Tuesday, October 19, 2010


have spent the evening carving my pumpkin. came out nice. those kits are so helpful as i have never had any imagination when it comes to these things.
and these are the spoils of the pumpkin carving. seeds, which i have not found a perfect recipe for and the pumpkin guts which will soon be tasty bread!
above is after boiling and below is before. found my frightening friend from last year. he's quite entertaining.
bread tomorrow...


  1. I agree with your comments about the prison system. While we were in China the only American station we got was Discovery and there was one show on prison guards. I felt really bad for them and asked if they were paid extra for the danger Keith said no.

    And Ella is up and looking at your pictures with me--she really enjoyed the kite sailors and the swans. Those are what she talked about...I love all your pictures and remember walking about turnagain.

  2. those kite sailers were totally fun to watch. there is always wind out there on the turnigan it seems. always great to have you stop by...!!