Saturday, October 23, 2010

more pumpkin carving and guts for bread...

went to a friends for our second annual pumpkin carving evening. just a laid back evening of carving and laughter. my resulting pumpkin is above. came out alright enough. my other one is already showing signs of wear on the front deck. no doubt it's gotten too chilly at night. hopefully they aren't in too bad of shape by halloween night. of course, the moose could get em both long before then.
sandra carved one and jennifers daughter, mary carved one as well. we all used the kits...makes some sweet jack-o-lanterns i think.
here we are with our creations. so proud.
the ghoul made his second appearance as well. he is having issues and seems to have some laryngitis but his eyes still flash.
it was nice to get out and about. have had a week of knots and headaches. was happy when i got a late call from work asking if i wanted to be on call last night. wasn't really looking forward to working as the case i had the night before was pretty sad and hopeless. trying to help parents cope with something nobody should have to cope with. hard to find words of comfort. i had been wretching a bit so was very happy to just crawl into bed last night. i woke at 10pm thinking i'd slept all night. after that, i slept a bit restlessly. i usually am pretty restless when i know i'm on call. no call came though.
mary takes this carving thing quite seriously. hehe. the dogs enjoyed thier walk today. we did a loop in campbell airstrip. it was cloudy and chilly out so i wasn't too excited for anything too adventurous. blossom doesn't actually care where she walks, just likes to get out and chase her tennis ball.
the family dog was begging me for pumpkin....had never realized how much dogs enjoyed the stuff.
sandra also enjoyed her carving night. she took loads of pumpkin guts home as well. i think she wants to make soup and bread. i'll stick to the bread myself. hopefully, tomorrow i'll cook it up.
i was excited today as the mail brought my calendars. they came out quite nicely i think. i took one tonight and showed it around. it got good reviews from those at the gathering. i have 25 calendars and will have to decide how to divide those out amongst friends and family. the mugs haven't arrived yet, but i expect them anyday.
not many pictures from todays walk. it's a bit brown out there right now, we're just waiting for the snow to come. i have to get the tires changed over in the next week or two. i stopped by the post office and when i came out i noticed the back right tire was nearly flat. it seems to be holding the air right now, but may have a slow leak. i'll have to get that checked out when they change over the tires.
blossom enjoys a break. it's late again so i'll probably bugger off soon. the news is filled with politics. it all gets so annoying to me before elections. you dread the phone polling and phone campaigning, the news and commercials. it's all very bothersome. it will soon be over, but not soon enough.
these last two were from our walk the other day at n.bivouac trail. i took the girls out there before my shift. it was a pretty day.
was able to get a few things scheduled for the upcoming weeks. will get the eyes checked, the tub redone and the insulation put in. still have to winterize a bit. bought those things to help insulate the outlets to the outside walls. hopefully, this helps decrease the heating bills this winter. hopefully, also i get money back for the insulation. off to bed. it's late and i'm tired.

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