Thursday, October 14, 2010

miners and mistresses....but here it's just cold

bit chilly out there today. i had to put on my gloves and the hat for my walk. just did rovers run with the dogs today. i felt like i was moving slow. i put off putting the gloves on as long as i could. still have a bit of a chill and plan to curl up with the kindle in my front bedroom. the sun just pours in that room and it's like laying on a beach, without the sand and crowds and flies and stuff. lots of frost out there on the trails and the creeks and streams have ice formations already. brr...winter is fast approaching.
the paper and news sources and now looking for more to say/write about now that the miners are out of the mine. sadly, one focus is on the mistress who met the one miner. was thinking of this as i walked today. how sad that this stuff, that is personal, has to get aired globally. i felt badly for the guys wife and kids no doubt, i mean nobody deserves to have to deal with this. i'm sure next they'll be trying to talk to her about if she watched the rescue and what did she think of his mistress being the one there to greet him. i think she was wise to just stay away. can't say as i think much of the mistress for not doing the kind thing and stepping out and saying we'll deal with later. of course, that must be some ego of the miner to assume that both women would happily stand there waiting for him.
also did hear a blurb on npr as i drove to my walk. apparently, oakley donated the sunglasses that all the miners sported as they came out of the mine. the founder of that company was in my church years ago. i was just a kid. i do remember he and his wife were a bit of the hippies and the women of the church got together to make the wife some appropriate church wear. they were not wealthy people. i think they were converts and i have no idea if they are still members. i think they actually divorced at some point. when he started his company, he started not with sunglasses but with motorcycle or motorcross grips. so i still remember the company as oakley grips. he's sold the company i believe now. it is funny to google a name from the past and see that they have a write up on the encyclopedia online. i just remember that he was always nice to me when i was a kid. i did look him up on facebook, what the heck. i just wrote a quick note to say hi and don't expect to hear anything back. i googled another name from the past one night at work. ed parker. he was also in the encyclopedia. he and his wife lelani were always fun. he's well known for his karate and he also was a body guard i believe of elvis for a time. i remember him having one of elvis's fancy jacket things framed in his front entry. i attended his funeral. that was the biggest funeral i've ever been too. lots of tough looking guys in black suits.
peoples lives take such divergent paths. i know these guys would probably not remember me, but the palfreyman name will still be very familiar. we were a large family and my parents were very involved in the church.
as i drove back from jodphur loop yesterday i noticed this film crew. they are filming, "everyone loves whales" with drew barrymore in the area. i grew up in california and the film crew look is pretty familiar. kinda funny to see those crews up here. several locals have been selected to play extra's.
we've had such beautiful blue skies these past days. cold, but beautiful.
well, i think i'll head off to nap before i start my 4 nights of work. can't wait to get a few under my belt.

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