Tuesday, November 15, 2011

way too many pictures..but enjoy!

took lots of pictures yesterday when i took girls on a neighborhood walk. we cruised up patterson, across northern lights, up the patterson connector trail, over to cheney lake, back down baxter and into the bog, then home. not really an abnormal walk for us. i like that there are several good parks within a decent walk. cheney lake is a pretty little spot. i took the macro and snapped off a few pictures of the dogs while we walked.blossom and rio are always fun photo's for me. great dogs, i can't complain.also spent some time shoveling the 5-6 inches of snow that fell again. this means i shovel, take a few pictures, toss the toy for blossom and then back to shoveling. a slow process, but considering it can be a bit of a workout i find it's best to pace myself.was a bit bummed as while i shoveled out front a neighbor came out and said not to bother getting it all he'd come over with his snowblower and finish it up. basically, he told me to stop, but in the end he never came over and finished so i had to shovel right before i headed to work in my work shoes a bit more. good intentions. it may have broke down again. was a bit bummed though. i had already been out there, dressed adn doing it. oh well. he may get a few more opportunities to use that snowblower on my driveway if this week is any indicator of how our winter will go. not complaining. i do love me some snow!our monday walk today was fun. 5 humans with 8 dogs. we were way out numbered. all were good though. just karen, tanya and i went to kaladi's. we enjoy our time there, just chatting. it wasn't til 5pm that we finally mosied out of there. i had big plans to take a nap, hit the pool and then maybe even go for a short ski. with all this snow out there, i haven't yet been out for a ski. have snowshoed 3x this week though. so it's not like i've been a slacker. the to do list is still ever growing. need to finish this years calendar this week. still just a few more months to get sorted out and i need to load a few more photo's to shutterfly for that. all the christmas stuff needs to get started. some years i'm all on top of it, other years i'm a slacker. i'm begining to suspect this will be a slacker year.liked this license plate!! i know my friends would too!the birds will have a rough time getting seed in my yard. i've attempted to refill it a few times this week, but the snow comes again. will do it again tomorrow i guess. the temperatures have dropped and it looks like we'll be skipping hte snow for a few days and instead heading sub zero! below is an old picture of a wood pecker of some sort. he was at my birdfeeder this fall at the same time as a few stellar jays were. actually just saw a few stellars out there last week. seems a bit late, but they will all be gone soon. winter belongs to chickadees and magpies. a few now from todays' monday walk. takes a few years to get something like monday walks really seeded, but they just keep getting more and more fun. miss laika rose has grown in the past week. amazing how fast these little guys grow. i think i may be puppy sitting for the night tomorrow.didn't feel too chilly out there. your body adjusts pretty fast to the dropping temperatures of alaska. of course, we are properly dressed and come inside after the walk to warm up. it's easy to succumb to cold temperatures as we will have this week. rio has her coat on! karen sported her new ice bug boots today. i think she was quite happy with them. i love, love, love my ice bugs. i have a variety of thier boots now. my metro bugs have cleats in them. your feet stay warm and your socks don't get sucked in to the boots. my walking partners for the day, karen, tiffany, lena and tanya at the creek. all smiles!!manny takes a bonding moment with laika.began my book today. who knows if i will finish it ever but it is a project i've been trying to figure out for years. i'd like to find some way to bring medical ethics to the public forum, but not in a textbook sort of technical way. this morning as i drove home it came to me how i could maybe write it in some sort of novel form. won't go into details for obvious reasons, but i am excited and wrote just a bit to get the concept down and test drive it. they say we all have a book in us. hopefully, that is true! will be very different haven't to make sense when i'm used to free form of the blog. manny comes back to say hello.we ran into several bikers out there. they have super fat tires. it just looks more like hard work than fun to me, but many winter mountain bikers in the area so obviously lots of people have fun. have pictures from last winter of bikers on ice too so lots of fat tires with studs as well. quite the line up of dogs. as usual, rio and i were at the back of the pack. rio is a trooper. not sure she loves the walks, but i know she hates being left behind. boddhi is the king of his pack. quite handsome!always love the sun through the trees.blossom ended up with the beloved tennis ball several times today. she passed it off to little laika, which was quite adorable. all the dogs are watching as laika has control of the tennis ball. when i let blossom and rio out of the car at the trailhead a few dogs jumped in, found this ball in teh car and brought it along. not sure if it was in the car shredded or if it got shredded soon after arrival. no matter, the dogs were happy with it.blue skies and a winter wonderland!back to yesterdays pictures i guess.a few bog shots. never bore of bog shots.to get back to the bog from baxter i go through this grammer school. always love this huge, long swing set. elementary school art! moose in metal.back to cheney lake..looked at several homes when i was house shopping near here. none of them worked out, but i have always liked this area.lots of birds in the summer. i think there is a resident bald eagle. didn't see him yesterday though.so peaceful.i believe it was nearly 3pm when i got home so these were taken probably about 2:30gotta get to target tomorrow and get some baby shower gifts. there are a few babies being born around work. working with so many females someone is always preggers. we have a few due in the next month or so here. fun! the human experience continues on.guess i'll stick to puppies here. can't imagine starting down the path of parenthood at this late date in my life. remnant ducks at cheney lake. the ducks will stick around all winter though many headed south. not sure what makes some stay and some go. looks like a rough existence for them though.took a nap after kaladi's but i'm still sleepy. it is late i guess so going to bed isn't really a bad idea.was walking by myself yesterday which, like i said, makes me more driven to look around my world and see the beauty of all the details. keeps me on the believing in god side of life. not sure what that means on the grand picture of life after death, but somethings are out of your grasp and control. for me the best option is to just experience and enjoy the beauty of the earth and be kind and generous to those you share it with, both human and animal. always get a kick out of stuff covered in snow. creek near my place. the pups were mildly disappointed i didn't let them in for a dip.often i just walk up and down patterson. lots of the folks in the surrounding area do this as well. the city has sidewalk plowers and they keep this main path cleared. probably more because it's near grammer schools. you lose sidewalks in the winter months and invariably this forces people into the streets to walk and we lose a few folks this way. walking is pretty risky business.actually above is the connector trail headed towards cheney lake and below are all on pattersonleashed dogs...they are good on leash though for the most part.did see one snowman but it was a snowwoman and was a bit graphic, oddly. people are queer. tried to built a snowman here, but don't think i was very patient with the idea and instead went right to the shovel. blossom plays as i shovel.how i seem to begin every day this week. my flag is out. i've just let it out. partly because i'm lazy about taking it up and down, but mostly because i decided when i put it out there that i should keep it up to remind me every day that there are men and women in dangerous places. i'm grateful for the freedom i enjoy and i'm grateful for those who serve to protect our freedom and the freedom of others. when our troops are home and safe, the flag can come down for a bit, but that isn't how it is. i guess we should be getting out of iraq here soon, but we are still in afghanistan. a few soldiers from bases here in alaska have died in the past few days. lots of military here and thier families. i appreciate and respect what they do for all of us. it's not easy for families i've no doubt. had a patient the other day who got a call from his son in afghanistan, just checking in on him. so nice that i was able to give him the phone and let them talk for awhile. that guy was so happy. it's gotta help with the healing.happy belated veterans day. peace, health and safety.

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