Tuesday, January 4, 2011

doesn't everyone drag christmas trees through the streets....

we're in the 30's and 40's. temperatures that is. put on the cleats and headed off with my dogs and my used christmas tree. it's just under a mile trek to the grocery store that recycles trees so every year...we walk it. i'm sure we look rather humorous out there dragging a tree behind. i suspect this because of all the looks, smiles and waves. once the tree was safely in the recycle bin we took off for a lovely neighborhood walk. since both dogs had been limping a bit i opted to avoid any fetching games.
it was a pretty day out there. first we crossed northern lights and did a loop in the par course. i think that is what it's called. i think it's called muldoon park though. not sure. i always forget. after that we headed up patterson and took side streets to cheney lake. so wonderful that there are so many nice parks within walking distance. cheney is a popular park. there is a section that is hot mopped for ice skating. it's also a popular ice fishing spot.
one little section had open water and the ducks were all chilling there. mallards have the coolest green heads.
it was a nice and relaxing stroll. neither pup seems to be limping tonight.
this morning i set myself up for swimming because i mixed up some grout to do some household repair. the shower and floor needed some touch ups. this meant that i needed to shower someplace else. happy i went to the gym. the womens locker room finally opened up post redecoration. looks great. figure that since i spend $86 bucks a month the locker rooms should reflect this a bit. now it does. guess they start on the mens locker room next. the east club was the first one built. found this out chatting with some people in the jacuzzi one day. it was originally built for the benefit of the slope workers. turns out that 4pm is a great time to hit the pool. had a lane all to myself for my laps. i took it easy...1 hour, 54 lengths so 27 laps. not bad...could have done more, but i really just didn't want to push it. hopefully, i'll return again tomorrow for a grander workout.
my brother had given me a gift card for REI so i thought i'd head over and see what was up. there is always so much there. i do fear that one day those, "what not to wear" people will come and make me get rid of all my comfortable hiking clothes. really, if you dressed all new york in alaska it would freak people out. wonder what the "what not to wear" people would think of skhoops?
i ended up buying some winter sorrels. not big boots but boots i can wear out and about. they are cute. i like my cleated ice bugs but don't always want shoes with cleats. also bought some socks. sale item. my friend sandra met me there. i was making my purchase and thought i'd go ahead and get my 2011 parking pass. may have put poor sandra in a spot. apparently you get some change off if you buy two passes at once. between the clerk and i we may have pressured sandra to buy her pass today and save me $10. i suspect she has an unwritten pact to save the bucks with another friend. hopefully, i have not breached some social rite.
watching a few episodes of "bones"...love that show.
we cross over a creek on our walk. it was all cracked up the middle with the creek still running through. looked kinda cool.
got an interesting thank you note the other day at work. usually, thank you notes are rare from patients or families. when they happen it's usually related to a death. i think people really do remember specific nurses in those moments when they are most distressed. this wasn't a death luckily...it was a social services case. a terrible night for the entire family. wouldn't expect a thank you in that situation. i would have thought they all would have just wanted to forget the whole experience and get on with thier lives. of course, thier lives are forever altered and that 24 hours was all it took to completely change life as they knew it.

these last ones are from the par course.
no moose sightings today, there was one at cheney lake i guess, but we didn't complete the loop and the moose was on the trail not taken....we were warned.
blossom and rio out enjoying the day.
just another day before i head back to work. they keep saying we may get snow, but not yet. fingers crossed. will probably dump while i'm at work and can't play in it.
the locker room was quite empty so i took a few snaps. all new lockers, tile work, ceiling without holes. the steam room and sauna were also retiled, but i couldn't get the steam room to steam up. not sure why...and i was so excited to sit my bum for a bit. the jacuzzi is the same.
they re-did the tiles throughout and put actual doors on the shower stalls. sweet!
when i returned the gym had filled up. everyone who walked in ooh'd and aah'd.
blossom went out on the deck and found herself a snow free spot to settle down in. mufasa snuck out while i took that picture. he quickly decided it was still too chilly for such a flat cat.
fire...have been having lots of late...so happy i bought a place with the fireplace.
mufasa enjoys the fire as well.
off to read and sleep....


  1. Always glad to take a look at what you are photographing...that crack is so cool; it looks like an abstract painting inspiration. And your dogs are the happiest sweet faces!!

    Happy New Year btw!

  2. I had to laugh when I read your blog today. Back in my neck of the woods, it is normal to see the bass boats loaded with their used Christmas trees headed out to their favorite white perch holes. As my part of the lake is fairly stumpy, all you will see is a load of pine and cedar trees zigging and zagging across the lake. Most times the boat is so loaded down, you can't see it or the passengers. Although you can't see them, you know it has someone in the captain's seat and then there is usually the lookout at the front of the boat looking for those stumps that are just under the water. So, here goes this 'floating' pile of trees with occasional sounds coming out like "whoa, slow down, go right, go left....almost there!" It always brings a grin to my face.