Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1000 steps beach....(more california)

i'll split this day in california in two. had fun with the camera that saturday. went with my brother and his family to 1000 step beach in the morning, then i wandered around laguna as my friend was going to be late meeting me.
this first group were taken on the overlook of seal rocks north of main beach in laguna. the hummingbirds were zipping all over the place and i couldn't resist attempting to capture them on film. not that easy, really.
sometimes even hummingbirds stop and rest though i suspect thier heart rates remain in the high 200's.
these plants must have been tasty and it was fun watching them feed. i usually only watch them feed on those hummingbird feeders. no hummingbirds up this far north to speak of. i did see them fairly regular when i lived in ketchikan.
i took many pictures and only loaded a few. the colours were awesome.

who can walk past these little buggers, i find them just fascinating.
there is a light breeze coming through the frames of my windows. i really need to fix that, first i need to figure out where i stashed the stuff to do that with before i left for california...had to do the rapid clean, meaning hide, vacuum and move on.
love catching the hummers as they hover. this guy below is pretty cute though. seems to be checking me out. we had our monday walk today. it started with tanya and i, then lena sped up to catch up with us and finally andrea was even later so she cruised the reverse direction to run into us. her baby was in tow and we were snapping a few photo's. i told her he should wear a sign and take a dime per photo for his college fund, then we quipped that for a quarter he'd smile.
fun to have the monday walking group back together. i was out for 2 weeks and andrea was in hawaii for like 5 weeks. (post baby)
i'll post those pictures later, but want to finish california before the month is out. nice to see green and brightly coloured things since our world up here is mostly white at this time. i do love having seasons though. something exciting about the dramatic season changes that always gets to me.
after our monday walk we often go for "coffee". i had to opt out as the appointment at employee health was at 3pm. didn't want to be late and then not get my antibiotics started today. generally, when i sound as bad as i currently do i can walk into any doctors office and they will be pretty open to prescriptions. i wasn't convinced my inhaled steroid did much as they had stopped making azmocort, my old drug and started me on pulmocort. she changed that to beclamethazine i think it is. at least i can now tell i'm getting the dose. i also got 10 days of antibiotics and a refill on my hycodan syrup. that one wasn't ready. narcotic and she needs to refax a signed rx or something. drug addicts make all our lives so annoying.
there sea lions out on seal rocks and in the surrounding waters. there was also a swimmer out there. not sure i'd want to swim with the sea lions, they can be hazardous to kayaks. the swimmers wife was on the viewpoint with me and she says her husband does it all the time without issue.
i am losing my voice. this usually happens when i 'm starting to get better. i wasn't as tired after the walk today, and we did the 4 miles. i'd thought i'd ditch out early, but it went fine. i had to use the albuteral more frequently yesterday. hopefully, these are all good signs. i'm bored with this and my to do list is getting longer and longer.
had a fun encounter today. my friend maria was leaving her doctor appointment at providence as i was arriving. fun to take a minute and catch up with her. she just had a baby recently as well so i got to check out the baby. those babies can be pretty cute.
much more soft and cuddly than these cacti. the cactus are pretty cool as well. succulents are my friend. those gardens always needed less attention and did fairly well. though when i lived in california i was under the assumption that i had a green thumb of sorts. it was only after i left california that i realized it's just pretty easy to grow anything there. south dakota, alaska, much more challenging for gardeners. i've never gotten in together since. i used to have beautiful staghorn ferns out there. those are such cool plants. don't think they'd make it here though.
miller is still trying to win the election by disallowing as many write in votes as he can convince anyone to let him. he's trying to make it sound like he doesn't care if he wins, but fears that election fraud occured and that just isn't acceptable. i wish he'd just give it up and take a vacation far, far away.
got some work done on the christmas cards. wrote a little annual letter and printed it out. i was too tired/lazy to go out and buy holiday stationary to print it on so i just printed it out on white paper. i found a few stickers and some markers and ended up drawing sad little snowmen on most of the letters for today. i still don't have any stamps. i have set aside the cards where i need to buy gifts to go with the card. i also want to send out some 2011 calenders to various people. my calendar is already gaining in popularity and it's only my second year making it.
you can see the swimmer out there in the picture below.
a few little moments of frustration. i don't let them annoy me as much as some people do, but folks are queer and that can make them annoying at times. the first annoying guy wanted to turn right from the parking lot. i was behind him. he was chicken. he seemed to want there to be no oncoming cars for several blocks back before he was willing to simply turn right. i learned to drive in los angeles and thus i believe my driving to be far superior to many around me. that some people learn to drive in communities without even a stop sign to me suggests a lack of experience, knowledge, skill....i jsut don't think you can really learn to drive in places like ketchikan or nome.
this cute guy was posing for me i think.
my second annoying moment of the day was when i was in line at carrs. i'd gone there for my perscription so grabbed a few items i needed and got in the express lane. 10 items or less, sound familiar. the one lady ahead of me chose to check out her more than 10 items by splitting them up into 3 batches. she paid 3x's and then withdrew cash on two of them. the whole process took much more time. what are you gonna do...just part of lifes minor annoyances.
these plants below made for several lovely photo ops at the viewpoint over seal rocks.
the sky changed as i was out there. i remember it ended up raining a bit one of those nights, but it was sunny skies in the morning. that is the best way. rain all night, for all i care, but clear up for my walks in the daytime.
cooked a turkey breast in the crock pot yesterday and have been enjoying the resulting mashed potatoes and gravy. num!! i have also been snacking too much on the see's chocolates i obtained for myself in california. i love the caramel milk patties. bought 1/2 pound box just for me. i bought jeff a box with half milk patties and half molassis bars. you can get a few prewrapped boxes up here at one of the garden shops. i think one option is nuts and chews. not too many options though so when i saw that see's candy shop at the mall...i was on it. forget santa, if you want something just buy it yourself.
christmas morning was always very exciting at the old homestead. that changed in my teen years. mom was working full time by then, the grandkids had arrived. it was just different. those early days though....that tree was amazing. jeff and i were remembering the old lead tinsel that mom used to buy. dad was too cheap to buy the tree early and so would buy it right before christmas eve. by that time the trees were cheap, but often they were a bit rough. dad would take the tree first to the garage for some remodeling. he'd prune limbs off here and drill holes and glue limbs back in there.
my mom would be chomping at the bit to get the tree up and decorated so the real challenging work of tinseling could begin. she was quite particular and extremely disappointed when they took the lead out of the tinsel. it just never hung right after that, it wasn't the same. maybe that was when mom lost a little of her christmas spirit.
perhaps i can blame my lack of scholarly success on all those evenings spent hanging tinsel and being expose to lead.
just loved the skies in these shots. quite the day out there. today was lovely up here as well. looked like it would snow in the morning and then the blue skies made thier way out.
i think it's clouded up here again as well.
haven't had a solid night of sleep for over a week. i keep waking up coughing. the hycodan helps and my brain gets a wee bit sloggish in the wee hours, but still i wake up. another annoyance.
found some stairs on one of the sidestreets that took me to the beach just south of the lookout and north still of the main beach. these next pictures are from that beach. i just wandered around a bit.
not very crowded...

