Monday, October 10, 2011

lots of stellar grass shots and a few so-so swan shots..haha

there were a good thirty plus swans out at potters marsh today. i think this distance shot with the fall colours was my favorite for the afternoon. only stayed about an hour. walked along the road and took several pictures. most of them the camera focused on the grasses in front of the swans and the swans were blurred. sometimes mindless photography is quite ineffective. since the swans were pretty far off and i have a 300 lens i wasn't particularly open to sitting around for hours. i'm not that patient in general. walking is good though. there were several serious photographers out there with super sized lenses and tripods.

another general shot of potters marsh. the swans congregate there every year. i just try and swing by and see what i see. sometimes you get lucky.

see..lovely shot of the grass in foreground, but not too bad of blurred swan either i guess.

coming in for a landing. fun to try and capture them in the air.

always nice to see so many of them at one time though. it's obviously a favorite spot for photographers.

i had taken the dogs for a walk in north bivouac earlier so they were waiting in the car as i wandered about with the swans.

i slept in today, slowly digested the sunday paper and made the sunday omelete. don't make one every sunday but it is a nice sunday treat.

was very happy at the pool today as i did the mile!! it's been awhile since i swam the whole mile. been lazy this summer. time to get back into the groove. we'll see how i feel tomorrow.

i should be downstairs baking something for tomorrows monday walk. hmm....i think it's too late..perhaps i'll wake up early.....hahahaha!

there were a few spots on the trail where the frost was still lingering on the leaves from the morning and the trail was frozen on that top layer.

fall is fleeting and this one is nearly done.

personally, i was hoping my extra pool time would help my thumb out. the other week i slammed my hand thumb first into a prickly bush. a bit of the bush has remained ever since. my thumb is increasing in girth and is getting more and more tender. so annoying. i don't like to cause more pain though by taking a sharp instrument to the dang thing, but it may come to that eventually.

back to some pictures of hanging valley.

we had a photo session in the caribou moss that day. everyone took turns getting pictures taken. thought a few turned out quite nicely. below is tanya's shot. she is the only one i got a shot of with my camera. everyone else i just took with thier cameras.

blossom in the moss alone.

family wasn't there that day so indy volunteered to fill the hole. maybe i could photoshop rio in. hehe.

i think this is one of my favorite pictures of the day. indy is a sweet dog, he can test your patience some days, but who couldn't love this guy!

i had sorted through toys the other night when i re-arranged the furniture. i collected 2 bags of toys to take to the shelter along with a cat scratching post that i had no use for. have a bag for the trash as well, but blossom keeps returning to that and pulling random toys out. figure what is left after a few days i'll really toss. we dropped by the shelter today to take that stuff in. i always have to stop and look around. there were a few cute/sweet dogs and cats there as usual. always heartbreaking. hoping they all find good homes.

blossom takes in the fall.

pup and pica prints.

more caribou moss and you can see the blueberry remnants as well.

love these valley's, you can get up into the tundra so quickly and that is where it's really amazing in my mind.

always worth the trek upwards.

tanya stops for a photo break on the way up into the valley.

always like this rock. the dogs obliged me with a photo op. as i took the picture i realized that blossom was actually peeing in this shot. oops! sorry blossom

looking back at the valley below.

the creek looks so small.

it looked like it may rain all day, but luckily it never really did.

karen stops for a picture. no pictures of maureen today. did take a picture of a dog today at the shelter that looks just like her dog. i think hers is an austrailian terrier? very cute.

the creek that looks so small from above when we crossed over.

the trail and old trail converge. this is where the work the bridge.

the other side of the bridge looking off to hanging valley.

guess that is enough for one night. should hopefully have some monday walk pictures to add in tomorrow. that came around fast. these weeks do pass quickly. good night.

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