Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nearly destroyed my new macro lens today....

did lose my beloved green powershot sd1300 is. my rebel didn't come away unscathed either...
i was crossing ice from a ice dam blow out and in an attempt to snap a photo my feet slipped out from under me. i did a nice flop over onto my back. if my aches are any indication i must have landed somewhat on my right hip side. i have a little backpack that i carry camera stuff in and i landed right on that. i know my head did a little bounce on the ice, not bad though. it's always very disconcerting to be out in the woods alone when something like that happens. if i'd passed out how long would it be til i was found? since my friend karen did her ice slippage i see the possibility's in a new light. we aren't all invincible! karen just started back to work finally after an entire year off. happily i appear to have no physical injuries requiring medical treatment. may get some back spasms later and bruises. this one will hurt my pocketbook the most.
as you can see the rebel and macro lens are intact for the most part...it took that picture of the damaged powershot. i did discover that the flash on the rebel is dysfunctioning since the fall. so that will have to be repaired.
since i landed on my lenses i quickly changed lenses a few times to see if they would be okay. all lenses appear to be just fine....and doesn't blossom look cute. she's limping a bit post monday walk. i tossed her toy a bit, but she has enough lab in her to not know when to stop so i just put it away.
the macro does take nice portraits, of dogs anyway!
here is a shot i took on the ice before i went belly up. blossom and rio do pretty well with those claws of thiers. the most annoying part is that really i could have walked around most of the ice and just avoided the possibility. live and learn and then learn it again and again and again.
i went gasline/powerline to tank in hopes of finding some photo ops with the new macro. didn't really find too many. it was snowing a bit as well so not really wanting to get the camera wet. tonight it's raining a bit, which just means more ice.
walked over to this old abandoned car out there thinking there may be some cool stuff, but wasn't that excited once i got closer. just rust and not interesting rust.
had rio on a leash and you do have to get closer to stuff with the macro. you also have to hold the camera more steady...since i'm too lazy to bring along a big tripod it is a bit tougher. still a lot to learn. losing the flash also hindered progress.
above and below are just leftover bits of plants from fall dry out.
always liked the tiny pinecones.
decided to get a swim and jacuzzi in. thought perhaps that may help prevent muscle spasms post fall, i'll know in the next few days. got my mile in. got there at 4:30 pm and did the mile by 5:30pm. good timing as i had the lane all to myself until the last 10 lengths...which is always great. wore a new suit as the chlorine tends to destroy suits in short order. i just watch for sales at victoria's secret and buy the same suit.
i looked up camera stuff on amazon.com. like having a point and shoot. figured i'd just buy the same type camera i've been using. i've liked it well enough. works for what i need it for and this way i will be able to use the battery pack from the old green camera for the new one. took the price to costco and checked out their cameras. amazon had mine on sale for $128, costco wanted $189. not even close even with shipping costs. so either go home and buy it from amazon or drive over to best buy and see what the comparison was there. the same camera there was $129. i bought it...not green this time, blue. i'll cope with the colour change i guess.
the rest of these pictures were taken with my macro last night after i'd posted my blog. i have a coffee table downstairs that is a big shadow box. there is sand from laguna beach and the pribilof islands in there and several shells that i've collected over the years. some i've bought in little stores by the seashore, but most that i've collected myself on beaches around california and alaska.
have another 4 hours of computer class tomorrow. 11:30-4:30. will have to get an early start tomorrow so probaly try to get my arse started early and walk the dogs in the bog..though if blossom is still limping a day of rest wouldn't be a bad idea.
the urchin above is pretty tiny. found lots of those in ketchikan. below i just took the sand itself. i've always been amazed by all those tiny rocks that make up sand.
hope it cools down and snows again.
didn't watch all of the state of the union. the president can give a nice speech though. some people just have a gift for presentation. i'm definitly not one of those people.
here's hoping i don't fall again for a very long time. i slipped in the tub several years back. that freaked me out as well. my tub was reglazed not too long ago and i paid extra for a no-skid surface. i still want to go see those ice sculptures downtown...will have to be very careful.

limpits are even more beautiful the closer you get.
sand dollars, sea stars, limpits, urchins...gotta love anything sea related. i'd once hoped to be a marine biologist...though i did change my major several times. loved the courses i took on the subjects of marine bio and oceanography. maybe in the next life. good night all...


  1. Glad to hear you are okay. It is seriously dangerous hiking alone, especially in winter. Though I hope your dogs would help...but they don't have thumbs and wouldn't do too well with splints or a litter.

    I slipped like that walking around the car one day after it iced a bit, went down and back up in three seconds not to worry my kids. It hurt for a few days. It's amazing how the body works.

  2. feeling a bit sore myself. the body is amazing. my neck is sore i think from a natural reaction to protect my head. the dogs did stand by. guess for me walking alone beats not walking at all. not everyone wants to get out there in the cold every day. life can change in a second, always good to have a reminder that doesn't cause permanent damage.