Monday, October 11, 2010

blonde who keeps card in computer doesn't take many pictures....

thought i'd try to get a post on 10-10-1010. good day for anything i guess. today it was simply a lovely day for a walk. not a good photo taking day as i accidently forgot to put my card back in my big camera. not much was striking me to photograph today anyway as i headed to the campbell airstrip trailhead and did a nice nearly 5 mile jaunt, mushing trails and back down through rovers run. when i went to take a picture the little door was open on the side of the camera and no card in sight. certain panic as i feared i'd lost the little card on the trail somewhere. i doubled back for a few hundred feet but soon realized how pointless that was. there are a few inches of fallen leaves everywhere. it then occurred to me how difficult it would be for that door to open on it's own and for hte card to get pushed in and then pop out. i felt pretty confident i would find the card in the computer...and there it was.
these first pictures are from yesterdays walk. first i took the girls to prospect hieghts. lots of great views of denali from the trail. the two above are from the second location. i thought i'd stop by glen alps trails and see if i could snap a few photo's of the bull moose. this time of year they hang out up there. i left the dogs in the car and then the walk was longer than i had expected.
this view is from the road coming down from glen alps trailhead. nice views. i did see a few moose but they were pretty far off and they were surrounded by weekend photographers hoping to get thier bull moose shot. i'm sure many shots were gotten, but it was just too crowded for me. i felt badly for the animals being surrounded as they were. i just turned around and headed back to the car.
rio and i settle in to watch some "law and order". she can sure make her self quite comfy on my couch.
never made it to the pool saturday, went shopping instead. wanted to buy some new pants that aren't falling off me. bought a few of the same that i've enjoyed but in a size smaller. yippee!! so off to swim today. did the mile today to make up for my slacker weekend. those pants won't fit for long if i skimp on my swims. i also needed a new puffy coat for winter. my old one will be great for summer camp trips, but the down is not very fluffy anymore. i hear rumors they are predicting a cold winter this year.
here is the eagle i went to take pictures of today. the rebel is just much better for shots such as this. i did have my little powershot and really i think there is an extra card in my pack, but i was not thinking of that at all in the moment.
a few snaps of denali from the other day. there were a few more clouds today, but really i was just happy to do my little walk and move on.
the house smells nice as i just baked chocolate chip cookies for the monday walk. not sure who will be there. it's a holiday so i'm guessing tanya won't come or will and bring her daughter. arika said she may come for some, unless she delivers that baby. that poor girl has looked ready to pop for the last 8 weeks. that is the fun of the monday walk though, never knowing what the mix of people will be. it may just be me, though over the last 3 years, that has rarely happened.
had to check and see if my friend made it back safely from ecuador i believe. a bit of a coupe going on while she was on vacay there. i think that was where she was out. not much in the news in our country about other nations. i have always found that irritating. we now have news 24 hours/day and still we can barely cover anything but out own news and often that really means covering one blasted story over and over until all our heads will explode from hearing inane details of it.
you can see several of the photogs with the poor moose just on the other side of the tree. in front of the moose out of camera view were more people. several more were walking towards this moose and away from it. there was a gentleman on the powerline trail, where i was, with binocs that said he saw 7-8 moose over there. i may return tuesday or wednesday weather permitting. i think then i would walk with blossom a bit and mostly look. i don't plan on getting as close to the moose as these folks did. they are in rut and can be quite unpredictable.

tried to call my friend marcia today, did chat with natalie and michelle. always fun to catch up with friends. i think i shall be off early and get some rest. walked about 5 miles and swan an additional mile and my body is tired.
as i walked around looking for moose i noticed all these moths dying on the water. looked kinda cool in a strange way. i really do want to get a close up lens. it would be fun to play with. perhaps after i reglaze the tub, put in insulation and redo flooring in the house i'll pick up one. :-) goodnight.


  1. posted as 10-11-2010. it must be on western time, not alaskan time. good to know for the future. like on 11/11/2011 or 12/12/2012.

  2. Amazing moose--but I'd be hesitant to stand close and take pictures...I guess with experience you learn the best distance. Wild beasts though.

    I admire your lifestyle--lovely and simple. And you read so much better stuff--I'm stuck on the Evanovich series that is just funny and very foreign to me too. Sometimes a bunch of us aspire to read better as a book group...but it's been a while.