Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkin gut carving night!

more talk than pictures today. have been totally lazy this past stretch off. have wanted to swim, but have been sore so i'm forcing myself to take a break from exercise this week. it's not an easy thing for me to do. i have a bad history of working out through pain, i realize this is not always a good plan. the plan is tomorrow to attempt to meet up with friends for a zumba trial and then hit the pool. my right shoulder has been the sore spot. still loads of knots. today was a dark, windy day. rain and wind made for a great day to get the tires changed over and carve my pumpkin. debated popping to the grocery store for a second pumpkin and may do that tomorrow. i can prep more pumpkin guts for bread and bake some bread at the same time.
had my work wellness check today. my cholesteral was a bit high last year, this year it's 204 which i can live with. my hdl is nice and high too though. bp great, weight...well we won't go there.
enjoyed a nice long chat with my neice, claire. we call each other from time to time and catch up. always fun. rather chat than go to the grocery store anyday!
so it's not that i didn't do anything today i guess. had to call the bank, which turned out to be great. had some dealings with a manager there who had helped me at the bank one day, but then never called back with my further inquires..i called several times over a month and she never returned any of my calls. her message always said nicely, "i'm in the office and will return your call promptly" or something quite similar. so she happened to be the one they put my call through to. it was so nice to be able to confront her about her never returning any of my calls. at first she started making excuses and then she finally apologized. love to confront and win a few of those small battles in life.
i always attempt to cook those pumpkin seeds. all looked great until the last bit when i followed the directions and found my seeds getting burnt to a crisp. burnt pumpkin seeds are a bit nauseated to smell. place should smell better tomorrow if i can get to the bread. the pumpkin guts are in the pot getting all mushy. i never would have thought i would like anything pumpkiny, but i love the bread and i love pumpkin cheesecake too. tis the season! bake, bake and more bake!

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