Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the bore tide that wasn't...

loved these little purple flowers. saw lots of them today at windy point. i think i'll give up posting pictures for the day. the big canon pictures always take so much longer to post and i'm getting sleepy. it is after 2 am. i'll have to write a super fast poem tonight.
lots of pictures of moose today as we had such a willing subject. more on that later.
in the evening i'd heard that a large bore tide was supposed to come through turnigan arm. maureen and i met up at windy point to climb up for a good view of the entire arm and bob, tanya and maddie joined us later. we never really saw anything that resembled a bore tide. it can be fickle that way. i'm never sure when exactly it rolls in and have so far only spotted it by chance. the bay of fundi is the only other place that has a grander bore tide. i'll have to look it up later and try again another day.
it's still pretty out there. even on a cloudy day. there was wind but no raindrops fell. above is tanya and blossom and below blossom gets attention from bob and maddie.
below is mountain goat poop...windy point is a great place to go watch mountain goats in anchorage. they seem to always be there.
blossom enjoys the wind
this is signs on incoming tide, but hardly a bore tide. was fun to watch it swirling around though.
old poem...
A Little Homesick
next year seems so far away,
and tomorrow is just another day,
miss the family, miss the home,
i thought i'd be happy where ever i roamed,
but problems set in,
the vacation is over,
i miss the sunshine and the clover,
figured no problem, i'm grown up now,
but my troubles must be fixed somehow,
i can't go on just being a bitch,
just stick it out and do my hitch,
optimism can be easy to find,
be forgiving, understanding and kind,
help them to know that you're here to grow,
you're here to discover, discern and know. 11-82
my first roommates up at utah state were an odd sort and it didn't go very well. on the plus side it forced me to spend alot of time in the community rooms and get to know everyone else in the aparment complex. i changed rooms the next semester and it went much better. roommates can be a struggle no matter what you do.
new poem.
snoring dog,
can't be wrong,
what am i doing awake?
it's late you see,
and i should be,
snuggled up in bed.
see i said it would be pretty bad.
we sat for over an hour and did enjoy all the sights. below is the road and train tracks. we also watched the various mountain goats, bald eagles, birds and enjoyed all the wild flowers.
the fireweed are blooming. looked pretty to see them all over. they bloom from bottom to top. when the blooms hit the top we have 6-8 weeks before winter sets in. at least that is what i'm told.
more moose.
not sure she looks too good, but she was eating.
just watched "brokedown palace". i always like that movie. it's the friendship thing. such a brave act of unselfishness because of friendship. last night i watched "waking ned devine". a very small village gets a winner of the lottery. a few try and find the winner and befreind him only to find the guy died of excitement upon learning of his windfall. so these two decide to fake to be him and collect the cash. soon the whole village of some 50 people is involved in the ruse. quite a cute/fun movie.
rainy day here. i kept busy enough though there are things i should be doing that i didn't get done. my friend maureen met me at spencer loop and we got a nice walk in. just a few sprinkles. we didn't get to finish the big loop and cut it to a shorter loop as the moose was laying pretty much right on the trail. it didn't get up which actually has me a bit worried that it couldn't. it was pretty chill about us being there and was munching on stuff around it. hard to know sometimes if you should try and investigate further. i didn't want to spook it, even if it seemed unfazed. took some nice pictures anyway. above is campbell creek. i stopped there after the hike to get the mud off of blossom. the salmon are running in there.
signs were posted all over about possible bear encounters. rovers run (labeled as melons way) is the sight of several bear attacks/sightings. no sightings for us today. we did see bear scat and then this evening my neighbor asked me to come identify scat in her yard....definitely bear so there has been a bear in my neighborhood. which reminds me i should move my trash behind the gate right now. be right back.
back...when i lived in ketchikan the bears were constantly getting into the trash. not mine. i used to bungee cord the tops on to the handles. my neighborhood bear used to import other peoples trash in and eat in under my bedroom window. i'm apparently a pretty sound sleeper as i never heard a thing. that bear did make several attempts at my can though as it had bite marks all over the lid.
i really need to get my crap together and try and get the house refinanced before the rates go back up again. with stuff like that i do wish there was someone else to bounce stuff off of and to figure this crap out. i get chicken with financial stuff. would be great to get the interest rates down and possibly the payments as well.
more moose pictures. i went crazy with the camera. i mean she really did just sit there so it was kinda fun. hopefully, she isn't getting eaten by a bear right now...though i know that is how nature works. i like to pretend it's not really true. guess that is like we all pretend that the meat in our grocery aisles comes from some fantasy cows that don't die. wouldn't that be nice if cows could give up meat like lambs give up wool.
blossom is pretty mellow around the moose. she is actually more interested in the tennis ball than that moose. though if the thing stood up i'm sure blossom would have given it a bark.

read this article in readers digest the other night at work. a true story about a medical student in chili i believe who was taking a train to a party town...much like our college students flock to florida for spring break. to accomadate all the extra passengers old cars were added to the train. apparently, the older cars were in a state of some disrepair. she went for a walk up the cars with friends and when she took a step in between floor existed and she got sucked right under the train. totally freaky accident. when she awoke later on the tracks she went to move the blood and hair off her face only to find that the arm was gone, then to find the other arm was also gone as were her legs. she has a book about it all i think. may be interesting. she did recover and finish medical school. she now works in a rehab hospital back in her home country.
i really have an easy life.
blossom dropped her tennis ball in order to get a sniff at the bear scat. i was taking poop pictures today. was laughing at my friends daughter, maddie. she is a mere 7 but is able to distinguish various types of poops. a good skill to have for sure.
i always find the greens are greener on a cloudy/rainy day.
the dogs get muddier as well.


  1. To make the uploading go faster, you could resize your images and then upload the smaller ones. Would take a lot less time overall. You can even just use a program like Paint to do it, no need for fancy editing programs for that. Just a suggestion. I always resize mine to the exact pixel widths that I want on my blogs so they upload really, really quick, but that's not really necessary. Just making them smaller would help.

  2. i'll have to try and figure that out. i'm so lame on the computer sometimes, it's frustrating.

  3. thanks for coming by my blog to encourage me about Penny's "maybe" cruciate problem. I'm glad to have discovered your blog, as I love reading about ordinary lives in other places - hope you don't mind being labelled as ordinary - I think being ordinary is a wonderful thing!

    I also keep an eye on another blog from Alaska, Wayfarer Scientista, but she hasn't blogged this year, so now I can get my fix of Alaskan beauty through your blog.

    anway, about the photos - are you on a mac? If so, you just save the pics as the smallest offered jpeg before uploading and it's much quicker.

  4. welcome to the blog! no mac here. not sure how to resize stuff. i'll have to investigate more.