Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dog walk monday!!!

my little amur is starting to show a bit more colour. looks pretty nice out there in the front lawn. maybe i won't have tree envy for long once my little maple comes into its own.
worked the last 4 nights and still managed to get out of bed in time for my monday walk. it was no easy task waking this morning. i think i slept for maybe 3.5 hours. we had 4 humans and 4 dogs today on the walk. it was a lovely fall day, blue skies abounded though oddly we kept getting rained on. above is tanya, lena and karen. karen hasn't done this long of a walk since her hip and shoulder surgery. she did great. i was very excited to have her out and about after all she's been through. of course, i was worried that the dogs would take her out. happily there were no tumbles.
work was fine enough all week. 2 nights in the adult icu and then 2 in peds icu. all in all quite a pleasant week. they tossed a nicu nurse at me for "orientation". i guess the censes is low down there and thier travelers get paid whether they work or not so they seem to come upstairs to orient. of course, the next night they floated up a nurse from there to take patients in peds and she was less than pleasant. she pulled out her contract which states that she doesn't take any patients over one year. considering how often the peds nurses float down there and help them out it seems odd that they are so difficult on the rare occasion peds requests help.
i returned home and took a nap post my monday walk. i had high expectations for accomplishing much. i did get the usual laundry, dishes and such done. swimming got missed,but i can still get 3 swims in this week. more fun to get off on the walk and drink a cup of joe, or hot cocoa as the case may be with friends. it was so nice outside we sat outside.
blossom spent a great deal of the walk violating her dog sister. very nice, eh? she has accidently been trained to hump rio in the hopes that in our haste to save rio we'll get her toy from the dog who has ran off with it and give it to blossom. one day we realized we'd just created a humping monster. so thus blossom is once again on the humping wall of shame. of course,looking at that face, i don't see any remorse what so ever.
indy managed to make it through the walk without getting into too much trouble. not many leaves left on the trees anymore. keep meaning to get out there and do yardwork again. still have a few beds that need cleaned out. the sun set sooner than i had planned for, winter is coming.
happy people and happy dogs...that is what the monday walk is all about. above is lena, below tanya and karen.
i'm the paparazzi of the trails. most of the snap shots get tossed out, but if you take enough pictures sooner or later, one will be a keeper or nearly so anyway.
above is tanya, below karen.
the day before i ended up meeting kelly and mandy out at university lake.
it was another beautiful day out there. great to get out there and enjoy.
i was begining to think the larch only changed thier colour every few years, but they have now begun to change, most dramatically.
hadn't seen kelly in ages again. she keeps busy,but it's always great to catch up with her. some friends you just always pick up like not a day has passed.
watching a bit of james herriot presently.
rio has been wearing her new coat....she wore it into the dip yesterday. it's not waterproof of course, but all things seem to dry eventually. she does enjoy a dip...at least until the lake freezes.
walking the dogs between shifts is always the best of stress relievers. they do bring out the best in ya.
another shot of the larch.
no rants today. i'm a bit slow minded. my list of stuff to do grows as i grow sleepier and sleepier.

saturday i did a loop of the bog.

i have been loving the grass colours.
definitly snow on that chucagh range.
saturday i headed to work and was graced with this lovely rainbow. sorry about the power cords, but i had limited time and ran myself late as it was. when i got to work i sat down in the icu as scheduled only to be told i was to head off to the peds icu...making me even more rushed. i always love a rainbow though.
one rainbow is great, but a double is even better.
well, that is all for me. hope all are enjoying life!!

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