Sunday, December 19, 2010

a little more christmas to get me in the mood...

listening to kenny g's christmas cd and just finished listening to james taylors...a few favorites. love pulling out the christmas music each year. ordered new christmas dvds/cds with a gift card my friend michelle sent me. vhs isn't happening at my place anymore. no radio in the car still. apparently there is a serial number and code on a card that came with the car, at least to the original owners. i bought the car with just under 10,000 miles on it. will have to call dealership and try and get that fixed.
took the pups out to n.bivouac and did a few loop de loops out there. it was a lovely sunny day...and a wee bit chilly still. not sure which end of zero we are on, i think the minus end though. loved the long shadows.
i've no doubt that rio would rather be home on the couch but she really is a trooper and seems willing to wander wherever blossom and i go. the booties and coat help though. had to have the red coat to match her boots. fashion is everything!
long shadows of me and rio. blossom wasn't in the mood to sit still so her pictures are more action packed. i love when she taco's her frisbee.
got invited to a party tonight, but by the time i got the invite it was a bit late for me to make plans. bummer, as it was my first invite to any real party for quite some time. sandra and i had decided to hit the movies. we saw "black swan". a few awkward moments that were a bit sexual and we were sitting at nearly the front row. can't say i didn't like it overall. very strange movie, well acted though. really had no idea what to expect and couldn't have guessed what would happen anyway. hard to tell what was real and what was imagined at times. kinda crazy.
before i met up with sandra i decided to get back to the pool. i needed it emotionally and physically. have been out for a month with the cold bug. they still don't have the womens locker room remodeled so that is a bummer, but it felt great to get back in the pool. went easy and just did 16 laps. i usually do 25-35. my first length though i swam through with only one stop to breathe so that is good. the lungs are healing. rio above, blossom below...enjoying the day.
saw a few people out there. so cold though i think many people are probably deciding it's a good day to stay home or do last minute christmas stuff in heated buildings. i need to bake. too late tonight i think.
the light really hit these trees and looked beautiful, can't say the pictures do it justice at all.
this one guy not far from me usually does these big snow creations. doesn't look like he's got one going yet this year. did spy this funky looking snowman though.
once i had the pups good and worn out i took them to the petsmart opening. they have opened two stores in town. this one is closer to my place to i went in today to check it out. just another giant pet store. i do prefer petco for their rawhide and treat bar. there were loads of people and dogs there today and blossom and rio had a blast getting all petted and loved on. we got lots of free goodies. they were even taking pictures of the dogs and putting them on buttons. rio wasn't overly cooperative in this, but they still turned out cute and i turned them into christmas tree ornaments.
after the movie sandra and i drove around some random hoods to see the lights. she liked that idea when i mentioned i'd done it the night before. so these are the pictures from tonight. i haven't taken my good camera so these are just snap shots. i think that is all that is required.
the square and round things are made by freezing buckets of water i guess, then putting a candle inside. they always look cool. we were looking for a neighborhood that i'd seen a few years back that had these all over the street. guess one guy got them all started. can't remember exactly where it was though. hmm...
just fun to wander and see what folks put out there. the lights are a hassle to put up from what i've experienced so i'm always impressed with the decor. it does brighten up a pretty dark world that we find ourselves in this time each year.
still love the snow covered trees best. they just look cool. this one was probably the best we saw tonight, though the picture doesn't do it justice.
we liked the candy canes at this place strung up to the mailbox.
these last three pictures were from a neighborhood by my place that i wandered through before i went home from my night out and about.
so pretty all covered in snow.....ooh, aah..
hope you are enjoying the city of lights....
will be a quiet christmas, but sometimes that is a blessing. i'm enjoying the music and lights and if my voice would cooperate i'll have to get out the guitar.

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