Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sometimes you have to look up....

just another lovely day in the bog. went there twice. first in the morning before i went to my continuous dialysis class and again after. didn't get out of class til just after 4p so the light was quickly going. had to try and zip around the bog before it got too dark. the moose are frequent habitants there, especially this time of year. i'd rather not run into them when it's dark. i didn't see them on the later walk, but the early walk i ran across this mom and her calf.
the frost is so amazing out there. blossom saw the moose first. she's pretty good about it, she just stood and waited for rio and i to catch up...then we saw the moose.
you always have to wonder if the moose is going to freak out, but the mom decided to lay down so she must not have been too nervous.
they are alot of animal to shift about. must be a tough world out there in all this cold.
can't remember the first time i saw a moose, but there have been hundreds of sightings since and when i'm on trails i can remember where i've seen moose.
watching, "the greatest" right now. can't even remember hearing about the movie. so far, so good. movie is done and it's after 1. sounds like a line for a song. haven't written any music for some time. haven't played the guitar either. perhaps i'll get it out and stay up til 2am. still love to sing the music i wrote several years back. i think it's easier to write for me when you live in the middle of nowhere like ketchikan was. sounds of the ocean and winds are your only distractions. in a bigger city, there are so many other options. i remember so many nights sitting by the wood stove, listening to the rain and working on my music. usually took about 2 hours to write a song.
lyrics to song written in '96
today you smiled as she cried,
a tear slipped, as beside you she lie,
all the months she lay inside,
culminate in a sweet lullaby.
now you hold her in your arms,
fear of fears she may know harm,
questions race through your miind,
no apparent answers do you find.
the birth is over, you're left alone,
where once a couple, a family is known,
each day marks a step unknown,
until the moment she is grown.
that day so scared you held your child,
remains ingrained upon your heart,
the fears have changed a bit each year,
be always, always, linger near.
today you smiled, as she cried,
a tear slipped, as beside you she lie,
all the months she lay inside,
cullminate in a sweet lullaby.
cullminate in a sweet lullaby.
wrote that after watching a birth in ketchikan.
think i will pull out that guitar. poetry and lyrics have always come easy to me. have no idea if they are really any good, but they have brought me a great deal of comfort over the years. i think one of the reasons i write less is that i'm so calm and happy with my life. art comes from stress and searching. it's harder to write when you are get to the meat of it. seems like those poems come out as a cliche. my art of choice of late is more of the photography, sharing the beauty or attempting to anyway. not sure i could write about these moose sightings in a poem. life just changes and the way you express yourself does as well. who's best to be open to what life brings you and follow your heart when it comes to expression. no matter how you connect, it's always good to find something that comes from within to express it.
i worry about the generations coming. they are always on thier hand helds, will art and literature just evolve with it or will they fade away.
didn't get to the pool til late. not in the water til just after 9pm...then i had sat in the steam room for a few minutes, which always makes it tough to get into the colder pool water. did get 50 lengths in so got my minimum. the gym closes at 10p so i really had to book the shower and all to get out before closing time.
think it's odd for pogi, my other cat, having mufasa gone. when mufasa was alive they both came to the dog meals and i gave them some of the canned food i mixed in with the dogs food. mufasa was always ravenous and would bump pogi off his bowl. with mufasa gone, pogi at first came to the bowl and licked once or twice, but i think he really just never liked it and just showed up cause mufasa did. tonight he skipped it. sometimes the lower cat seems to evolve a bit when the stronger cat passes away. will be interesting to see how pogi adapts.
think i should get back to my poetry writing like i was doing before i left on vacation for california. old poem/new poem. it's art that makes us who we are. anyone and everyone can be replaced and is. the ones that aren't as easy to replace on this earth are those who write great books, great music or make great art....those are skills that are totally individual. if the beatles didn't write "let it be" the music wouldn't have existed. if bach, beethoven or pachelbel hadn't composed the great works they did nobody would have followed along behind them and done it. those things are just lost. i mean when ford made his cars, many others were doing it as well, several were working on the computers of modern day, those things are just a matter of time. great art can't be created except by great artists. there was only one ansel adams, one mona lisa...
great athletes exist, but invariably thier records get broken. great actors, but another decade and the movies of old are remade by new artists to good reviews. i'm a nurse, i'm a good nurse, but i know that there are many good nurses out there. some better, some worse. i make a mark for some patients whom i'm able to really help in a moment, but it's not world changing stuff. i like that it does impact others for good though when done right. many people go to work every day and never feel like they make any sort of difference to humanity. cubicles for instance.
funny thing about "let it be". i happened to be singing it in my small patients room this weekend. the respiratory therapist heard me singing it and said, "are you going all gospel on us?". i got a kick out of that...i just looked at him and told him, "no, that is the beatles". man am i getting old!!
can you see the magpie standing on the moose's rump? it kept trying to land on the moose. thought it was pretty funny.
blossom is enjoying the cold weather. she is a winter dog. guess like a hundred dogs got taken from a place north of wasilla. several dogs were dead of exposure and starvation. huskies is what was mentioned on the news. hope the guy gets what he deserves but they rarely do in cases of animal cruelty and neglect, hell it rarely gets prosecuted with human cases of cruelty and neglect. nice world we live in.
the morning was pretty. our days are getting longer so hopefully we get more snow soon and i can get out there with my skis now that my cough is improving. more and more i'm convinced i had pertussis. looked up cough, gag, vomit online, the first thing that showed up on the search was pertusis. yesterday driving home from work i started the cough/gag thing and had a small emesis shortly after i got home. it's gotta be more than my usual bronchitis stuff.
it's good to be swimming and great to be feeling better. health is a gift, one that i am grateful for every day.
i'm cutting into my guitar time.

so i will bid you adeiu.

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  1. I think after reading about Michaelangelo that he thought himself a good skilled worker. Not until much later did he think he was an artist. And probably much of the good music and art we have, some that escapes notice is from regular people just expressing themselves, not perfectly, but regularly. It's some talent and a lot about discipline. You keep up the writing and of course the photography. I like the poem about the birth--as a writer and painter and sometimes sculptor I always find editing hard. Sometimes I don't know when to stop or get discouraged and that's no help.

    Quiet is a wonderful gift I get very rarely now. Snow is always quiet and makes me smile. And animals in the wild--in pictures or real life, make my breath catch.