Wednesday, July 7, 2010

another day another coughing spasm...

not alot of photography today. above is blossom at the grammer school after chasing her tennis ball....we went up the road. i took a video of rio but haven't figured out how to get them to my computer and then on to fb or here. seems like it will take hours to load one short video so i must be doing something wrong. took a video of rio sliding down the hill. have taken several cute short clips. oh well....
the next picture is a tiny rio catalina next to this oversized dane that i see from time to time at the dog park. the legs are abnormally long. just so funny to see rio look like a midgit. she's not a small dog at all.

finally went to employee health and got refills on some meds. dang them for not making azmocort anymore. when something works you hate to have to test out something new. so they ordered me pulmocort. that and my tussinex syrup were pricey. rx cost for me $75...ouch. woke up finally feeling more like myself today though. walking definitely makes my coughing worse. i decided i felt well enough to give swimming a try. did 30 laps. it went quite nicely. was chatting with my friend sandra this evening and she said a pulmonologist she saw told her that swimming is the best activity for those with asthma. who knew. i really did well though so totally believe it. maybe its the forced rhythm of breathing? who knows, but i'll try and go again tomorrow. that just reminded me to get my swimsuit out of the gym bag to dry. i did take a spoonful of tussinex before the pool, maybe that helped as well. was laughing at the clinic as i was coughing something awful there and before i knew it the practitioner was coughing as well. she hadn't coughed all day so we just laughed and decided it was sympathy coughs. like when one person starts rocking a baby, everyone rocks.
of course, it probably didn't help my cough that i stopped at the dog park for 20 minutes before my appointment and some lady had a boxer that was totally chasing blossom and the owner had zero control over the dog. she kept calling him and calling him. finally i just called blossom to me so that the lady could retrieve her dog. she and the dog are running circles around blossom and i. no biggie, except the whole time she's got this cigarette and the smoke is now all over me. sorry for the smokers out there, but i really find it to be a disgusting habit and i hate when i am in the open space hoping for fresh air and some idiot is smoking. it gets in everything. i remember working at the vet clinics and those poor animals that came from smokers homes just reeked. poor critters.
we had a bit of an earthquake here. they don't get any news mention really until they hit 5 on the scale. when i first looked it said it was a 5.2. i don't remember feeling it so much as hearing it and seeing blossom and one of the cats leap about 3 feet into the air. cracked me up.
okay...the drugs are kicking in so i'll have to do this poem thing quickly...
old poem...obviously a bad week. forgotten now.
another night,
the phone hasn't rung,
i wish this evening,
would soon be done,
but it's early still,
many hours until,
i lay my life to rest.
the loneliness here,
is common i fear,
my head is weary,
my heart is beat,
my soul is dry,
its well too deep,
just lay me down,
so i may sleep.
another dream,
has slowly died,
i tangled it up,
with passion and lies,
a fool am i
i thought too fast,
now i know,
dreams just can't last.
heart on the floor,
trampled and torn,
i'm bitter and tired,
of hate and scorn,
my thoughts are depressed,
as my life is undressed,
and my soul is ready to die.
happiness past,
forgotten, removed,
never again,
my soul it will use,
through good times i sift,
as my life is adrift,
but moments of pleasure,
won't do.
a stage they will say,
well maybe,okay,
but my stage is now set,
it's my life i can bet,
just leave me to die,
a breath and a sigh,
this stage and i,
are now dead. 12/4/81
okay...give me a minute to create todays poem...done...okay more like 3 minutes. :-)
the leaves that fell last fall,
are buried and gone,
the snow that filled the yard,
is melted and run off to sea,
the blooms of spring,
are vanished as well,
each season comes,
then disappears,
a small mark,
of the passing years.

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  1. when it posts it takes the spaces i put in out...oh well. changes the meter of the poems...bummer.