Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"a shine of rainbows"

should be sleeping. just watch a movie, made me cry. "a shine of rainbows". a boy is being adopted and the dad to be is slow in signing the papers, in the meantime, things change. an adorable seal and some help from above help the boy find the dad he always dreampt of. sad and happy at the same time. a few friends have lost thier parents these past weeks. one lost both parents within a few short weeks of each other. i usually see that as a sign of a true love. one can't bear to carry on without the other and simply joins them in the next place. so sad, yet so sweet. one can only dream of such devotion. it's a rarity. my thoughts and prayers to both these friends and thier families at this time. i know how difficult the loss of our parents are. i am just happy that i had so many days with mine. so many lose thier parents when they are so young still. it must be so painful.

i miss my parents, especially my mom every day. i miss talking to her and knowing that there was someone on this earth who always put me ahead of themselves. that is what parents do. it's a great deal of sacrifice to bring a child into the world and raise them. i appreciate all that my parents did and tried to do. it can't be an easy task and i'm sure i made it more difficult than necessary at times.

the wind is blowing tonight and we all are waiting for the snow to fall. any day now. the snow will come and will stay for months and months.

another successful dog walk today. tanya, andrea, lena, amy and karen joined me. the dogs all had a great time. well, it's always a bit rough for poor blossom as that tennis ball is rarely in her mouth and that makes her a wee bit sad. she is ever hopeful and we can all take a lesson from a labradoodle who is patient in her quest for tennis ball time. gotta love her.

rio will be happy for snow. the walking is tough for a blind dog, she is a trooper though. it's after 1am and i really should be off to bed. great little movie if you are up for a good weep.

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