Wednesday, January 5, 2011

got a very distressing phone call tonight...

a nurses nightmare. the phone rang at like 7:10pm and it was my boss, margaret in the adult icu. she was asking if i planned to come to work. i work thurs-fri-sat so first i had to make sure it wasn't thurs. i was sure it was wednesday. she said yes it was wednesday, but that i was on the schedule. that went back and forth for a bit. i have been on my same schedule for i think 5 years now. when i went to a schedule of going back and forth between peds and acc i was given a paper by the acc management with this schedule and we both signed it. seemed best for me to have a set schedule going between units or it could be a real mess. i told her i had a signed contract with this schedule and that i hadn't asked for a change and they hadn't asked for a change. at first she was like, "it's your responsibility to look at the schedule and you are signed up for today". i admitted i rarely look at thier schedule since i have a contract for my set days. i hadn't slept, but said fine i guess i'll come in if that is what your insisting. she called back within 10 minutes saying they would work it out, i didn't have to come in. of course, i said i would if me not coming meant she would be staying there for hours after her day. she assured me she wouldn't. i'm kinda on call?? she said they would try not to use me. i guess i'm back to working my thurs-fri-sat as usual. checked with the peds manager and in the computer i'm slated for thurs-fri-sat. so i suspect that their charge sheet was in error and once she realized that she let it go. who knows...maybe she called the person who does the schedule. it's all very upsetting though, those phone calls. i'm always at work when i'm scheduled and always on time. we all live in fear of those calls though. i haven't relaxed all night. so annoying!
not so distressing is running into a bull moose on the trails. i was almost done with my loop and was about to the bridge at campbell airstrip trail when i noticed this gentleman standing by the bridge. just standing there. i thought it odd, but kept walking towards him. suddenly i see that he is standing there taking pictures of this rather large bull moose. it's not 30 feet from him. i took the dogs and got on the bridge and got my camera out. the bull seemed uninterested in me, my dogs or the gentleman. the guy said that he'd first come out with his newfoundland and the moose hadn't liked the looks of that dog. suppose to a moose it probably looks a bit bearlike. so the guy put the newfie back in the car and took pictures.
nice looking moose i'd say. i did the rovers run/moose meadow loop. rio sniffed out 3 other moose. they looked to be hanging together so i'm guessing it was a female with 2 older calves. they were on both sides of the trail so that passing made me more nervous. the wind was such that rio smelled them but didn't notice the bull. that does make it easier. rio is 120 pounds and pulls me towards the smell of the moose. takes some pull back on my side to win that battle.
this guy has obviously been tagged by fish and game.
he seemed quite chill when he walked past. the guy was probably about 10 feet from the bull, me like 20 feet. not that the bridge is safe, but at least we all had an escape path. i can run to my car from there. with moose it's good to find a tree to get behind. moose tend to kick forward. it's not a good feeling having a moose coming towards you even behind a tree. i've been charged a few times. the moose look bigger and bigger as they come towards you. luckily, most of the time the charge is just to scare you...very effective. my friend, kelly, tells of the time she was out jogging and ran into a moose. she got behind a tree and it branched so her face was seen. the moose walked right up and sniffed her. she was so freaked out. often the moose are just curious.
still...they are very large. the day was cooler today. still a cleat day. did wear my new sorrels to the pool. very cute and comfy, not as good as the ice bugs for the ice though. got in 30 laps...getting back to my laps feels great.
stopped off at costco on the way home for some stuff. russian jack park has a green house and they do these cool lights. i stopped by on one of my light hunting nights, but i guess they turn the lights off at 10pm.
they do have some cool lights though.
guess i will go to bed and hope my phone doesn't ring. i never sleep well when i'm on call, even when i'm only sorta on call.
i don't think this one counts as a moose sighting being that it's just the lights. nicely done though, don't you think?

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