Monday, October 18, 2010

the monday dog and baby walk. :-)

going shopping when one is tired may result in a dog getting dressed up like grapes. she is pretty dang cute though and seemed to be fairly tolerant of the get up. they don't make costumes for dogs rio's size, but she did get a nice neck accessory. i am actually off to be able to hand out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. when i've been home in the past i put the baby gate up and let the dogs say hello first, costumes will make them even more fun greeters! will have to take them for a nice long walk before trick or treaters show up.
had headaches this weekend. well had huge knots in my back and neck which led to headaches, which led to nausea. doesn't make life very fun at work when you feel less than optimum. right now i still have knots but the head feels better. headaches are such a bother. mine tend to cluster around a female induced schedule. used to get zits and cankers sores along with the headaches. not sure what god's thoughts were on the whole period thing for females. much is unanswered and it's said that god works in mysterious ways. i do recall my mother trying to appease my complaints regarding said time of the month by explaining that those poor boys had to tolerate wet dreams. yeah, waking up wet because of an orgasm sounds horrific, i don't know how they cope??? nice try mom. :-)
anyway, i felt way off my game last night, just tired anyway. had 2 relativly easy patients but that should never fool you into thinking your night will be easy. in pediatrics especially i've grown to learn that something like an iv coming out can become a 2 hour event in your night, nurses generally do not have 2 hours to spare in a night. this put other stuff behind schedule and made one mother less than happy with me. somedays you don't make everyone happy, but people are stressed out and in peds especially you can become a target of that release of stress. it's best to just have a thick skin, not take those moments personally and move on. in the end most of that stuff at work or in life is really less about you than you think. my icu nights were quite reasonable. had one patient that was the same for 3 nights running and then was paired with a different second patient each of the nights. hearts are not my favorite, but i decided i have post traumatic stress syndrome ( well i actually replaced stress with the name of a doctor i have had horrible dealings with who has now left alaska....yippee!!!!) . i'm just so used to getting yelled at for no reason by a certain cardiac surgeon that i now shy away from those posts. on that note i shall now get a glass of wine to celebrate his leaving...cheers!! my condolences to the nurses of whatever hospital he is headed to.
the object above may be difficult to's a tennis ball. it's a well loved and utilized tennis ball. we lost the intact tennis ball, but not this one. dogs do tend to latch on to a beloved item. thought the ball looked quite there it is. much enjoyment has come from above object....and more to come no doubt.
the day was lovely when i awoke today. it was still difficult to get out of bed after only 3 hours sleep, but i'm very happy i did. andrea and nash came and her friend wendy and her baby, chloe came as well. we were joined by julie so 6 humans and three dogs. both babies were adorable and under 1 year. they seemed to enjoy thier stroll in the woods and tea time after the walk.
it was a relatively warm day but there was ice built up at the creek. soon you will not be able to recognize this as a creek at all since it will be totally frozen over and the little bridge will look like part of the winter landscape.
was wonderful to see and feel the sunshine. there were predictions of snow this week, but so far nothing yet. i still have leaves to rake and i need to load the winter studs into the car for a changeover. it will soon happen though, all the signs of winter are here.
buddha enjoyed his day out there. blossom is up ahead highlighted by the sun.
bought a pumpkin and after i'm done here i think i'll pop a movie in and start to carve it. really i just want the pumpkin guts so i can make pumpkin bread. may have to gut a few pumpkins. that pumpkin bread is great. it's like $11 for a med sized pumpkin though. i guess if i get like 8 loaves of bread out of that, i've made out okay. in my tired state i also purchased some halloween lights with spiders.

wendy and andrea with thier babies. cute...!
julie ended up taking up rio's leash, which she seemed to enjoy. rio was confused at times, but she adjusted.
was a bad weekend for walks secondary to my headaches, but i did roll out of bed on saturday and get the girls to the dog park. the lake is partially frozen so i will probably avoid any bodies of water til the lakes freeze up enough to walk on. blossom isn't at all sensible about this freeze/thaw time so it's best to just avoid it. i do this in fall and spring. her tennis ball rolled out onto the lake. it can be seen in the picture above, closer shot below. blossom had quite the time of it over the loss of this tennis ball. she could see it but was unable to get to it. very distressing for a labradoodle. she would try and go out and the ice would break in front of her, but she couldn't get on top of hte ice to walk out. she was barking and carrying on. i finally had to just move on and convince her to join me.
she was obviously not the only dog who lost a tennis ball that day as i saw 6-7 of them out there on the lake as i made my way around. someone may get lucky and nap a bunch of tennis balls, more likely they will freeze into the surface of the lake and in the spring they will be rediscovered after the melt.
thought this dane pup was cute with is coat. blossom and other canine chums are playing in the open water below. the sun must hit this part of the lake more and slow the freeze.
chunks of ice from blossom attempts to reclaim her toy.
begining of freeze on the west side of university lake. i'm off to get some stuff accomplished before i crash for the night. will try and get the poetry back in tomorrow. must find some inspiration to write and am just too pooped. don't want to write incredible bad poetry, just bad poetry. :-)

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