Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dang chinooks...though i like the word chinook!!

have started my year by being incredibly lazy. this is the morning view out my window as i lazed about reading the paper at about 10 am. i believe i fell asleep again and next awoke at about 2pm. the chinooks blew in and that means warmer temperatures and meltage of our beloved snow. we are an insane group and we actually love our snow and all the fun that comes with it. the chinooks blow in and destroy all our groomed trails and make slush and ice and break-up sort of messes. we prefer this to not happen til spring when actual break up happens. i have cleats and today i wore my cleated icebug boots. icebugs are made with cleats already imbedded in them. icebugs and skhoops...my favorite winter gear..well gotta love the down puffy coat and a good hat, mittens and scarf...oh and fleece. love fleece!
so got some reading in and watched brainless tv. actually enjoyed a few episodes of sarah palins alaska. gives me idea's and inspires me to get out there, which i guess i do anyway, but alaska is a beautiful place. of course, most alaskans do not have the funds to do all the stuff the palins did on the show. for me and my friends we just select one cool big adventure/year and then add in smaller, less pricey ones. i've started the planning. have been talking to the kayak place out in gustavus. we should be hitting the water in our kayaks on july 6th. i bought my ferry ticket from juneau to gustavus and will probably try and take a smallish plane out so that we maybe could do a little flightseeing trek with it. the trip costs $2,100.00 if that gives you any idea what the palins have spent on thier shows. each of those adventures for their family was thousands of dollars. i don't want her to be my president and i wouldn't want her to run for any office at this point really, but as a tv celebrity...obviously, she has appeal. she sure looked great next to that spoiled idiot kate with her 8 kids. what a crybaby!
i also rented one cabin for june at byers lake and i think i may try for one at nancy lake in august. the forest service has quite a few cabins for rent all over the state. we rented a few in ketchikan. some you can hike or kayak to, others require boats or planes. the ones in ketchikan were easier to get into, just because of a lower population going for them. these ones have already filled in for most weekends. not really sure when they come available. i'm a newcomer to the cabin rental thing. i always seemed to go with others who had rented the cabins.
above is the moose prints that circled my little amur maple in the front yard. those moose nibble on my poor little tree each year. it seems to survive despite their intrusion.
with the weather being as crappy as it is i figured i may be alone on the walk. a few raindrops even fell as i drove over. turns out lena, karen and julie were up for a walk. julie had our co-worker jana's dog duffy so i think that prompted her to come out. otherwise it was just blossom and rio. both were limping a bit upon returning home. poor pups.
hopefully, karen will be able to return to work. great to see her out there walking and all. she fell last jan 10th and has been unable to work since them from the injuries. as a single person the idea of that is quite terrifying. i'd be so screwed. she is on the mend!!!
it wasn't pretty out there, but the trails weren't as bad as i expected them to be. sandra come out and met us for the usual coffee stop afterwards. i did make it to the post office and mailed a few packages off. i have also managed to get some laundry and dishes done and the christmas stuff packed up...so i guess i haven't been as unproductive as i thought.
as you can see the trail is covered with branches from the chinooks. i should be headed to bed...i've been up too late every night. just happy to be living without the constant coughing and not having to knock myself out to sleep. still need to get myself back in the swimming mode. so easy to break habits and hard to start them.part of me just wants to make sure the locker room situation is improved. can't stand the renovation thing.
just watched, "invictus". have wanted to watch it for some time so happy to get the chance. amazing how a game/sport can unite a nation. when all else fails....i guess that is the beauty of sports. very wise move on the part of mandela. i love movies that give you a piece of history. i remember hearing about apartheid so much as a teenager, not really understanding what it was all about. i'm sure i still don't, but to even somewhat successfully unite a nation with so much potential for disaster at that moment in history is an amazing feat. to have such calm and clarity after so many years in prison is also amazing. for most it would be extremely difficult to not take down those who took you down. sweet dreams and snow...

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