Saturday, January 15, 2011

negative temperatures can't stop the walks from happening...

blossom is always excited to get outside no matter the weather. the temperature felt slightly warmer to me today, but i suspect i was just layered better so less chilled. i think the tennis ball wasn't freezing in the chuck as rapidly, though it did still stick to the ground if i was slow getting to it. the sign near my place read anywhere from 0 to minus 11 dependant on when i drove past. so still pretty chilly.
it was great to hit the gym and do some laps...the reward for laps is either the jacuzzi, steam room or both. today it was the jacuzzi. only did 20 laps today. wanted to be able to relax in the jacuzzi. met my friend sandra afterwards at the bear tooth for movie and dinner. the offer cheap flicks at the tooth and know you will spend your bucks on the food. they have tables set up in the theater in rows with the seats. you order your food before the movie and then it gets delivered inside during the previews usually. there is also a bar, the line is always long so i usually happily settle for a rootbeer float made with the bear tooths homemade rootbeer. slurp!
we watched robert downey jr's movie, "due date". it was a cute and fun watch. i like a lite comedy show, no thinking, just laughing. besides downey is adorable so don't mind paying 3 bucks to watch him on the screen.
rio isn't quite the thrilled participant in the walk in the negatives. she would have preferred the couch i suspect, but her need to be with blossom and i usually trumps her desire to laze about on the couch. she was bootied up today though so hopefully it wasn't too uncomfortable out there. i love anchorage in that at 10 below zero, i am most certainly not the only person outside. we all must be a little crazy! as i drove home from the movie tonight i saw a few hardy bikers out there. that is a true environmentalist...not many people would ride a bike at 10 below to save the environment. i'm not that dedicated, i do like that the car eventually warms up.
we went to n. bivouac trailhead and then took some different loopages. there are many options to keep me happy all winter. with it being so cold it seemed silly to drive very far. was thinking i may hit cuddy or westchester with the kicksled, but i was hungry and wanted to hit the gym before the movie. i also had an urge to wander over to the local shelter, which is close by, and look at kittens. don't want to do anything rash and really had thought i would end my cat run with pogi, but who am i kidding. besides pogi seems a bit lonely. some cats just like to have other cat buddies. will have to be selective though. thinking a kitten would be the best way to go just cause pogi can be a bit submissive so maybe a kitten would be easier for him to warm up to. lots of cute ones, but i'm just not at that point. nothing wrong with swinging by every so often and seeing what cats are out there.
took the loop that takes us out and across the mushing trails. didn't see any mushers out there today. have to be careful around mushing trails, especially with dogs. they get majorly torked off if you get in thier way on thier trails. can be tough to stop a team of dogs.
loved how all the frost looked all highlighted by the sun.
still lots of frost. so cool looking!
the evergreens are quite spindly out there. people think we should have tons of wonderful christmas trees to chop down up here..not so much really.
my neice, haley is all married off. looks like a fun day. do love that there is facebook and you can be there via photos and such. looks like 3 of my brothers were there. the older we all get the harder it is to try and get everyone together. i tend to prefer smaller groups anyway. with so many family in one place it seems like i never really get to visit anyone. it's been since my mom's funeral i think and that was no time for visiting.

rio really doesn't look too happy out there. she is a great pup though as she just keeps on moving. she would follow me anywhere.
the pictures above and below were taken at the same time....well not exact same time obviously. the light and dark concept can be difficult for people to grasp who do not experience it. it has to do with the tilt of the earth. in the winter the moon is high and visible and just dips down below the horizon for a few the summer the moon only comes up over the horizon for a few hours. above you can see the sun only gets so high in the sky. these were taken at about 2:30-3pm.
there are our lovely christmas trees. look kinda dr suess'y to me. don't you think?

perhaps i'll get to bed early. was thinking of attempting to record some of my music on my laptop, which has a little built in camera. that could be a frightening thing. usually we just sound freaky to ourselves when heard recorded. not sure what to do with the video if i get to experiement.
doesn't look like it's warming up anytime soon. bundle up!!

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