palm trees on the bluff. i really don't know that california had any palm trees or if they were all just imported in and found themselves quite happy there.
those are seal rocks out there. couldn't find a way to get closer, but i looked.
i don't seem to be coughing less with my hycodan on board yet. this is how people overdose. they get loopy, forget when they last took a dose, retake it,then forget again. i won't overdose, not too worry, i'm not that loopy yet.
when the nurse that was checking me in saw that i was taking pseudoephedrine for this cold she kept asking if it was keeping me awake. i've never gotten buzzed off my cold medication. i think the problem is that the drug is utilized to make meth not that the drug itself gets you all buzzed. i suspect if i took the whole box at one time but just taking one pill for the need it was invented for. sorry no buzz and as for keeping me awake. the coughing was what was keeping me awake.
my vital signs were all perfect. even my sats were reading 100%. i suspect that my lungs are in pretty good shape when they aren't all inflamed which probably helps. swimming is suppose to be an excellent exercise for pulmonary health. maybe i'll feel well enough tomorrow to get back to the pool. i was amazed last time i had a bug how the rhythm of swimming helped me recover. i didn't have any breathing issues in the pool. liked the rock formations two above and just above this is the seaweed on the sand.
seagulls...they are kinda gross birds really, but cool to take pictures off. i mean bald eagles can be kinda gross too, but they photograph well too.
in the morning jeff, wils, ella and ian joined me at 1000 steps beach. i'd never known this beach existed in laguna. i guess it's kinda a local secret. i also understand that a nice low tide would be the best time to go.
i'm somewhere in the middle of the steps looking up at a jogger who had stopped along her run to catch her breath. many people were out there running up and down the stairs at the beach. i can't imagine that is good for the knees. i went up and down once in the morning and again later that day with my friend natalie to catch the sunset. i could feel a twinge in my calves the next day. it would for sure be a way to get those awesome calves i see on others.
despite ellas wish to be carried up the 1000 steps, daddy and papa weren't willing to ease her burden and she did survive her journey. of course, lucky for her there aren't actually 1000 steps. jeff counted them and only counted like 223 steps.
ella enjoyed the beach once she was down there. i like the picture above cause it's just her out there, happy. below is just a little family shot.
there were a few rocks and it looks like the tidepooling could be quite fun on a lower tide. i'll have to save that for another day.
more shorbirds, running hither and yon chasing after sand crabs.

wils didn't stand too long in the water....but as kids we used to love to stand and let the water come and go and we'd sink in deeper and deeper.
that was why i took the pictures...just another memory. many good memories....
i also have many good memories of strolling the shore looking for shells in those tiny bits of sand. there are layers and layers to explore. the sand is so fine and topped off with little rocks and shells. i still love beachcombing. up here, in alaska, beach combing can get you some huge rewards. there are many beaches that get walked on very rarely so when you get out there, especially after a big storm, the stuff you can find is cool and endless. you can only take as much as you can carry out with you....or what the little plane will allow. on kayak island we found a whale carcass, the bones had been prepped by the sea and left there. we had to leave them as well. hard to carry over the 2 mile walk with all our gear and then try to stow it in the plane...no room.
houses are built up as close to the water as they can get away with.

it is a pretty beach, the tide prevented us from exploring it all.

this is why i think it's called 1000 steps beach....each house seemed to have it's own 200 steps down to the beach. some had trolley like things or mechanical/electric means of getting to/from the cove.
wils and ian sport thier cool shades again.
sorry to have been rambling these past days. my brain isn't very capable of intelligent thought. i know there were specific things in my brain that have since deserted me in my medicinal/sinus fog.
i also seemed to take many pictures of these stairs, which weren't particularly beautiful, but still cool.
the sign does mark the beach. it's right across pch from 9th street in laguna. to take more sleepy meds or not...that is the question. have to wean myself off eventually.

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