Saturday, November 12, 2011

"happy, thank you, more please"...

just watched this movie and i really quite enjoyed it. happenstance...just be open to life and good things and people will come your way....and a few great dogs too. i loved the character with alopecia. it is hard for me to believe that i'm lovable at times. it can be hard for anyone to convince me. often love doesn't come in the package you expected, but the truth is when someone is good to you and loves you, they become more attractive. the best "looking" person who has no kindness becomes extremely ugly. not sure if that is just a girl thing, or a me thing, but if i know it happens with others i'm not sure why i sometimes can't believe it could happen with me. that i could be lovable despite all the flaws that seem so apparent to me.
loved rasheem too. we can touch lives without being aware that they are touching ours as well. there are so many kids in the foster system, lost. just a reminder that all those little people out there could use a hand at times. not necessarily a huge house and alot of money, just some basic love and support. we've had snow, snow and more snow. have really enjoyed it. haven't taken loads of photo's. hard to do the whole scenery justice, but i will admit i haven't tried too hard this week. just kept putting on my snowshoes and snowboots and getting out there. have been lucky and have been put on call a few nights. never got called in on thursday, tonight, who knows. with the adult icu anything can happen anytime. i woke every hour, almost on the hour thursday night fearing i'd miss the call.
i like working in the hospital and i like being a nurse. not in that sappy i love to help people sense. it's just a job that i always thought would be only a job, i really just wanted to work with animals. things turn out the way they should. i help people, minute by minute and hour by hour. many nurses go on to further thier degrees and all that. part of me knows i should be doing this as well. the grass isn't always greener though. was out with a few friends and they were still talking like they had hospital jobs, when really they didn't. must presume that there is a part of them that misses it and one even admitted as such. it's kinda cool to be there in those moments of peoples lives. you make an impact and when you step away it gets harder and harder to do that. my patients last night felt safe and secure, i could tell. that is huge when you are in a hospital and hand over your life to the care of others. as the nurse i can tell when people feel that though, when thier familes feel that. it makes it all worth it. you work hard for 12 hours to make sure that feeling stays with them. it's not the grand gestures and life saving moments that bring comfort to people in a hospital all the time, mostly it's those thoughtful moments, the tiniest of things that make the difference. those are the things they remember. this morning we helped the one patient stand and walk in place. we were all rocking back and forth with him so i started singing waltzing matilda. i heard him happily telling family on the phone about it a little while later. happy, thank you , more please...had to take the dreaded all day class on wednesday. always tough. i'm not good at sitting. after the class i grabbed the pups and we looped around the bog. we did the same today thinking i had to get ready for work. the snow fell all night last night. turned out to only be a few inches really. seemed like way more. we've probably gotten a total of over a foot this week though. it's coming down still. love to watch snowflakes fall. so pretty. our world is white now and will be for many months to come. i couldn't be happier about it. here is blossom in the backyard after one of the big snows. must have been overnight wednesday as i went the next day up gasline on the snowshoes with the dogs. i think blossom enjoys a nice hike with just rio and i. she gets to play with her toy and not have any competition for it. i try to just get out with her occasionaly. she was pretty happy this morning. i through her frisbee as i shoveled the back and front decks and driveway. takes some time to get moving. it is spectacular out there right now. love when the trees are coated with snow. watched "127 hours" earlier this week. that was a good movie too. had heard the story and seen a like 60 minute type show on it. it is interesting to watch the hour by hour process of attempting to survive. you would have to reach a point of total desperation to cut off your own arm. breaking the bones had to have been a total bitch. don't think i could have managed that. he did what he had to do. i think i would have just left the tournaquit on and let the arm die, like they do with piglets nuts...they band em, the nuts die without oxygen supply and fall off. this is what i thought as i watched the movie.
one of the kenyan runners at the university here went missing for 2 days near the hospitals and university. just shows that in this weather you can be near a hospital and still come close to death. not sure yet how he survived out there or what happened. no doubt just got hypothermic and confused. he eventually wandered into a hotel parking lot by the university lake dog park. guess his jeans were coated in ice and the hotel person who brought him in was unable to remove his shoes as they were frozen to his feet. hopefully, the frostbite won't hinder his future in running. a few more guys up north drowned when their snowmachine hit open water on a frozen river. big storms up there this week, not as bad as expected, but they are used to bad storms. lots of wind and waves. overall sounds okay. this is gasline trail, eventually hits the powerline trail and then you come back via the tank trail. blossom has had loads of snowballs to deal with. a few times she has snuck up on my bed and saturated it. i think she carries 1-2 L of water in ice balls by the end of a walk. have tried combing them out. best to run errands post walk and let the snow melt in the element i guess. that is her tail end. rio tolerated the snow walks quite well. haven't given her any pain meds, she's been doing great. love the snow in the trees.chatted with a friend at work about her dog. apparently her dog has what huey, my lab from several years back, had. trigegeminal neuritis. i feel for her. huey was a 100 pound lab. he got a horners and bells palsy type symptoms. his lower jaw went totally slack was the worst of it. he tried to eat and drink, but mostly it all just dropped out of his mouth. he had no control over his lower jaw. i ended up having to hand feed him 4x/day for close to 4 weeks. it was a slimely, and disgusting process. i'd hold up his lower jaw and spoon it in. his tongue worked. after 3 weeks of this i was so slimey and he was so slimey, well he just sucked the entire spoon in. it got stuck there. i lived in ketchikan at the time, the only option was to have it surgically removed. she's in for a rough few weeks, but all will hopefully be well for her and her dog. met amy out for a loop of rovers run. i was sleepy and kinda cranky, but i'm happy she joined me and put up with me. i got uncranky fast. people, dogs and snow have a way of uncranking me pretty fast. the snow and ice keep filling in our little creek. pretty though. the rest are just bog shots. i really should get out the big camera and take some fun snow pictures. started the plans for our summer adventure to round island. could be kinda a tricky one to plan again. that is just a remote place and it will be quite the challenge to find transport and all. will have to start making calls next week and see what i can find. at least we've been there before so maybe the captains of those boats will be able to help or direct us to others who could. not sure if i dare try to sleep. always fear that as soon as you get into a nice rest the phone will ring. getting your brain to work on minimal sleep is tough. wish me luck..

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