Monday, October 10, 2011

kids can be so entertaining!!

nash seems to be saying, " got a problem with me eating a milkbone?". great for teething it looks like and he likes it. can't be bad, can it? hehe. the coffee shop we go to after the monday walks has these biscuits in a bin for the dogs of thier patrons. we all pick up a few for our pups who are waiting in the car. love the drool coming out....very nice.

monday walk was nice as usual. a few alpha dogs having to try and work out who's more alpha than who. i always feel bad on the walks when dogs get into it. it's not like my dogs are alpha, they aren't, but anytime you gather dogs together it's a risk. to some degree they have to work that stuff out amongst themselves, but i would hate to have blood spilled out there. didn't appear to be any today. it was a bit more heated than the usual. i feel bad intervening on someone elses dog, but i know my friend is at a loss what to do when her dog does this.

these are a few more from hanging valley. maureen and tanya take a lunch break.

karen enjoys lunch by the tarn as well.

the dogs are always hopeful for some scraps.

have had a fire in the fireplace these past few nights. i'm begining to think i should get it checked out. a bit more fire smell inside the house than what i remember having before. had it cleaned out a few years ago. perhaps i should have that done again. not that i use it tons, but i'm not keen on fire and smoke inhalation issues in my place. my mom was always freaked out about fires and so she passed that along to me.

my grandfather was one of 5 brothers. they had a sister. the story i was told was that thier mom was off at church, which was common and had left them all at home alone. somehow the sister had caught on fire and had burned to death, must have been with the boys there. i don't recall seeing any pictures of this sister and the only thing i've heard is this. my mom said she thought this was one reason many of my grandpa's siblings weren't too keen on the church. they blamed it for thier sisters death. would be a horrible thing.

lots of sunshine this week. great week to be off work. the temperatures have dropped a bit. 30's at night, with frost in the mornings and up in the 40's during the day. barrow's low today was 6. high in the 20's. usually our first snowfall in the city is in october.

3 killer whales wandered up river about 30 miles this past week or so. they found the 2 adults dead. they haven't found the young one yet. not sure if it made it back to the ocean. it's rare for killer whales to wander up river like that and i'm guessing stressful on them to be in freshwater when they are used to salt water. they will try and determine what caused their deaths and locate the younger one i guess. killers are pretty brutal, tough animals. strange that they were where they were.

the gang. karen, tanya and maureen.

i think maureen just started a regular day job so won't be able to join for as many hikes this winter. not sure i could change to day shift. would be totally hard to give up the 3 days/week work thing. i believe she'll still be doing 12 hours so still 3 days. hopefully, she likes it. so far i'm chilling. i suspect there will be some changes and i'll just have to see how that effects me. i like the gig i have now. sometimes life makes you shake stuff up a bit and you have to roll with it. we shall see.

my carbon monoxide detectors aren't impressed with the smoke smell so perhaps i'll just open a window and let the cold air in tonight just to be on the safe side. strange.

bought some new halloween lights. put some up outside and after i had them up i turned them on and the one string didn't light up...dang it! i am one to always test lights...the one time i don't. i had some spider lights last year, but you so couldn't see them at all so i picked out new ones. will be annoyed if they don't work. gets harder and harder to put up lights as it gets colder. people are big on light displays up here just gets so dark i think it's a psychological thing.

i should be home trick or treat night. am thinking i may hit costco for a few big boxes of normal sized candy bars...would love to see the kids eyes light up for that. i have done that before. they get so excited! get a few bags of the smaller stuff in case i run out. my neighborhood has lots of young families. i told my friend today that in cheaper hoods like mine people still send thier kids out trick or treating. i be ghetto. not really, but compared to the houses on the hills. besides those bigger houses have way too much space between houses and that is a bother when your kids are trying to dress in costumes and trick or treat in 20 degree weather. usually some kid gets run over by a moose out there. these are some tough trick or treaters i'm telling you!! some years the snow is piled up and you can barely see any sign of a costume through all the bundling. my neighborhood has more places to trick or treat per mile so more worth it.

we enjoyed the last free years of trick or treating when i was a kid in los angeles. full sized candy bars, my pillow case was always stuffed at the end of the night. my folks just sent us out alone, with siblings. as i got older the scares started happening. glass shards found in candy bars and candied apples. no more homemade treats, hospitals started opening thier doors to xray candy for familys to check for metal shards. eventaully, my mom just gave us money and sent us to the grocery to buy whatever candy we wanted. then i guess the trunk or treating began.

trying to demonstrate that these plants height is supposed to determine the winter snow levels. not sure how you'd test that theory out. may have to tie a ribbon at that height on a tree by the plant and see if it's anywhere near what the snow level becomes.

rio is snoring pretty good now that she is home and settled. haven't made too much progress on my list....and have now added to it. there is always tomorrow for lists.

i baked some cupcakes this morning on the fly. we still had lena's zuchini/pumpkin bread and tanya baked as well so lots of treats. my cake batter was "expired" as was the frosting. everything has expiration dates now. none of these things "expired" when i was a kid. even soda and water now have expiration dates. i think it probably just is random and we waste tons of stuff being neurotic about expiration dates. i mean meat and dairy...for sure, but soda pop? hard to imagine that expiring for years. we found a few cans of beer on a beach on kayak island..a remote island in alaska. i'm sure it was "expired" but we drank it and survived intact.

nash is really a doll. he kept us entertained at tea. i think he slept off and on during the walk. seems to be a pretty good kid. above tanya and karen are laughing at him..that may have been when he was nibbling on the milkbone. i think he's gotten ahold of a few dog kibbles from time to time as well. life with kids and dogs. should try and sleep. we are going to see what the moose situation is tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful photos! We have snow on the highest mountain tops here in Norway too :)