Sunday, November 6, 2011

walks, swims and snowshoes.....we got snow!!

rio is so cute and gets so excited by all the fresh and dogs all do as it turns out. sandra laughed as rio went into happy dog spins, she'd never seen her behave like this before. loved the picture too as you can see that subaru's are quite popular with the hiker sorts. there were also 3 elements in the lot while we were there. we got alot of snow overnight. i'd say well over 6-7 inches at my place and then a few more inches came down this evening. i can't locate my plastic shovel. i have a metal one, but that was alot of snow with that heavy shovel. i did the porches and slowly worked on the driveway. went out to swim and meet friends for snack and when i came home it was obvious the neighbor boy had shoveled...there was 2-3 inches that had fallen since he'd shoveled, but i love when my neighbors do such cool stuff. i actually have a nice neighborhood. can't complain! i had given them pumpkin bread and a bag of old vhs movies that i know they've been enjoying... be nice, get nice!! love when the world works that way.these are a mixture of pictures from the weekend walks. yesterday i joined amy and tiffany, today amy and sandra. with all the fresh snow last night we headed out in snowshoes today. love fresh snow!! used to be i could sleep in and still be the first to break trail or almost first, north bivouac trails have become more popular. the lot was pretty full as you could see. i suppose that will taper off as the winter drones on. snow is exciting to all those first times. everyone was all happy out there and really once everyone spreads out on the various trails you still feel pretty alone despite being in a larger city. it's a big city in alaska, but not really that big a community. feels small town to my most of the time.actually some of these are from the other walks earlier in the week. tuesday was rovers run with amy, lena and tiffany, then the next day we were back at n. bivouac with tiffany, lena and tanya. different walkers on various days, but always fun and the dogs come home sleepy! blossom was beat today driving through all that deep snow. we are in frisbee mode now. tennis balls tend to get pretty buried in this snow. blossom can usually still find it, but they are easier to lose now.have eaten out a few times. we tried a new place to me, "table five". i thought it was pretty good. nice little place. didn't want to go anyplace too noisy due to amy's continued headache and back ache. hockey was out. i'll catch a game soon i hope though. it is fun to go on occasion, though i'm not the type that will have to go to every possible game. amy and i were joined by sandra. these two have never met til that night. somehow they know all the same people but never seem to be on the same night at work or at the same social events. tonight i joined sandra and rhonda at midnight sun brewing company. they have spoken of it often. it was a decent little place. the food looks good, but not really for me. it was okay, but i'm kinda picky and there isn't much on the menu and what is there has got too much stuff for me that isn't easily picked out. i know i'm like a 5 year old. i got a basic grilled cheese which of course was dressed up all fancy. sadly, they dared put a pickle right across the chips that came with it and totally polluted the chips. i shoudn't eat any chips anyway. part of the hip loss plan. got my swims in this weekend...yeah me! this blog does help as there is a record of my slacking off times and a record of my successes. i'd rather read about my successful days and not have a random reader discover me on a slacker day. so 25 laps each day. water felt great. today i had the kiddies to deal with. was going to enjoy a relaxing jacuzzi at the main pool, but there were 3 kids under 4-5 years of age in there by themselves, totally out of control. i tattled on them...yes, i am officially one of those old ladies that gets small children in trouble. campbell creek is looking so pretty freezing up. i haven't stopped to take really cool pictures of this or anything of late. probably partly due to the increase in people who actually seem to enjoy walking with me. when you are alone though you do tend to stop more often and look for things to photograph. the bridge, which is how we usually know which trailhead to meet at, "the one with the bridge"...this being "the bridge". car gone missing. had to dig out a bit, since i was digging and going snowshoeing i did get the skis out as well from the shed and need to load them into the yakima. looks like this snow is staying awhile so i best be ready to play in it every chance i was amy's first try at snowshoeing. brought my other pair of snowshoes for her to test out. i think we worked her too hard and her body was aching by the time we got done. her pup is probably pretty beat too.she looks awful small in those big woods, miss laika rose. we had to have photo documentation of the meeting of sandra and amy. laika begins her great snow adventure!!blossom collects snowballs. by the end she was loaded. i could once again hear her snowballs bumping into each other. often i'm in the woods hearing this strange sound and start to get a bit spooked until i see that it's just the snowball percussion band on blossoms coat.have to break some trail. we kept an eye on the puppy, didn't want her to slip beneath the surface. always pretty out there. i wasn't about to attempt any of the bigger water crossings, but heard from others out there that it wasn't safe yet. facebook, when i loaded these, had honed in on the brush in the bottom of the above picture and wanted to know who it was to tag it. so somehow their machine found a face in there...kinda spooky, right?blossom pauses to attempt to chew out a few snowballs. she doesn't like booties, we've tried, and she doesn't like clippers or scissors much either. eventually, she thaws back out.working on next years calendar. pictures i thought i'd loaded onto shutterfly weren't actually in there when i went to select pictures. always a bit of a challenge taking all my many pictures from the year and weeding them out. have liked the last 2 calendars though. feel so behind on christmas and it's only the begining of november. i must say, sadly, that the other day while i flipped through stations on my radio, one was already playing christmas music. yikes!i'm a bit sleepy today. big surprise. gotta get my snowshoe muscles back in shape. they have rollar skis, why don't they have some sort of summer snowshoes?


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