Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry early christmas...

i shall be working over the holiday, taking care of those who are too ill to be home enjoying the festivities. one thing about nursing, no matter what i do through my shift i always know it's worse to be the one in the bed. worked with animals for years before i went to nursing school and i remember being very nervous that i wouldn't be able to transfer my compassion to humans. that changed for me one day in nursing school. i was doing something horrible to another human and instead of feeling sorry for myself i suddenly realized how horrible it must be to be having this done to you and have no power and feel like crap. it was much easier for me. still tough to be compassionate in certain cases. people often creat their own hell in life. such a waste.
since i felt better today than during the eclipse i thought i would try experiementing a bit with the camera. so i took a few different pictures on the moon with different settings. still pretty clueless, but these are the nocturnal photo results for self taught lesson number one.
the moon is often overlooked, but it's quite lovely.
called this morning for yet another appointment at employee health. they got me in at 1:30 so with sleeping in i only had time for a short bog walk. it was beautiful out, though quite chilly. rio was hesitant, but i think once she realized we were just doing the bog, she came along willingly. she'd still rather chill on the couch i think when it's cold like this.
i'm on yet another round of antibiotics. she gave me more of my tussinex for my cough but also gave me tussilon perls to try. i wasn't impressed. when i cough it's a pretty major event and it takes a more major drug to dispense with it. i'll try it again though as at least it's something that is cool for work. not looking forward to returning to work. the nurse practitioner thinks i got a second bug due to my run down state. so antibiotics for 2 weeks and see if we can't blitz this one.
finally got in to mail off those last packages. last that i know of anyway. line wasn't too bad so the gods were definitely smiling on me. the day was also made great by a bouquet of flowers sent to me by rudy, my mom's widower, and i now have my car radio back. she was able to talk me through locating my serial number on the phone and then i called back with it and got the on!
looks like a big necropsy day coming up next week if i can swing it. may be all day though and i have to work that night.....we'll see. will have to think on this one.
but it's christmas time, no time to talk of necropsies i guess. i work so this is it. not much of a season this year. i'm really not that into it. haven't even baked much. seems like everything i do cook i lose any excitement for, seems pretty pointless. blossom is sleeping under the tree though. i love to watch dogs and kids's such a peaceful sleep.
finally, got my butt in motion and headed out again to rummage anchorage for cool christmas lights and decor. i'd seen something on anchorage daily news site about this broom stick choir. looked like fun. of course, they were near westchester lagoon and for some reason i always get confused going down there. they were quite unique though so i think worth the drive. i tested out the camera settings a bit out there on the ride as subsequently not many good pictures to put in here.
it's been really fun though this week, wandering about and enjoying christmas through the lights. it can be easy to get depressed this time of year, not having any family to enjoy it with, but it's best to find some way to keep yourself entertained and not let it get to you. great to be able to put the radio on tonight and enjoy christmas music with the lights. sadly, i have no voice so can't really sing much either....maybe i can sing christmas carols next month. i do so enjoy getting the guitar out under the tree and singing the old tunes.
as long as i was near westchester i drove past. then back to the choir. the ski trails connect from near my house on the east side all the way down to the lagoon on the west side, then you can take those up to kincaid. all lit up. liked that someone had decorated a tree by the trail. westchester is a great place to ice skate as well. a bit chilly tonight. i thought of joining a friend down there with the kicksled, but decided that would not be a good idea for me this week. can't wait to enjoy the winter activities i so enjoy...go away cold. i actually love winter!!
so these two were taken with the rebel after some experiementing.
experimented with mufasa, the flat cat, as well. he was sleeping so didn't seem to mind being utilized as my photo guinea pig.
was going to do the poetry thing again and get it started. i've been slacking off on posting poems....but i'm sleeping and it's getting late so i really should get to bed.
hope everyones christmas is merry and bright. may you find health and happiness under your tree, because really in the end, the stuff doesn't matter. what matters most is how you live each day and who you were kind to. it's so easy to get caught up in the gifts and business of christmas. the media distorts what christmas is as advertisers try to sell thier wares. christ would have wanted none of that. he would have wanted no grand meal, no sparkling lights, no gifts...
the lights, tree's and all are fun though. jsut important to keep it all in perspective. not everyones holiday season is merry and bright. many people feel lonely and unloved. reach out to those who need love...that would be the way of christ.
merry christmas to all and to all a good night......

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