Wednesday, July 21, 2010

rain in anchorage again.....the greens look greener!

wow...those loaded so much quicker! thanks for the tips. i finally think i've sorta figured it out. though i'm not sure what the difference between re-sizing and compressing is? how does doing either of these impact photo quality down the road?
took the pups to kincaid and walked the ski for women loop. funny that when i skied the ski for women loop in the winter i didn't notice the signage for it. things always look different in the changing seasons. it was another rainy day here in anchorage.
people keep complaining that this is a bad year as there is so much rain. from people who grew up here i hear that this is actually more like what they remember in thier childhoods. being that i lived in ketchikan for 6 years i find the rain here is not so oppressive. in ketchikan you get an average of 12 feet of rain/year. here at least when it rains you get breaks, you see dabs of blue skies. in ketchikan it could pour for weeks on end. you could go several weeks without even a hint of blue skies. so i guess i just don't find the rain too terrible. we've had blips of blue. what else can a girl ask for?
saw two bull moose in kincaid today. rio spotted the first. i got no pictures of that one first off because it's hard to take nice pictures when 120 pounds of dog is trying to get to your subject. also the mosquito's were a bit thick there and that moose was in some thick brush. this guy was spotted on the way out of the park. locals often send thier friends to kincaid to get thier moose sightings and there were some tourists pulled over getting thier moose pictures. so i joined em.
you can see the warts on the back leg of this guy. not sure what they are really except that it was mentioned in the paper that these have been spotted on many local moose. i hadn't seen it yet. supposed to be pretty inoculous though not very sightly.

he looks like a healthy moose to me though. i did get a few things checked off the to do list. seems like you always add a few things to that list as well so the list never really goes away. so it is with to do lists i guess. i got totally lucky on one call. i randomly selected a fence company to get an estimate. as it turns out the nasty condo people behind me are utilizing this same fence company to do a fencing project they have planned. he'll be doing that next week so he totally knows my gate and will easily seal it up for me. he'll just put the gate inside my yard and charge me just a small fee. generally there is an over $300 fee just to do any project. i spoke to my neighbor and told her he'd be here and she was welcome to the gate. so she may get her gate in. she seemed more interested in closing off her back yard once she spotted the bear crap back there.
my realtor is still investigating the gate situation. the land is owned by the condo corp but the municipality has the easement on it. so he's now addressing the situation with them. i'll call him tomorrow. i'm fine with losing my gate but i don't want them to fence in the easement as the moose use it quite regularly to get through the neighborhoods. if it's shut down those moose will be forced back on the streets more. so this may all be a win-win. basically, the nasty condo will be footing the bill to remove my gate, my neighbor gets the gate and perhaps we all get to annoy the condo people in the interest of moose. what really annoys me is why they couldn't have sent a professional letter and included the name of thier fencing company so this could all be resolved in a friendly manner? instead they have to send a snarky letter. i love that word, snarky. not even sure if it's a word, but it just seems to fit.
even if i were to find that i have every right to be back there and keep the fence it's not worth it at this point. they will find that i'm not who they accuse me to be. i pick up my dogs poops and really have rarely even been back there.

still can't believe how fast those loaded...what a difference.
after i left kincaid i decided to head downtown. it's good training for the dogs to be around all those tourists and the tourists seem to enjoy seeing pups. below is a landmark theater in downtown. it survived the big quake. not sure what the plan for the building is, right now it's boarded up. i hope they can save it.
downtown also has these huge and beautiful flower baskets.
cool totem in front of one of the judiciary buildings. the totems are found in southeast alaska except when commisioned for the north.
guess i should locate an old poem for here...
sometimes i need some space to grow,
to spread my wings or stretch,
but in the crowded world i find,
there's not much space for me,
now if i were an eagle,
i could soar above the crowds,
i'd watch and listen to those who pass by,
and i'd be free to fly,
if i were an rambling brook,
it'd trickle slowly and never die,
my space would be my own,
and me and sweet creatures could be alone,
but since i am a human,
there is no place to go,
i can only watch the eagles fly,
and sit by a brook as it rolls by. '83
gently hit the roof,
a peaceful sound they make,
but those drops,
can form horrendous storms,
leaving disasters in thier wake,
the power of the water,
is oft forgotten,
and overlooked,
the seas will rage,
for days upon days.
okay so was hoping for some brilliant post deadliest catch poem, but i've grown tired. probably because my cough was acting up a bit today and i took some of my super sonic cough more coughing, but sleep overtakes me.

got sucked into the deadliest catch tonight. capt phils passing. they did stretch that out over a few shows. i think they did a nice job of it though. i think it was of more interest as i work in the unit where they took him. i never took care of him, but it was hard to not be aware of his presence. it's also fun to watch the show as i've been to dutch and st paul. never worked the boats out there though. don't think i'm tough enough for that. there was a big storm on the show that was on today. over 40 foot seas. the cinematography was amazing. i know i spelled that wrong. oh well. it is amazing how brutal those waters can be. i was out there in rough waters. it was more like 10-20 foot seas though. nothing like the stuff they were dealing with. not to mention it being as cold as hell. doesn't seem possible to reheat after that. i'm a wimp in super cold stuff, though i still get out there. i have alot of respect for those who work out there and those who captain those boats. it's not an easy job. farewell to captain phil, may he forever ride calm seas.
makes you think of reality shows in general. i guess i like this one as these guys are already doing this, this is their job. other reality shows coming out on alaska often take city folks and drop them in the wilderness. what is missing in our society that makes people feel the need to be dropped off in remote areas to see if they can survive. i think it gets back to my theories of social evolution. we have evolved physically quicker than emotionally. in our culture especially, the basics of life have been met. most of our society easily have food, water and shelter. the hunt for these basics in many cultures is very time intensive. people don't have time to be bothered with thier personal fulfillment, or if thier needs have been met. i think there is something basic about fulfilling those needs for yourself that is lacking in our culture. it's one thing to put food on the table by going to the grocery store, it's another to have gone on a trek in the elements to put that food on there. perhaps this is a driving element of the need of these contestants to be challenged in this way. or it could just be that many people want to be on tv and get famous any way they can.

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