Tuesday, December 14, 2010

back to alaska pictures..

i really should be in bed. not sure how i'm funtioning on as little sleep as i've had. i worked the last 3 nights and was kept busy last night so ended up staying til 8am, then it's monday so i had to get up for the monday walk. so that means i've had just under 3 hours sleep since i woke yesterday at around 2pm. thought i'd catch up on the alaska pictures i've taken over the last few weeks since i've been posting california stuff. a mama and her young male calf were in the bog the other day. i probably would have walked past them, but rio's sniffer found them. always laugh that the blind dog is my best wild animal spotter.
love seeing the moose covered in snow. looks pretty miserable to just bed down and let the snow bury you, but i'm not a moose i guess.
they were back behind some trees and stuff, but while handling 2 dogs i got a few shots off. you can see below that the mom's ears are back, she's not happy with our extended presence....so i left shortly after this.
work kept me steady the past three nights. the first night i went back i coughed like crazy. i'd puked a few hours before work from the coughing and had a few close calls at work. a patient did complain to the charge nurse about my cough and felt i shouldn't be at work. i'm still coughing, but it has improved a great deal over the past 3 days. the patients i had the first few nights have both been there a few months. it gets difficult to give a good report as so much has happened in those weeks in the hospital..both are slowly improving.
i think it was my neice kelly i was talking to about folks up here skipping strollers and just putting skies on and taking thier kids out that way. she wanted to see a picture i think....there are many different models...some homemade ones, but here is one model. this guy was paking up post ski, he pulled that behind him.
peds was a bit more stressful. often in kids it's not just a sick kid you are dealing with. helping people cope on days that will no doubt be remembered as one of the worst days of thier lives can be extremely draining, emotionally. finding the words to say for comfort in extrememly uncomfortable, stressful situations takes a great deal of energy. i do hope i helped make the night less horrible for the parents. the kid was looking better by the morning, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. then i got the rush admit at 6am....the to do list is enough work for several hours and you race to get it done as soon as you can and all the while the doc keeps calling out, is that done yet, is this done yet....like you are just sitting around doing nothing. it's so annoying.
eventually, you get done as much as you can and then pass the rest on to the next shift.
have taken various romps around n. bivouac trails and the bog, also make a loop or two of the dog park.
we started out with some nice snow and then it's steadily gotten colder and colder. these were from last weeks monday walk. when we started out it was just tanya and i. lena caught up from behind and andrea and her little one took the trail the back way and met up with us. no lena this week, maybe next week. i like that about the monday walk though, it's like a drop in thing, you always know it's there and you can join when you like. it's been a pretty regular core of folks this year so far. me, tanya, andrea and lena. they are all great people so it's been fun getting to know them all a bit more.
my brain is mush and just slipped on andrea's little boys name. oh, nash! he's a cutie and seems to enjoy coming on the walks. it was much warmer last week than this week. andrea just got back from hawaii too so she is one of the few alaskans with a tan right now. he's already cutting some toothies in there. i love kids in winter gear....so adorable!!
the dogs, of course always enjoy monday walks. i guess andrea was late today because she got the baby all packed and loaded and took off, then realized she'd forgotten her dog, buddha!! she had to go back for him, how sad would that have been. lucky we were all late today. i think our 12:30 leave time turned out to be closer to 1pm.
my trail friend gill's dogs seem to find blossom if we are both out there and gill just has to follow the dogs. once the dogs have played and had thier fun she can take off and do a ski loop out there. this was a few days back. i was out on the pond and her two doodles came bounding towards us.
she caught up and we had a nice chat before they took off on thier ski. there are several people i have become aquainted with on the trails. most of them i never see all summer, we all return to the trails in the winter. fun to catch up.
the geek squad is coming tomorrow. will be good to get my laptop up and running and have my connections secured again. maybe i'll learn a thing or two in the process.
joined tiffany at sandra's place for "crock pot mondays". sandra started this after she had my turkey cooked crock pot style last year and bought herself a crock pot. she's been loving it. it was my first time over there for the event. nice to get out this evening and eat. my appetite is still pretty eh. today i hardly ate anything. toast and hot cocoa, part of a snack pack of peanut butter cookies that tanya had, half a danish and hot cocoa, a few see's chocolate balls and a handful of chips with melted cheese. i was too lazy to actually cook anything so i just kept debating what i wanted to eat, and then not eating.
i also ran several errands and got some christmas stuff done. want to hit the post office tomorrow and get a few packages off before it gets too late. bought stamps so hopefully i can get the bulk of the cards off as well. i still have some to get written. the decorating has also not happened. all the stuff is still in the shed. lucky for me i never bothered to take down the wreath i put up last year and so the front door is decorated. i put up a few strings of lights outside, but i keep forgetting to turn them on. then i have the mental debate, do i leave them on all night, turn them off? will the lights show the schedule of my life and thus make my house vulnerable to thieves? fire hazard? it's amazing what your brain gets itself fretting over if you don't give it enough stuff to do.
went up gasline trail to powerline and then down tank trail another day. blossom doesn't really care where we go she just wants to chase the tennis ball, i brought out the frisbee this week as well. the snow gets too deep and i can't be bothered with losing tennis balls so i tend to switch over to frisbee action for blossom, not that she doesn't chase the frisbee in the summers too. anyway, she was pretty excited by the frisbee showing up....gotta keep it fresh for my doodle.
above is from the gasline and below back in the bog.
the bog is so wonderful between shifts. in the winter this pond/lake/whatever one calls it is frozen over so a great place for frisbeen throwing.
these are taken around 3-3:30pm
these last ones should be from todays walk. andrea seems to never need a hat. must be the canadian blood in her. she had nash bundled up to the nines. i think he had 2 layers, plus a fleece snowsuit and then she had her coat wrapped around him.
all we could see of nash today was his eyes and his little red nose. it was 3 degrees F when i left work this morning. i think it has warmed up to maybe 6-7 F by the time we went walking.
is he cute or what??
again, fun times for the furs...buddha even got lucky and unburied what looked like a $20 dog frisbee!! he was pretty proud of his self.
the skhoops are being seen all over town now. they are the total winter fashion rage! i love mine, bought a second one. i wear mine all the time and see them everywhere.

tanya is wearing her skhoop and is taking a picture of buddha romping through the deeper snow. it looks like nash's feet are dangling out the bottom of andreas jacket, but that is really just her gloves hanging there.
indy looks on...
it's official...i've now been awake for 24 hours. time to go to bed

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