming. my body feels better and i am stronger overall. the breathing is way better than when i first started.
above is a side trail that i take often in the winter. below is the main tank trail.
we got lucky and blossom's doodle buddy was out in her yard!! i really want to just open the gate and let them just have at it. i think they would have a blast playing. blossom always pauses at that house to look her doodle friend.
the other day i went to another trailhead for n. bicentennial park. we walked the homestead trail. the trailheads all mix together. have hit the homestead trail from the rovers run trail. i just want to get to know more of the individual trails and back trails.
it's always amazing to me that i can live in a city like anchorage and feel like i'm so out in nature on these trails. the folks of yesteryear in anchorage did a great job setting up the trails here. this town is amazing all times of the year. you can really enjoy the outdoors anytime.
more homestead trail
old poem...
Sweet Sensations
somedays i like the zoo,
but i also like the cemetary too,
in this life there's so much,
to see and hear and smell and touch,
take a breath,
and look around,
thre's so much beauty to be found,
bright red rose,
brings pleasure to the nose,
life is a mixture of smelly toes,
beside a pile of dirty clothes,
touch my earlobe gently,
and a soft sensation swells in me,
so many glories mixed with the gross,
so much beauty from coast to coast. "82
today's poem:
one day,
one minute,
all can change,
the life you live,
gets re-arranged.
don't let the crap,
make you sad,
don't let the trivial,
make you mad.
let it go,
be free,
for your tomorrow,
just might not be. 7/10
below is my chubby but lovable cat, pogi. he's a polydactyl. i love orange and polydactly cats so he's just perfect! of course, he wouldn't look up for a better picture.
hopefully, blossom's leg feels better tomorrow. hard for me to even think of walking without her. would be nice if the sun came out as well, but it doesn't sound like that's in the plans for a bit. so hopefully, i can use the day to get some stuff done on the ol to do list.
tossed in a few more moose pictures from the other day. such a cool and cooperative moose.
my netflix movie this week was "the ringer". a humorous and fun movie. i thought it would be more slapstick, but it actually has a nice story line as well.
well, i have fresh sheets to fall into...i love laundry day! i'm out of my favorite perfume...i really only use it on my sheets anymore. hmm. i really should do something about that. also finally bought a new vacuum. i went to sears to get one of those dysons, but i've just never been able to spend over $500 for a vacuum. i did buy an air mattress and a pool table cover. one can always find something they need.


  1. Forgot to say, I think your 'today' poem has a lot to say. Great poem.

  2. I think the photo was lovely without Pogi looking up.

    When I go walking in summer I'm scared of snakes. That seems quite wimpy compared to walking where there are BEARS.

  3. i don't like those snakes either, luckily there are no snakes in alaska..only pet snakes that wouldn't survive escaping.
    happy you liked the poem. just started adding poetry in. haven't written much for several years, so kinda fun.

  4. I hope you continue with the poems.

    I forgot to ask you, the other day, how did you take that lovely photo of the dead tree in the water. Was it a long exposure?

  5. will continue with the poetry. it's been kinda fun to play with words again. have always loved writing and have missed it.
    the picture of the trees was just a snap shot. took it with my little canon powershot.