Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kite sailers on the turnigan..

must say, i had a lovely day today. i slept in sufficiently, lingered over the paper and then went off to turnigan for a walk. this above picture was one of my favorites of the day. i was treated to 6-7 kite sailers who decided to enjoy the stiff breeze and incoming tide. the tracks always seem to add to any picture so i thought i'd take a few with them. the tracks run along the arm and then head off to seward or whittier. i really should get myself on that train one of these days. i hear it's a beautiful run.
there are trails that also run along turnigan arm. you can do them in sections. today i did potter to nearly mchugh. i tend to turn back a bit early as my girl rio is not good at boardwalk. being blind the steps get tricky for her. she does better on the steps going up, but the down steps get her everytime. i have not been able to find a way to train her on the down. luckily dogs are not as neurotic as humans and they are not concerned if they make goals. they just wish to eat and walk and sleep and get pets. the leaves were quite thick in some areas. loved how this angle shows off her sweet face. she really is a love.
the berries that are left seem to be whithering out there.
blossom was more interested in chasing her tennis ball than standing for photographs. soon after this picture was taken she found the first of several mud patches and was never clean again.
was watching more of the james herriot episodes as the pictures loaded. i love how the women in the show have calves and extra weight and everyone isn't perfect. they did a wonderful job bringing the books to life in this series and i must say i'm enjoying the show as much as i did as a girl.
rio is snoring next to me. i'm very happy as i have dog care all arranged for my trek to california in november. i'm not keen on flying, but i think honestly i think i put off buying plane tickets not for fear of flying but because i dread leaving the dogs. i know that no doubt makes me a freak and all, but i really am quite attached to these pups and it is really tough leaving them. once i'm sitting on the plane i'm fine and i guess at that point i relax as there is not a thing i can do anyway. when you are in a plane it is all totally out of your control. luckily the planes seem to go up and down with relative ease. once i realized that my fear and concern was really about the dogs and my own seperation anxiety i was able to relax and just buy my plane tickets. it's even easier when i know i have good people lined up to watch them.
the house smells so nice. first it was the turkey soup, then the pumpkin bread and now i'm smelling gladiolas i think. i changed my filter and i have these scent things that you just attach to your heater filter and it makes its way through the entire duct system. can't remember who told me about those, but i love em. bought several more the other day when i bought new filters. i use it to remind me to change the filters more frequently. when the odor ceases it's time to think about a new filter.
there is a lookout on the trail which is always a great place to just chill. the views are spectacular. the tides have dramatic changes in the arm so the view changes from when you start your walk to when you return back.
the mountain in the distance is called "sleeping lady". there is some native tale i believe related to it, though i can't recall just what it is. to the right in the distance is potters marsh.
while i cooked earlier i watched a frontline on a man who was on death row and was probably innocent. he was put to death in texas, a place that has a reputation for it's death row practices. apparently, he ran out of the house and his 3 kids perished inside. it was felt to be arson and that he was responsible and he was given the death sentence. arson investigation has had great improvements and an expert has apparently determined that the fire was actually accidental and not arson. the govenor of texas at the time was given the information 4 days before the execution was to take place and he refused a stay of execution to further investigate the possibility of innocence.
there are some individuals that i believe the earth would just be better of without so i'm not totally against the death penalty in spirit, however there are just so many flaws with the system. part of my issue is that the laws vary so much state to state. you can be a serial killer who eats your victims and live if you are in a state without a death penalty and you could have a much lesser crime and be killed in another state. there just doesn't seem to be any fairness or level playing field for who and what one should be killed for. also seems that evidence had better be extremely clear before one makes this determination.
also it is quite costly keeping someone on death row...all the appeals and such, plus the death row inmates are housed differently which is also more expensive. in the end it cost more to kill someone than to let them live. some crimes are so heinous you kind of find yourself wishing we lived in a barbaric state where the families of said victims could release thier wrath without any fear of consequences.
in the meantime i think we should settle for skipping the death penalty for fear of this one guy who may be innocent. of course i think also that our prisons are far too cushie for my liking. there are rehabible inmates i've no doubt, but i don't like that they have tv's and game rooms and exercise rooms and the opportunity to sue for all sorts of craziness. as a matter of fact i heard today that there are inmates attempting to sue for the right to vote. when you commit a crime you have risked giving up your rights in the event you get caught. oh and don't get me started on thier right to marry and procreat. what is up with that. you are in figure out how to satisfy your sexual needs on your own in your cell.
anyway, enough of that lovely subject. the trails were just so pretty with all those leaves....
the second time i came out to the lookout point i saw these kite sailers out there. not sure if that is the right name for them. i'm sure someone will correct me on facebook if anyone ganders at the pictures i posted. above is sleeping lady again with a plane taking off.
these first pictures are taken from the look out. after i was done with my walk i drove down the road a bit and took some more pictures from thier level, more or less. above one guy is preparing to take off on the water.
above is his kite only and below he has set sail. i'm a sucker for any sort of kite looking thing. love the flashy colours and designs.
it really does look like a blast. i'm sure i'd be freaking out and the water is pretty dang cold. not everything gets covered. the kites seem to be able to catch wind easily. looks like some skill/work keeping the kites up and giving yourself the best ride possible no doubt.

not sunset yet, but the sky looks like it wants to rain in some places. did get a few drops as i headed back into anchorage, but really it never materialized. there is talk of snow in the forecast from time to time. coming soon, no doubt.
another view of the arm from street level. i think there are just 2 kites out there.
not that there was just those 2 out there...just that i only caught those two in the photo. there were at least 6 or 7 with another one or two in the parking area i pulled into getting ready to take off themselves.
i had fun watching these guys out there. really looks like a blast!
i'll let you just enjoy a few shots...

a couple with just the kites. easy to see the rope system below.

when i'm on the turnigan arm for a hike i generally stop by potters and see what and who is out there. still some swans out there so of course, i took a few pictures. such lovely birds. the two above appear to be taking a nap. there were at least 8 swans out there. surprised they haven't all left.
suppose they will fill up as long as they can as much as they can. long flights ahead of them all.
even with muck on thier heads they look beautiful.
haven't decided if these grey looking swans are just younger versions of the other swans or some other sort of bird all together. i'm not any sort of official birder. anyone good at bird identification?
the one below even has a different colour beak which makes me think it's another bird altogether . potters has always got something going on. even in the winter people use the marsh as an iceskating rink. i haven't made it out there, but perhaps this year i may get out there. don't think i ever ice skated last year, i like that kick sled so much that when i get out on the ice it's to play with that thing.
managed a swim tonight. the pool had lots of waves between water aeorbics and free swim. did get in 56 lengths which is sufficient. i was getting hungry.
baked up three loaves of my half moon bay pumpkin bread. it's always very tasty. not bad for my first try of the year. fall is great what with pumpkin bread and pumpkin cheesecake. the house smells wonderful as well.
made some homemade turkey noodle soup, just like my mom used to make. always a tasty treat. comfort food is great even when you don't need comfort...sometimes it's just a lovely reminder of childhood and my mom.

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  1. they are called kite surfers...i knew there was a better name.