Monday, July 5, 2010

sunshine and cemetaries

the sun came out and after i'd taken an afternoon nap i headed off to eklutna. i didn't go to the lake, though that is quite lovely. i hadn't been by the cemetary there for a few years. they do tours and i know i did that with friends before. of course, do i remember any of the historical facts they told us...not really. this cemetary is still active. i'll post more pictures tomorrow perhaps. for now i'm tired and want to crawl in bed with my nyquil swallow.
above is the old historical church and below is the newer one. both are quite small. the cross is that of the russian orthodox faith. teh russians were here before us and brought thier beliefs to the locals. many of the natives still follow this faith as do many of the russians who have immigrated here over the years.
i just have always loved these little houses for the souls. some of the graves are quite old and then there are new graves as well. one "house" looked like a little doll house. very intricate. many of the older ones are simply falling apart. i love all the colours as well.
below is one of the newer graves, seems to be built in the fashion of the others. i saw other newer graves with just the blanket so i'm guessing the little houses will be added on later.

so i'll have to research what the meaning of the little houses is more and if the coloration has any symbolism.
until then the pictures will have to be enough
these colours seemed fitting with the fourth of july. red, white and blue. so often we are just too somber in how we deal with death. great to see that one can be respectful, but also somewhat celebratory. i like the idea of celebrating ones life rather than mourning thier death. we come to this world with joy and should leave in joy as well. joy for all that we have accomplished, all that we hoped and all that we loved.
with the sun still out there i took blossom and rio to the flats. i think they are called the palmer flats. it's just an area out on the glenn highway right before you turn off for eklutna heading into anchorage. in late june/early july the wild iris's bloom like crazy. i was a bit late getting out there to see it at it's fullest but at least now i know where it's at. it's not a pull off or anything official. just an old road that is no longer drivable. it was a nice walk with the dogs, but i could see all the deadheads from iris's past. there were still a few out there, but i missed it.
they are just really beautiful flowers. my friend tanya has helped me see all the wildflowers. that and photography gets me to stop and really look at the beauty of the bounty of the season. our summer is so short and if you blink you miss it all.
my friend seemed to think june was really rainy. perhaps after living in ketchikan for several years i have a different view. there was some rain, but it was always followed with times of sunshine and blue skies.
my fourth of july was a bit of a bust. did take the opportunity to speak to a few siblings. always a bummer not being able to get together with family for the bbq. plus not feeling well didn't help. i could smell all the bbq's around me. finally, i just had to have a burger. our family did have occasional bbq's in the back yard. my dad had built a bbq in the backyard i remember. not that it was used that much. generally if we went to a park for something like the fourth of july mom bought a big bucket of kentucky fried chicken. several 4th's we went to lacy park i believe it was called in san marino. met with several family/friends for the picnic/fireworks display.
bought the fixins and had myself a burger...not the same, but sometimes you have to improvise.
other wildflowers have taken over for the iris's but i will have to make a point to stop by there next summer.
this is cook inlet. i reached it on my little walk. of course, blossom was wanting to swim and i did let her, but i always get freaked by the mud flats and so i was being a freaker out there. i'm sure the dogs think i'm crazy some days. us humans just really must seem odd to them. not that they aren't loyal to us, i mean we do supply the food, but we're nuts.
have watched alot of bones, closer, law and order this week. watched several movies or part of movies. watched part of 27 dresses which was on the other day. my net flix was "the secret of roan inish". it was okay...doubt i'd repeat it. the scenery was beautiful, which is always nice. odd story, but well done.
another iris above and a wild rose below.

met my friend sandra out on jodphur loop. only took the one picture. just get to chatting i guess. it was good to feel like i was out on a real walk. these cold bugs can really drain you. we did a shortened loop. the sun came out this morning and the wind was blowing off the clouds. we had some actual blue skies. impossible to not get out there, even if you feel like crap.
took the dogs on a walk up the road to the elementary school. it's a good place to let the girls play off leash and for blossom to chase her beloved tennis ball. her tongue looks super long after a few minutes of the chase.
i used to write poetry and lyrics. i seem to have ceased doing this. since i always am frustrated by those who had gifts when they were young only to stop doing those things that they enjoyed. life gets busy, but it should never get so busy that we lose what we once were. otherwise what makes us unique. what is the point of our parents striving to teach us such things as sports, music, art...those are the things of life. i have my photography. i feel the blog has helped me make my joy of photography a bigger part of my life. it's time i add back in the lyrics and rhymes that also brought joy to my life. so i'll try and post one old poem from the past and one new poem. enjoy...

from '83....i believe i was taking a poetry writing class at the time.

He Walked On

he held the umbrella loosely,
his arm drooped at its weight,
drops of rain pounded him deeper into the sidewalk,
drenched, he wandered forward,
oblivious to his wetness.
only an hour before he'd combed his hair,
and tried to look his best for her,
but she no longer cared.
his feet now walk behind him,
he trips through puddles,
collecting mud,
a headless shadow,
faded in the darkness,
water slipped down his cheeks,
he sniffled and watched the sidewalk.
and for todays attempt..forgive me for being a little rusty...
Iris On Flats
brief encounter,
purple flower,
seasons change,
earth rearranged,
take it in,
or let it go,
live life fast,
or live it slow,
the purple flower,
will bloom we know,
and for a moment,
it's bounty show,
before it droops,
and petals blow.
hope you enjoyed the pictures and prose....good night.

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  1. Your pictures always pick me up. I know what you mean about July 4th--my husband was on call and that means out of town all weekend--and working so no one had to do anything surgery-wise on Monday...

    Your writing often seems like poetry to me so I'm glad to see some of your talent here.