Wednesday, October 5, 2011

pink hockey and more of the usual

i love hockey. the first game i went to was los angeles kings against edmonton. i had just visited a male interest in edmonton and anyway...i attended a kings game. gretzky was playing in los angeles at the time. great skater! have attended many professional team games and try to schedule a game in whenever i visit a large city. anchorage has the aces from a smaller league. still fun to attend games...and a bit cheaper. tonight was preseason and they have a breast cancer awareness series. the ice is painted pink and the entire team wears these pink jersey's. hard to tell in the pictures that it's pink, but it is. loved that this hockey players name is gentile.....seems wrong. only a few fights broke out tonight.

the aces won!! yippee! i had posted a note on facebook to see if anyone wanted to join me and nobody responded. i sent out a text to several people and only one responded. oh well. pathetic loser that i am...i attended the game alone. haven't done that for a bit. felt a bit odd at first, but i enjoyed the game and it's somewhat empowering to be doing the things i want! dusted off my aces cowbell, but ended up purchasing a pink aces cowbell! money goes towards cancer so it's all charity, right.

these next pictures are the last of hidden lakes hike. hopefully, next week i'll get the hanging valley pictures posted finally. want to see if i can get some swans and moose pictures taken as well.

got alot done today in the back yard. the leaf ratio on the trees vs on the ground is decreasing so the battle may soon be over. raking and putting stuff away for the season. laundry, cat litter...oh the life.

these are of hidden lake

back to hockey...being that i was alone it gave me time to people watch. love to people watch. the guy next to me had the most beautiful eyes. he actually was adorable. probably early 20's but he did seem to enjoy a few hockey comments. the aces scored one and then despite having power play after power play were unable to get that second goal. they finally did when they were up by two players. i was begining to think they may to also pull thier goalie to score on a powerplay. then they got goal two. the other team, eagles, scored one goal, they had a quick turn around and just beat our goaltender.

i was quite jealous of the beautiful boys ability to text. i'm still texting with one finger, while he was flying with two thumbs. i'm sure i could totally kick his butt typing though. do they still take typing?

sadly, in my people watching i noted that alot of women with very large arses attend hockey. not sure if it's related or not. the lady in front of me kept giving me unwanted peep shows of hers. i'd like to poll the menfolk here. do they find thongs attractive on all women no matter thier girth? personally, i think they look awful on all except a few with perfect bodies. mostly i find thongs to be like bike shorts. they just aren't attractive on anyone really. i don't really get the point either. i mean underwear were created to catch the stuff that slips out of the holes down there...can't see that a thong would be effective for this.

was also laughing as this other woman near me asked her husband to get her a pink cowbell. he'd just gotten back from getting his beer and now he had to leave again. of course, to get to the place they sell the cowbells he had to cross into the "dry side" of the stadium. he had to drink up or lose it. not sure if other places do this but at the sullivan arena, there is a dry side and a wet side. the wet side is generally more full than the dry. anyway, as soon as she sent him off to get her cowbell, she leaves to go pee...why didn't she pee and get her own dang cowbell. the guy comes back with her cowbell and is all, "where did she go?". me and cutie just looked at each other and smirked. obviously he was thinking the same thing i was.

tarns are so pretty. today went for a walk with amy and tanya and dogs. we just did rovers run. it was a perfect length for getting other stuff done.

amy at the top of the hill debating whether to come down to the tarn, she knew that she would possibly have to return uphill again. cool picture though i think. she came down the hill to the tarn...those tarns are just so darn irrestistable.

feeling more like myself of late. life is queer. some times there are limitations where you never noticed them and it just takes stepping away a few feet to see what should have been so clear. hopeful that all will just work itself back to a more normal state.

watched parts of "the graduate" on tv the other day. great movie. hadn't seen it for sometime. love the music of course, but just a classic. sometimes we all have those numb moments in life i suppose where we are susceptible to doing things we might not do otherwise.

the dogs were the first to the water.

don't think there is any pretty shampoo smell left on the girl...the perks of the dog bath are in the past. this is why i don't invest a great deal of time and money bathing her as frequently as i suppose i should. with a water dog that hikes's a waste of money. my dream home would have a dog bathing station in the house. here it's just a hose and that is totally cold water. blossom and i both don't like it.

my dream house would also have a pool that i could do real laps in, a jacuzzi and a steam room. a game room for entertaining with a pool table and air hockey set up...enough of the dream house.

"boomer" is the aces mascot. i always laugh at how animated even middle aged people become at the prospect that boomer will send a subway t-shirt flying thier way. humans can be a very interesting animal to study in thier natural environments. the mascot job looks like fun. boomer has some pretty fine dance moves and seemed to really do a great job entertaining the various kids that were at the game.

a fight breaks out in hockey! shocker.

more pink on pink action!

i've always been a fan of the goalies. took more pictures with my iphone. have never attempted to move those pictures off the phone. does one do that i wonder?

it might look a bit more pink here. warm up before game as i was looking for my seat. since it was just me, that does mean i got a fine seat. always that random single seat someplace great. there are perks to being single and pathetic. :-)

not too long after i moved into my humble abode i planted this amur maple. it is now showing it's most spectacular fall colours...which was the reason i purchased it to begin with. there is a guy a few blocks away with what he said was a japanese maple. all the tree people i spoke to in the garden shops said that wouldn't survive up here, but it does on this guys property. in the end i settled for this tree. have been unsure of it for a few years, but this year she looks pretty nice i must say. the first winter my little tree was at my home a big bad moose came along one night and chewed it down to a twig. i never thought it would survive such an assault, but a few leaves sprang up in the spring and i decided to give the little tree a chance to try again. it looks a bit funky shaped, but i'm happy with my little amur.

a few from todays walk. blossom looks pretty skeptical of boddhi as he had just pounced on her. she almost looks to be frowning in this one actually. my poor princess!!

earlier the kitten, ms breezy chatterbug, snuggled up with blossom in the sunshine!

so enough for one day. that bed will have fresh sheets on it in a minute and i love laundry day for those fresh sheets! off to read...another nice day.


  1. I would have gone to the game with you! I'm not on facebook though, so I never see what people are up to. If you're not on facebook everyone forgets about you these days...

    So next time give me a shout! I love to go to hockey games.


  2. excellent! i have an iphone now but lost loads of numbers. still same cell number. text me and then i'll have you again!!