Thursday, December 2, 2010

california day III, huntington beach...

my brother jeff took these first two pictures of me and his daughter, my neice, ella. the four of us went off for the day to the huntington beach pier to wander and eat at ruby's at the end of the pier. these old post office boxes have been redecorated by the locals with stickers. i found them to be kinda cool looking.
not sure this is the most attractive shot of me, but i liked it overall. we stood on the pier for some time watching all the surfers below. a cool perspective.
huntington beach has state beaches and city beaches. they are numbered the same and pretty much look the same. always a point of confusion when parties were planned. i think the state beaches have the firepits, but i could be totally mistaken on that one.
have felt like crap all day. have now taken a large drink of nyquil so if these posts get kooky, that will be the reason. i'm a pretty lightweight when it comes to anything with alcohol in it. i'm so sick of coughing and of all the snot. there have been some very ugly things come out of my upper body today and last night. i'm washing a pillow...i have no idea what transpired as i slept, but i am grossing myself out. i'm a nurse, so i don't get grossed out by much. snot is a weakness for me though.
it was a cool vantage point for the surfers. i really can't tell if this is a male or female, i just liked the shot. i suspect male...he's got boy feet. surfer dudes and dudettes can be pretty indistinguishable from each other in those wet suits.
laguna waves crash right on the beach, whereas the huntington beach waves roll in more slowly. you can wade out pretty far before you have to deal with the big scarey waves.

thought all the surfers looked like little ants in the water.
gail was going to stop by after work to pick up a few things her daughter left here. either she forgot or she is still at work, covering for me. i'll feel awful is she stayed late, but there isn't much i can do today. hopefully, tomorrow is a better day. i will no doubt sound awful still, but hopefully i feel better.
liked this picture of ella. she really is a cute kid. pink is her favorite colour...that and purple.
here is my brother jeff. wils stayed home with ian for the day. ella had some bronchitis like me...maybe mine is hers. i am starting to think i got 2 seperate bugs. usually i get the bug and get all achy and febrile, this time that happened twice. i felt crappy last tuesday and then i really took a hit last night through today. sorry, i'm obsessing.
see how gentle these waves roll in. must be a totally different slope on the shore. these are waves i could handle even in my now older, more chicken state. i didn't take a swim suit to california though.
not much beach volleyball going on that day.
i think those are oil rigs out there on the water.
another happy picture of ian. he's in that walker quite a bit, but seemed to be getting ready to crawl when they had him out of it.
he's rolling over ella in this one. they seem to be getting along well.
that evening i drove out to meet my friend marcia for dinner. always fun to catch up with good friends.
below is pucca, the family dog at jeff and wils.
back to huntington beach. we have no palm trees up here obviously, so fun to see all the different types. growing up there you take such things for granted.
ella and jeff are walking out in front of me. below is a eucalyptus i believe. jeff seems to know all the different trees. he would go help gramps with yard stuff and gramps seemed to know alot about plants and trees. i remember gramps always liking cats, whom he called puddy's.
another cool mailbox. those and phone booths are becoming relics...soon to be gone forever.
hopefully, tomorrow is a better day. i did get the cat litter boxes cleaned and picked up poop in the back yard. winter is great in that all those poops are frozen and non-toxic's a joy to clean the yard this time of year. gotta keep on top of it or in the spring with break up i'll have poop soup, which is most unpleasant.
didn't make it around the bog though. no walks for the dogs. a sure sign that i feel like crap. later in the afternoon i went in the yard and tossed the toy for blossom. she seemed satisfied with that.
more ants..i mean surfers.
looking towards the mainland from the pier on top and looking toward ruby's below.
a last picture of jeff and ella at a post box.
well, the nyquil is hopefully starting to work, if not it will jsut be another long night for me. i want to just be knocked out though as this coughing is very wearing on me. good night.

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