Tuesday, October 4, 2011

great monday walk and more pictures of hidden lake hike

blossom looks so cool in fall colours...she gets way overphotographed this time of year!

amy and tanya push up towards our summit and the hidden lake.

not sure where i got the burst of energy, but i suddenly was determined to find this little tarn. these darn tarns...so tiny, yet so amazingly beautiful! i'm sure this area is totally covered in snow at this point. it was a bit rainy off and on this weekend in anchorage which means it was snowing in them there hills. the snow is steadily making it's way down the chucagh range. no turning back..winter cometh!

everyone seems to be trying to get out for one last weekend camp out. a few groups of friends must have camped in the same general area near paxson. both saw loads of caribou and got snowed on.

blossom and indy

boddhi makes his way up the trail.

spats over sticks. boddhi and ecco are bonding nicely. funny how like breeds seem to recognize that in each other.

blossom is almost 6 and i find she is in that fun mellow dog stage. the big boys would try and engage her in rough house. she enjoys it, but she needs to be rescued at times. those boys play a bit rougher than she's used to.

my work week was pretty nice. steady, but not crazy. those are always the best. people often ask me which i like better adult icu or pediatric icu. they are very different and i think i like both equally due to the differences. probably the adult world wins out slightly as i do appreciate the atonomy there. families in pediatrics can really be trying as well. this family centered stuff can be for the birds some days. people get annoyed with you for waking them up in the middle of the night. it's like they expect to get 8 hours solid sack time when they sleep in a room with thier kid who is sick and in a hospital. let me just say...parents...your sleep isn't my priority. i try and allow as much as possible, but you are not at home, your kid is sick and there are things that must be done 24 hours a day in the process of making sure they get better....so get over it!!

got some laps in today, but had to cut it a bit short. my friends often tease me because i get myself busy and forget to eat. yes, it's possible to forget to eat. i get hungry, like i am now, but i put it off and keep doing what i am busy with. eventually the hunger passes and then i continue what i'm doing and forget i was ever hungry. a few hours later that feeling returns and again i'm not near a meal so i may just snack on a few carrots and move on, forget i was hungry and then a few hours later...you get the picture. that happened today and while i was doing the laps i found that now i was super hungry and starting to feel the ill effects of your blood sugar waning. not a good idea while one is in a pool to start feeling like this. i had eaten a few eggs and some hot cocoa when i got home from work. woke for monday walk, ate nothing. after the walk i had more hot cocoa and most of a small butter tart that andrea made....very tasty by the way and 2 small slices of an apple. then i took a quick nap and headed to the pool without another bite.

i always try to do the breakfast thing right as that may need to last me several hours. i stopped at subway on my way from pool to meet friends for a movie. now i'm hungry again. eating can be enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but it can also be a bother. bodily functions get in the way of life!

sometimes i get work nightmares. being on call for the hospital generally means i sleep poorly, especially if i'm on call for the adult world. you more often get called in there. i was lucky thursday and never got the call. woke several times. on one of my sleeps i dreampt i had 5 icu patients. 4 were down a long hallway and the 5th was in the main part of our icu. in the dream i was running around like crazy trying to see all these patients and adequately care for them. eventually i was finally able to sit down and try to chart...but alas the computer charting had changed. in order to chart one had to play the screen like a fast computer game and the keyboard was microscopic. i was screaming and freaking out knowing i was never going to get my charting done. i finally woke and found relief knowing that it was just a bad dream and i wasn't going to have to chart after all.

love when blue skies appear on a day that looks like it's just going to stay cloudy and dreary.

lots of lichen

clearing skies and malemutes....

hit the bog right by my place a few times this work stretch. also up patterson. can be quite pretty in there. love that i have such a great little walk place right by the house!

leaves have been dropping dramatically this week. still loads to do! i keep walking though and then the day is just gone and i've accomplished little. got lots done friday before work since i'd gotten the thursday off.

blossom and rio both got washed. took them to the dog wash resort. they recently opened up thier facilities for self wash of dogs. i was happy they accepted my freebie coupon from before they moved facilities. i liked their old place much better. it was just more bright, happy and airy. this place is just in the industrial place, a big building. no outside yard for dogs at their daycare that i could see. i heard some of the workers yelling at dogs in the day care room as i washed the dogs in thier one self service stall. will visit this part again, but don't think i would use the boarding/day care facilities. too bad...hate when people have a good thing and then kind of ruin it. their old dog wash had 6 stations and was always busy. they blew it as far as i can see.

did enjoy having clean, sweet smelling dogs for the week.

should do the bath thing more often.

when we head up patterson for a walk we often stop at the grammer school up there. on the weekends anyway. blossom gets some tennis ball time. loved the leaves.

another fun monday walk. we had 9 people (including little nash) and 8 dogs.

andrea and tanya above, andrea with nash below. i think she'd been attempting to tie her shoes...all things made more challenging by having a kid attached.

great crew though and a few newbies to the walk. always hope that everyone has a fun time. i think that happened. anytime you plan stuff you tend to feel responsible for everyones enjoyment...at least i do. always happy when it looks like it all came off well. the dogs had fun too. i know mine are happy and sleepy.

rio came along and she is the slow dog in the group. blossom is sweet and checks in on us...she's a bit less sweet to rio and the poor dog had to be rescued from blossoms humping attempts on many occasions. wonder if they have some sort of electric barrier i could put on rio's butt to teach blossom to knock this off. oh well...life goes on.

when i went to bed after work this morning it was raining so it was a lovely surprise to awaken and see sunshine. luckily someone texted/called me as i believe i set the alarm wrong.

pj watches all the dogs frolic.

i think these two pictures are my favorites from the day.....i work wit some real hams. :-) tiffany, amy and lena mug for the camera!

dogs love a good puddle and this trail had a few good ones today. quite a bit of mud as well, which they all enjoyed as well. saffron is in front, but she was joined by all the other dogs. each had to make thier splash in that water.

only a few of us went to coffee post walk. the old timers...me, andrea and tanya. always enjoy the after walk meet up though. it's become a tradition.

met up with a few other friends tonight at the century movie theater in mid-town. liked the lights tonight. we watched a newer movie "50/50". i gotta say i loved it. it was full of laughs, but then you'd find yourself in tears only to turn around and start laughing out loud again. i won't ruin it, but GO SEE IT!!! take a few tissues, grab some friends and GO SEE IT!! do i make myself clear! the dog was awful cute too. you can always count on a dog and on good friends and family to see you through. sometimes you forget that they are trying to help you and love you, just let them in.

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