Thursday, January 20, 2011

leftovers from yesterday...

another lazy day in the life of me. blossom and i did finally get out to rovers run for a stretch. the tempertures were nearly into the double digits on a positive note and a few snow flakes have been drifting earth bound. not enough to ski on, but snow is always fun.
after i feed the critters in the morning i often snuggle back in the still warm sheets to read the paper or whatever else i'm reading. often that means i drift back to sleep. i did finish the book i've been reading before i dropped off. "dog days" by jon katz. it was decent read. more like reading a blog of a hobby farmer. interesting, but not life shattering or defining.
the paper did have an article on the joyous season of ice skating that we have all been enjoying. i guess one person died on kodiak i believe when he fell through the ice. another couple both fell through the ice on another lake, but were able to rescue themselves. both were out skating after dark. i opted to not join the meet up group for a night time skate of westchester lagoon after reading this. was planning on swimming, but drifted off to sleep this pm after starting another book on the kindle. just felt sleepy today, a little sore as well.
blossom seemed to enjoy her romp in the woods today. rio opted out and settled herself in on the couch. peanut butter and the remote is all that dog needs....of course, with her big paws the remote is useless. did see another mastiff sort at the grocery store this afternoon. huge dog walking down the aisles of fred meyers. always odd to see that, could actually be frightening if you are not a dog lover to see such a huge dog wandering the supermarket. cute dog though. service dogs come in all shapes and sizes now. rio gets excited enough in a regular petco/petsmart, can't imagine how thrilled she'd be if i walked her past the meat aisle.
on the news tonight they mentioned a couple died in thier garage. they don't think it was suicide, just an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. probably just warming thier car up in the garage and had no fresh air. probably never know. quite sad though. a friend came to check on them and found them. alaska does have a high suicide rate, though the worst hit are those in the remote villages.
had to watch american idol. people are shocked to find that i enjoy that show. i'm not sure why people get so surprised by this, but it's the talk at work when they do. of course, there were some people shocked when they saw me give a hug to a family member. i'm not anti-hug or anything, i just don't go around hugging everyone everytime i see them. i'm a selective hugger. if you need a hug, i won't hold back. probably means more coming from me than from one of those huggy folks that hugs indescriminantly.
anyway, new judges...felt bad for j.lo as she felt so bad telling people no. i'm sure after several thousand auditions that gets easier. they did send like 50 through so seems more than usual, but i guess usually 20-30 get through each site so not so abnormal as it was 2 days. the new guy, tyler( i may have messed that up)...anyway, his music is classic and he was pretty funny. that guy has no poker face, great smile. some of those folks are just freaks. many are the result of too much positive reinforcement despite having no skills what so ever. honesty is kindness, though many of those kids just don't believe the criticism. they have been told by loved ones how great they are for years, a disservice. they've moved the show from tues/wed to wed/thurs so i'll miss more of it this year.
ravens make the coolest noises. they are cool birds though a bother at times. when it's cold i often just toss a bag of trash out the front door, figuring i'll move it to the actual garbage once i'm dressed more appropriately...well those dang ravens are quite adept and intelligent, once i was dressed right....i had a mess to clean up. as bad as bears.

cats have a great least from my viewpoint of my own cats. they sleep so many hours, happily. i think pogi is starting to adjust to mufasa being gone. got notes and a call from the vet which was nice. i still haven't figured out how to divide the evening can of food with just the three of them. don't really like giving the dogs mufasa's portion and pogi's, as he eats very little of it, but not really into splitting it by three and saving some in the fridge. cat food is gross, best just eaten immediatly. i'm sure i'll hear about weight gain next time i'm at the vets.

made one of my favorite meals tonight, lo mein. always tasty. i also found a recipe for pancit which seems pretty much the same as lo mein, but different noodles. skipped swimming though which i feel bad about. want to keep up with the laps and improve on my strokes.
swimming totally makes a difference that is noticable. it is a bother with the showers and dressing and all that. ordered a new suit. that chlorine really kills the fabric.
the scenery in alaska is rarely dull. today was a bit less than exciting with the clouds and all, but it was still pleasant out there. was able to take off my gloves from time to time and not feel immediatly like frost bite was kicking in. has been cold all weekend. of course, i keep forgetting to plug in the car this week. oops.
there are these frozen waterfalls all along the highway. they always look cool. some are sturdy enough that people take ice picks and climb them, some years people put food coloring on them and they are kinda cool looking and colourful.
the other day at n. bivouac i noted that the creek had overflowed and refroze. that was also the case at rovers run this week. not sure if they are related. always looks cool though.
okay...this is a totally dorky shot of me. this is computer class. i'm practicing scanning bar codes. you are no longer human, we will scan your hospital number and your meds and make sure they are all right. of course, if your heart stops we will have to go back to the old method.
was also joined in class by rachel. she is in the float pool now, but used to work in acc full time.
rounded out by tara and margaurite. we all survived. tara and rachel went on til 5am or so. i was happy to skip that part.
have bored enough and will now head back to bed to read and sleep.

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