Monday, December 20, 2010

eclipses, otters and monday walks...

have been stepping out to watch the moon eclipse. funny, that in my lack of technical skills the cheap camera shows up better than my fancier one. the canon rebel brings in too much light and you can't see the eclipse. if i felt better i'd wander up someplace with better darkness. these seem good enough though for my purposes and i can come back inside and reheat every few minutes. pretty cool though. the eclipse has progressed fairly quickly. happy i got out to at least get a glimpse of it, even if my photo's don't do it justice. hopefully, someone got some better pictures and will share them on facebook or something.
kinda cool. looks like there may be northern lights out there as well, but they are obscured by city lights.
the dogs are confused as to why i keep going in/out of the house. the cold kills the batteries in the camera's too so can't stay out too long.
the tree is officially decked out! maddie came over with her dad to assist in the decorating. she loves to play with this kitty manger set my sister found for me. i had also cooked a turkey breast in the crock pot so i gave them some dinner. my cookies really didn't turn out. i was obviously not of my right mind. i have tollhouse cookie recipe in grained in my brain, but yesterday for some odd reason i added 1/2 cup too much sugar. i tried to make up for it by putting in less brown sugar, but...oh well. the dough wasn't bad.
maddie mostly just directed her dad and i where to place the ornaments.
mufasa took the decorating frenzy as an opportunity to snag some beloved turkey from off the table. the dogs must still have some respect for the old guy cause they left him to it.
sandra stopped by, but just missed the decorating. the dogs loved all the pets and loves from all the guests that evening. they really are attention whores.
woke this morning with the sinus thing back in full swing. i muddled through the day, but by this evening my fever was at 99.8 F. i'm really sick of being sick. i took a nap and accomplished nothing after that.
yesterday i felt pretty good and blossom and i did a big loop at campbell airstrip trail system. we took rovers run to moose meadow and then a back trail over to homestead and then back to the trailhead. a good 4-5 miles i'd guess. rio opted to settle herself in on the couch. it did warm up a bit yesterday though.
blossom is only 5 but i can tell her joints get achy after these long walks we take. i'm thinking of getting her a stepping stool so she can get up on the bed. she loves to watch the neighborhood from there. would have to teach her to use it. rio about climbed into the bed this evening. i took that nap and at 6:30 i think rio knew it was past her feeding time.
above are the classic ski tracks in the park. i have yet to ski yet, which is a bummer. i just haven't felt up to it yet. i keep thinking today i'll ski and then i'm exhausted.
it was grey out yesterday. today it snowed. it was quite light and fluffy, but it sure came down. can't believe we got lucky and the clouds cleared in time to enjoy the eclipse.
'don't ask, don't tell" was finally voted out. seems like a wise decision. thought it was a silly idea anyway. another alaskan reality show will soon be hitting the boob tube. about bush pilots. the shows have been pretty popular i guess. helps with the tourist traffic up here and the economy so that can't be bad...although, princess cruises has taken over a great deal of the tourist industry and made it all pretty for those from the lower 48. i prefer the rough and tumble alaskan ways when it comes to the bush. guess people from below want to see the wild but stay in a 5 star protected feeling hotel inbetween.
woke up early today and headed to the fish and game building on tudor to volunteer to help with a necropsy of an otter. we got everything set up and went to pull out the otter only to discover that it had been accidently frozen. the necropsy was thus canceled. hopefully, they call again as i think that would be cool. guess they were bummed as they can get so much more information from a fresh otter, blood and body fluids, which get altered by the freezing process. another day i guess.
so i nearly made it to the monday walk on time. everyone else was late as well. rio joined us, but i think it took some coaxing. once she was out in that fresh snow she got excited and did the zoomies a bit. we had 7 dogs, 5 adults and 2 kids.
blossom is very good out on the trails. above is an example of a multiuse trail. people, walk, jog, skate ski, classic ski, skijor and ride horses out here. i've got blossom trained to "hold up", "sphinx" and "stay" to allow others to pass. the horses still make her a bit nervous. didn't see any of those yesterday. the skijorers as well are a major distraction. most of the time it's not blossom, but the dog in the harness that breaks away to say hi to blossom.
sandra joined us, but she went off for a ski and met back with us for coffee at kaladi's.
the dogs were a bit crazy at the start waiting to get out there. we did a shorter loop as we had maddie out of school and she starts to get a bit cranky with 4 miles. overall, she is a great walker. she was excited to get her hot chocolate at the end of the walk. we were still out there for 1 1/2 hours. just slower pace. the dogs don't care as long as they can get out there and romp.
and romp they did. andrea had nash out. he's a sweet baby.
had rio off leash most of the walk. just too much going on to bother with the leash. she does good, especially with the deep snow. where is she going to go.
the dogs broke off sticks and caused a great many snow avalanches from the snow laden treetops. maddie quickly learned about this trick and began plotting to cover people with snow.
saw in the paper that they did the annual cold water jump in at goose lake. you won't see this girl jumping into such cold water, but it's for a good cause i guess and people like to do crazy things like that in the winter.
we got to the frozen tarn and the dogs just booked it so they could run like crazy. blossom just looked on. she was left dogs are the old girls in the group.
love watching happy dogs romp in the deep snow. they had a blast!
they ran back and forth while we mosied across.
the coast gaurd delivers christmas to some of the villages each year. not sure of the selection process, but it looks like they were down in southeast alaska this year. they went to hoonah. hoonah had a guy go nuts and kill 2 police officers this past summer i believe it was. one was off duty. the family there to witness this horrible event. so hoonah has had a rough year.
the moon is still covered and the clouds are rolling in.
buddha gets buried, just how he likes it.

a new friend joined us today. i think she and her 2 dogs had a blast.
andrea found this "snow cave" and sent maddie and the dogs through.
i think she was thinking maddie would get dumped on by the snow, but she and boddhi seem to have weathered it without any issues.
still have a few packages sitting her yet to be mailed and a few phone calls that seem to be put off forever. i really need to get my crap together. would help if i felt better for a good week. so far december is a bit of a bust for me.
we all go to kaladi's for coffee tea or hot cocoa. maddie was liking thier uniquely decorated tree's.
guess i should get my snotty arse to bed...

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