Monday, July 19, 2010

out and about again...

another rainy day in anchorage. my friend kelly called and we got together for a walk. it's been awhile. with good friends though, it always seems like yesterday. i have many friends but there are a few people in this world that you feel like they just get you and you get them. kelly can walk way faster than me though. she's totally fit and is 10 years younger. lucky for me, she doesn't mind slowing down for rio and i. blossom is still limping a little so i didn't want to push her...dogs will jsut go and go and forget about any pain they may be feeling. couldn't really detect a limp at all during the walk, but it showed up again after we returned to the car.
at the top was just another picture of one of my lillies in bloom. these next two pictures are from the walk today. we met up at prospect heights. as you can see it was cloudy. the ceiling is quite low. i felt a bit chilled after the walk so i curled up under blankets and read for a bit...which led to a nap. i'm reading "little bee" on my kindle. still liking the new toy.
after my nap i went for a swim. silly me though, i hadn't eaten much and at about 40 lengths i started feeling the effects of my lack of food. so i only got 54 lengths in. still not bad i guess.
this is what happens when i try to take a picture of a relaxed cat and a large mastiff decides she wants to sleep in that exact spot. furblurr....
just a few pictures from the week past. above a few salmon run in campbell creek. below is a mountain goat at windy point.
i'm watching a fav..."bottle shock".
old poem..
a taken for granted woman once said,
her life was incomplete and dead,
in cleaning her home she always found,
the work was never done and left her bound,
the children were all covered with soot,
and she lacked a moment to clean even a foot,
then there were the dogs and cats,
these also needed to be fed and given baths,
the bills just seemed to overflow,
and in the dead of winter the furnace wouldn't blow,
her husband only helped if nagged,
each day was endless,
a total drag,
so this woman walked out the front door one day,
and said, "i'll be back some time in may,
i'm tired of doing all i do,
and i felt it was time that you all knew",
she packed her bags and boarded the train,
then hopped a plane and was off to spain,
now if you desire your mom to stay sane,
remember to thank her for all of her pain. '83
probably written for a mothers day one year.
give me a moment to write todays poem. guess that means i must pause my movie for a few....
there are many types of friends,
some arrive to meet a need,
some are there to help you see,
some can make you laugh with glee,
and some are there to set you free.
many friends have come and gone,
but many more have carried on,
it seems like not a moments passed,
since the time we'd spoken last,
the good times and the bad combine,
to creat a friendship pure as wine.
my many friends through the years,
have held me up in days of tears,
have helped me overcome my fears,
i'm who i am cause they were near,
and as i carry on with life,
my friends will rid me of any strife.
i hope that i am good to them,
that i have helped them heal and mend,
that i have found them cause to laugh,
or a reason to smile when they hit thier end,
for friendship is a give and take,
the more you give the more friends you make.
well back to the movie. i'm kinda liking the poetry thing. i'd missed it.

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