Thursday, October 27, 2011

another day another pumpkin carved!!

thought this one turned out cool. the jack-o-lanterns won't last long in this cold weather. cleared a bit today. the snow is further down, but still not here in town. the moose also enjoy destroying pumpkins as they are apparently a good snack.
got the dogs out to the bog. was going to go longer, but blossom put the brakes on and wanted to just do the loop. i was easily manipulated today. some days i'm sure i would have just kept walking and she would have been forced to just join me and been fine. choose your battles they say. okay, maybe not with a dog.
got these 3 loafs of pumpkin bread in the over while i chatted with my sister and then carved the other pumpkin. i was in a race to boil up the pumpkin pulp before meeting a friend at zumba. now i've never done zumba, but i do love to dance. it seems my dance experience is not salsa. i consider myself a pretty good country dance girl and i have been known to tear up a dance floor in los angeles in my day. perhaps i needed the tight jeans. i felt pretty pathetic out there. from looking around i wasn't surrounded by dance pro's and i did love the music and the idea of just dancing for an hour even if i didn't exactly follow what the instructor was doing.
is it bad to say i was wishing i had the instructors ass and mourning the ass i had several years ago when i was one of the hotties at the nightclubs. alas...aging. that could have been all the weight lifting and dancing i did back then too. doubt i could get that ass's fallen too far to ever return to it's previous location. tried with the pumpkin seeds again. i'm begining to think i just don't really like pumpkin seeds. i enjoy sunflower seeds but even those i will only eat a handful and then pass on the rest.
swam 20 laps post zumba. shoulder is still sore, but i think that is part of aging as well. aches. was a girl doing some physical therapy in the pool post hip surgery. she looked younger than me.
as i cooked the pumpkin seeds the only thing tolerable on tv was mtv's real world. hadn't seen that for years. they always have a few gay roommates. there is one rednecky sort of guy who wasn't wanting to hit the lesbian bar or gay pride activities. sometimes people push issues too far and in the wrong way. trying to sway someone to support differing lifestyles may go easier if you don't throw them into something as over the top as a gay pride parade. some gay bars are just nice places to hang out with friends as are some non-gay bars. some bars are ripe with a sensuality and sexuality. the lesbian bar the one girl was pissed he opted out of was having party where everyone wears white and then other people come up and write on them. that can put people in an awkward position and make them uncomfortable. i wouldn't want to hang out in a swingers club nor would i feel comfortable having total strangers randomely walk up to me and write on me. i don't think that makes me evil or not supportive of gays and gay lifestyles. gay pride events can often times also be places where people go over the top. probably not the best way to introduce your new roommates to the gay lifestyle. the guy seemed to be a bit of a jerk anyway, but in my world there is never black and white, only shades of grey. pushing peoples buttons and screaming at them rarely will bring them around to your viewpoint. change is more insidious than that. life has changed dramatically over my lifetime in terms of gay rights, womens rights, minority rights. none of it happened overnight. for some things people can only be changed one at a time. some people won't change, but society will change and eventually make them kinda obsolete in thier viewpoints.
hell, this zumba class with it's multinational music and movements wouldn't have been accepted 20-30 years ago. when i was in grammer school it was just the begining stages of having sports opportunities for young females. a law was passed in california that made it mandatory to have equal opportunities for females and males in school sports. it was also just becoming open for boys to take home ec classes like cooking and for girls to take wood and metal classes if they desired. before that all girls had to take cooking and sewing and all boys had to take wood and metal working classes. anyway...guess that is enough of my soapbox for the night. i'm kinda annoyed with blogger as now that my computer wanted me to do an update i can't easily post my stuff. catch up blogger!!

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