Monday, November 21, 2011

afternoon at the coastal refuge...

haven't been out there yet this winter and i just love the place. it's so stark and peaceful. always a little different. while i was out there an owl flew over. didn't move fast enough to get pictures which i was totally bummed about. for flying stuff you gotta take it out of auto focus and manually focus the shots. just not moving fast enough and it was a bit chilly out there. slight wind chill factor once you are out there without any plantlife to protect you against the elements. pictures all of blossom though rio joined us as well. never easy to get rio shots. she's right on me. it's not a long or taxing walk, but not a set trail once you get out a bit. the two above are at the "waters edge". that part appears to possible get covered with the incoming tides with some regularity so i don't go any further out. lots of cool driftwood out there which adds to the starkness of the place. amazing that it's all right here in anchorage and it took me so long to find it. lots of folks sledding on the hill before the trails. not enough energy in me to go sledding today. this was good. felt it though. walks are my best gauge of health. no fever tonight or body aches, just that exhausted feeling. now my nose is playing cold bug games as well so must be building up to something. isn't that amazing! watched a bit of "fiddler on the roof" as i slowly got myself together this morning. haven't seen that forever. great movie. didn't want to see the sad part where they all get forced off thier lands so that is when i took off for coastal refuge.driving over it was cloudy and dark all over anchorage, the chucagh range was barely visible, but when i got to the bridge to get on the seward highway you could see the clouds were lifted at the north end of town and denali mountain was clearly visible. a 5 hour drive north and yet so prominent from even here. pretty wild. the dead trees add to the stark atmosphere out there at the refuge. i believe these trees were killed when the waters rose post earthquake in '64. not for sure, but that seems to be the story you hear around the turnigan arm and other trees that look like these. blossom was just interested in her tennis ball out there. happy to get some more play time. with the clouds i really thought it would be warmer out there, but it was still really cold! tonight it began to snow again. totally light flakes. i bet they would be cool to photograph. they looked all snowflaky. not sure how that would be done though. would need a functioning brain to sort it moose sighted though lots of moose tracks out there. the mountains back there aren't denali, but they are on the same mountain range as denali. that range goes on for over 600 miles i think i read once. a lone skier passed me by. not sure it's the easiest skiing out there. the snow was pretty crusted over. i still haven't gotten out for a ski yet. i'll have to rectify that soon.this log is my trail marker out there. gotta end up back here to catch my trail back to the sledding hill. looks like the range is floating out there.keep meaning to get crackin on the christmas to do list. gotta get it written first. then there is all the stuff on the to list from months of not doing that should be done as well. the never ending list of stuff that i should do.pretty windy out there at times today. happy i got out and went though. one of my favorite places. good for my brain. a childs death impacts you. i tend to be the chill one. you have to seperate yourself from the emotions of work, but it's not always possible. being out in nature reminds you how small you are in this universe. puts stuff in perspective. the tides come and go.there, started writing to do list. did a load of dishes...i've accomplished so much today. can't wait to take some more nyquil and crash for the night. colds bite!still need to actually make photos from last summers trip. i debate the photo album/non photo album thing. most of my pictures are here or on my shutterfly account. not sure if it's just my age, but i still like to work my way through an actual photo album from time to time. figure should at least do an album for the more formal trips i take. less so for all the snapshots i take day to day and the hikes. some good pictures out there though. tonight i was looking through some of my old facebook albums. just another place to store the photo's. some comfort knowing alot of that stuff is out there someplace, just in case something bad happened here. it's nice to give family access to old pictures that way as well. one day i will die and i doubt anyone will carefully go through all the stuff i've collected over the years, it will all just be unceremonially pitched. not my favorite thought. funny how i care more about what happens to my stuff than to my body when i die. creamate me and toss me on some of my favorite trails or something. hopefully, i have a few more years left in my before i have to worry too much about all that. you never know though.missed the owl picture but got another eagle shot. he flew over teasing me into imagining the cool owl was back...alas, just a bald eagle. haha. no heavy philosphying this evening. i read the paper this morning, but not sure i could remember any article i read...hmm...was one interesting one i read. what was it, what was it??? jsut looked at the paper. it was an article about a woman who thought she was a breast cancer surviver only to find out post 4 years clear that it had returned with a vengeance. she is now terminal, it's everywhere. devastating news for her and her family. was sad, but she seems to have as good of an attitude as anyone can have in that situation. enjoy each day, it's a gift.

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