Sunday, October 9, 2011

start on the hanging valley walk....

just a few to get started on hanging valley. always a beautiful hike. blossom at her best in fall colours! these past days i've been to the dog park 3 x and today i walked out on the mushing trails with my friend sandra. dogs are a bit sleepy now.

i love the caribou moss. it was so pretty out there that day. yardwork is winding down, but i did pay for all my yardwork last week. i now have a massage scheduled for wednesday. sadly, that didn't save me at work the other night. huge knot that went from below my scapula to up on my shoulder/neck. my co-workers tried to help break it up and alleviate the nausea and headache that came with the knot, but it was a long night. i do totally appreciate all thier work and i'm sure it kept me from puking. work for me was pretty easy. nice families and patients that were easy to work with.

did the dreaded swimsuit shopping today. i've never had much luck with this. i bought one more as a back up. not the most attractive, but the pool water really does take it's toll on a suit and the suit that i used to buy through victoria's secret is no longer being sold. it was much too conservative for thier line i'm sure. oh well. the suit was on sale though so that is always good. don't want to pay big bucks on something that doesn't make you feel fabulous. i did find a cute new pair of winter pants that should be great for walks/snowshoes. it wasn't on sale, but it did make me smile after i had tormented myself with suit shopping.

above you can see the hanging valley in the distance that we eventually made our way up to and back into.

a friend was up from homer so i gave her a jingle to see if she would be able to find time for a get together. she was up for it and we met up at tgif for a late lunch, early dinner. of course, her caller id didn't pick up that it was me and so she laughed that she wasn't entirely sure it was me or another of her couple friends up here that she'd be meeting. she was happy either way. so we enjoyed catching up from our days working together in ketchikan. she had her dogs with her so i took her to the dog park and we all did a loop together. always nice out there. we were mindful of those aggressive beavers! didn't see them today. did see a big one out in the middle of the lake swimming around yesterday when i met amy there.

they are doing trailwork on the trail out there. looks like it will be much nicer and wider. i'm betting they are getting ready for possible grooming for skiing one of these days. would be nice. not too many groomed trails in eagle river and it think there is a call for that. anchorage has the best grooming and most, but i think as people move out of anchorage to communities north of here they are missing those groomed trails...hopefully, this will happen.

just finished the book i was reading, "the gargoyle" by andrew davidson. it was a strange book but i actually really got sucked into it. love when a book surprises you with it's plot and cast of characters. it's hard to do that i would think with all the books that are out there. this one is truely unique though. have sat on the couch by the fire the past few days. the days are getting colder and shorter, seems like a good plan to snuggle up with a book and warm fire.

these were taken several weeks ago but it was a bit rainy and there was some fresh snow on the mountains. saw a friends pictures today of all the snow on hidden lake, she must have gone today.

last night i decided to try to re-arrange my furniture in the living room. i haven't done that since i moved in, but it's always been an odd set up. my friend carla had suggested i take advantage of my fireplace more so i'm hoping this will do just that. will have to teach rio to lay on the right side of the couch so i can both sit on the couch and watch tv. she's a bit confused by the movement of the furniture, but i'm sure she'll get it all sorted out soon. she's quite capable for a blind dog. i think she'll love being able to lie by the fire this winter. she was already taking advantage of it last night.

opens the joint up a bit which is nice too. my place is not huge so always a trick getting everything to fit and work in the space.

the larch have turned yellow which i always love. so odd to have an evergreen that doesn't stay green in the winter. they have planted more at the dog park so i'll have more to enjoy in the years to come. i drove by today to check out the swans at potters. lots of cars and lots of swans but the swans were pretty far back so i didn't stop and get out the camera. may try driving by again tomorrow and see where the swans are at. karen and i may head out to look for moose tuesday.

just a closer view of the yellow pine needles. pretty!

just a short entry today. it's already late and i'm sleepy....

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