Saturday, July 31, 2010

late night meanderings

since i've decided at this late hour to post i'll do a rare dinner sighting. my friend maureen offered up some king salmon. tis gold indeed. so after i swam my laps at the pool i headed off to meet her at rei for some fresh king. king and silver are the best in my opinion. so truely a treat. i broiled it with my favorte and very simple recipe. butter, brown sugar and lemon juice with a light salt and peppering. so above is before broil and after below.
it was rather tasty. i'm sleepy, but my movie selection of the night got me back out of bed. i did work last night, but had one pediatric'ish patient in the icu. i transferred him to the floor at 6:30 and went home a few minutes early.
my early arrival home confused poor blossom. i don't think she was quite awake enough for her breakfast and all that, but she finally obliged. i slept a few hours and then woke up as i had to get the house cleaner for the appraisers visit. that lasted all of 15 minutes. seems a short time for the impact it could have, but they do assure me now they take the information back to the office and do the complete work up.
took the pups to the bog and then around the neighborhoods and down patterson. blossom hasn't been as high energy as i expected so i hope she's not feeling ill. she almost seems bummed about all the rain. she looks sadly out the back door and then just turns back inside. i fear she wouldn't do well in ketchikan.
mushrooms are coming up everywhere and since i just bought this cool pocket guide i may have to try and identify a few. of course i'm having difficulty finding the above one in my book. not to worry, i won't eat any mushrooms based on my poor identifying skills. i had some shaggy manes in my front yard, which are supposed to be decent eating, but they shrivel up quickly and i missed my chance at a picture. there will be more no doubt.
the day before i headed to campbell creek trailhead for a walk on real trails. we seem to be walking in the bog and streets with all the rain and i do notice blossom perks up when she's on a real trail. harder to find people to join me in inclement weather and with the bear activity so high i get a bit chicken.
rio did spot these horses and tried her dangest to say hello as we passed by them. there were six of them.
loved how the rain had collected in this mushroom. could be a blewit or poisonous i bite at identifying these.
this one is for sure a fly agaric. it's poisonous. the more dramatic and beautiful a thing is the more one should fear it....could be the same with humans.
i passed rovers run. was happy to see they actually put a picture of the bears spotted there to encourage folks to avoid the trail. they also put up gating but hadn't shut it. our current mayor is an idiot. just my opinion, but seems like every decision he makes pisses me off. he should just let those who have run fish and game for years do thier job and not politcize everything.
as you can see the salmon are still running up the creek.
i'm getting tired so i won't even try to id these guys.
cheney lake from the other day.
blossom helps me show off my lettuce. oh by the way. i'm all back fenced in. good to have that overwith. my neighbor has a new gate as well. looks nice. my yard looks like a jungle...i fear the chickweed has won this year.

new poem....
oh that is lost,
in love,
all forgotten of,
the simple touch,
gone the days,
of yearning,
tis why,
we flounder much,
tis sweet,
to read,
a well thought note,
or sneak,
a simple kiss,
an hour spent,
in tortured bliss,
has all been,
left behind,
oh what is,
in this new world,
for all the lust,
our hearts remain,
just watched "bright star". a movie about john keats, the poet. it's based on love notes he wrote with fannie before he died at a young age. would be nice to just write poetry all day, of course, he died thinking himself a failure. can't be a failure though if you follow your dreams.
it made me think of romance and how in days past so often couples were very restricted in thier ability to show any affection and thus they had to sneak in a moment here and there. how now, people know each other a few days or a few weeks and give away the most precious parts of themselves. people spent hours agonizing over how to express themselves. love had a chance to mature more. people got to know one another. it's all bass-akwards as they say now.
i am tired so i shall part....the rain is falling, drip, drop, drip,drop...

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