Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas does tend to turn our worlds upsidedown...

saw this snowman on one of my neighborhood walks with the pups this past week. i really need to make a cool snowman myself next time we get a good snow. i'm not very artistic though so have no idea how one would turn out. it's been awhile since i've even tried...
guess we can say that christmas is finally over with. the hospital kept me busy, but not crazy. can't complain...well i did complain once, but that was because my replacement on christmas morning decided she couldn't bear to leave her 4 year old christmas morning and was late by over 1/2 hour. in nursing, you don't just come late to work. a 12 hour night or day is long enough. i do feel badly for families with parents that work the holidays but it's thier responsibilty to either try and switch shifts or find a way to make it work. part of hospital and shift work is the holiday thing. some days that bites, but people don't stop being sick because it's christmas. one friend with a 4 year old just had their christmas on solstice. the kid was cool with that. personally, i think that is parenting. her kid probably had a meltdown because she was having a meltdown. kids really can clue in to what you are feeling and i think she was distressed that she was working christmas and he used that to try and get his way, her staying home.
for me, i just saw it as selfish. there were 3 of us that had to stay late to give her report. any one of us could have been in the same position she was, a single mom, and trying desperatly to get home asap to be with family and kids for all the christmas least as many as they could handle before having to sleep so that they could return to work christmas night. i joked when i returned to work that night that i was going to call in to say my dogs were too upset that i was leaving them on christmas so i would be terribly late. :-)
my friend rudy,( my mom's widower), sent me a surprise christmas bouquet of tulips. have enjoyed having them brighten up the house. it was a lovely surprise on a day when i felt sick and lonely. sometimes, kindness happens at the perfect moment. thanks rudy...i needed that!!
no idea why i took this picture of my fun pier one reindeer all decorated up, but on christmas morning rio was very excited about receiving a bully stick from sharon and she backed into this thing. i guess i've always assumed the little ornaments were some sort of plastic...not so much. clean up of glass to follow. poor rio was scared out of her wits. she was also scared on a walk this week when some dog reared at her from it's leash and snapped at her. she thought she was getting attacked again when i went to check her for wounds. she soon settled once she knew it was me and she was safe. no skin breaks so luckily she just got scared and no damage was done. must be hard to be a non-seeing dog some days. she's a great girl, my rio.
so overall, like i said, work was pleasant. got the boss to wear my necklace that is a string of blinking christmas lights. margaret is alot of fun, but at work as our manager she is serious business. funny as she was a hoot to work with. management can be a very demanding job and you gotta have a thick skin. i love that she never asks anything of her staff that she would not be willing to do herself. i also love that she is always willing to drop anything she's doing and come in. her priority really is that the patients get the best care possible. i know her micromanaging drives some nuts, but while she isn't the best people person, she has the very best of intentions. you just have to snap her out of work mode every so often...i put that necklace on her. she dresses simply, doesn't wear any make up that i can see, is generally a tom boy sort of girl. for her to have this blinking necklace was a stretch. when i put it on, she said, "i don't know, but i'll try it for 5 minutes"....i came back with, "now margaret, when you give me a patient assignment do i say to you, i don't know, but i'll try it for 5 just have to try that assignment for the next 12 hours". she laughed and kept that thing on all day.
i think the day shift appreciated it anyway...must make merry, no matter where you are. i always figure if you are working don't grump about, make the best of it and find the christmas spirit in it all.
i suspect my rambling is related to the wine i had tonight. though i just realized i tossed some of that when i choked on a bit of a potato chip and went into a coughing/choking spasm, complete with wheezing and eventually wretched and puked...
haven't done the cough/puke thing for a good week or more. dang potatoe chip...a bit embarrassing being that i was at a party. had to chill in the bathroom a bit til i could get my composure back.
rio mostly got edible gifts from friends and families...the pets make out better than i do. my sister did send each dog one of these dead critter simulating toys. blossom loves hers, rio, if she can't eat it, well...i tried hard, but she just didn't seem too enthused.
i unwrapped gifts after my shift while making a few calls to family before i went to bed. below is blossom's haul. i just set her toys up and she keeps going and testing a different one out now and then. as i cleaned up the wrappings a few old toys may have made thier way into the bag.
christmas was cold here. i'd guess near 0,which side of zero...i don't know. blossom is not concerned about weather and wanted to play. this is an action shot...don't know why i liked it.
this is as action as rio got that morning.
blossom tried to take all her new toys outside. my rule is no soft toys in the yard...they really aren't built for winter weather. we are having lots of chilly days...seems to be hanging out for a bit.
did wake to this today. 10:30 am. i snapped a picture out my bedroom window. i love that i can see the chucagh range from my bed.
the tree remains a source of entertainment for the cats. i was bummed as i bought a new laser light and it works like crap....pogi likes those and the one i had busted. can't have too many cat toys around the place, a certain labradoodle tends to demolish them.
overall, life is improving and i have hopes of a full recovery soon. who knows what ailment i had in the end. i'm begining to suspect i had a bit of the nasty whooping cough(pertussis).
since i was working all of christmas my friend sandra decided to have a boxing day party. neither of us had any idea what boxing day was but it always comes the day after christmas so what the heck. lucky for us, some of the guests had looked it up. apparently, in england the servants in households had to work through christmas so boxing day was thier day off. their employers would box up the leftovers from the feast and send it with them. for many it's a time to give to the poor. at least this is the impression i got.
sandra did a fine job hosting her party. she was worried as her place is smallish, but i think it all went wonderfully and everyone had a great time. she must have cooked all day...lots of lovely and tasty appetizers and such.
she's all into the sock monkey thing and found this cute wine coat...or whatever you call those things. melissa and her husband, troy, in the background.
arika even made an appearance. she's out on maternity and i think she enjoyed her first evening off without the kids since the second one was born. she's always fun to work with and i wish she were on night shift...she so has the personality for it. unfortunately, it can be a tough shift to work and many just can't get adequate sleep.
spoke to several siblings and thier families over christmas eve/day. all seemed to be enjoying the holidays with thier families. great to catch up and i love seeing all the pictures on facebook. gotta love this modern world for some stuff.
monday walk sounds like it could be a busy one. you never know...that is what i love about it though. fun to meet with different folks and enjoy a walk in the woods.
liked sandra's little table tree, so cute.
there is a house near sandra's house that is all lit up...i couldn't resist stopping by on my way home.
hope everyones christmas/holiday season was full of family, food, laughter and the spirit of christmas. goodnight...

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