Tuesday, November 8, 2011

first snow, then the temperature drops...

my locks are frozen. since i am a late sleeper and require a shower to wake fully, my hair is wet when i braid it. i'm a lazy person and i just grow it all out one length rather than keeping it cut and styled. i know it would probably be cuter in a shorter cut, but that would mean going to the hair salon every 6-8 weeks and doting on it all. the braid is easy..anyway...the temperature has dropped and now my braid gets stiff and frozen. it thaws quickly in the car. so far i haven't been worried about it just snapping off. perhaps i should. not sure at what temperature that is likely to happen. may have to google it.yesterday felt like the movie, "groundhog day". although i had shoveled all this snow the day before it magically returned to the same levels overnight again. more shoveling. today i was lazy and skipped my swim as i was yesterday...between my shoveling duties and outdoor play i believe i burned sufficient calories. my body has felt the aches of my workouts so no guilt. it's good to have a blog though as it shames me into keeping up with an exercise routine. not that anyone is keeping track, but i know it's there and that is all i need. had also cleaned out and refilled the bird feeders...which i again did today. see what i mean about that groundhog day thing? today we did a loop out rovers run. blue skies and beautiful. yesterdays monday walk was just 3 humans and 5 dogs. we've had a few extra dogs around while amy recovers a bit. those backs can be tricky. the puppy is adorable and we've all fallen in love with laika rose...ekko is sweet too so it doesn't take much to twist our arms! being someone who walks almost everyday i find walking is a good indicator of my health. if i have a cold i can gauge how bad it is by how far i can walk and how short my breath is. if it's my back that is hurting i can also tell. if you can't do a few mile walk that you normally do without having a certain amount of pain then you really have to think about a 12 hour shift. i had my gall bladder out several years back i walked the next day. not far, but when you have dogs and you live alone, who else is going to walk the dogs and get up and feed them. you just do it. overall, it probably is good as it gets you moving and mostly, that is helpful. must be careful to not overdo it, but like i said, when you walk every day you know what your body feels like. i've had some days where i nearly crawled out of bed over the span of 10 min my back hurt so badly, but i knew if i could get out walking it may loosen a bit. the walks are slow and the walks are painful, but i still think it's best. i've read stay in bed the first 24 hours after a back tweak, then get moving. karen and i were on snowshoes so we tried to take turns breaking trail. tanya was just in her icebugs (the best snow boots ever as i have icebugs too!) it was a workout and it took us longer than the monday walk usually takes. great to be out there on the snowshoes though. that is my favorite way to play in the snow. we all took turns picking up the puppy, but she really only wanted to be held for a minute then she wanted back down with the big dogs. she's a tough little pup!blossom got coated with snowballs. at the end of the trail i could hear the snowballs clunking together again. my brain is like auto correct on the iphone. it thinks i know what i'm typing before i type and write the word i don't want. not sure what is going on here in dog speak, but i loved boddhi's look! ekko must have had some strong words to say to him. laika rose is not afraid to get mixed in with the big dogs. she is 10 weeks old now.my turn as lead dog.the doctor in the micheal jackson trial was found guilty of manslaughter i believe it was. part of me feels sorry for the dude because it probably wasn't that he was a bad doctor he just got caught up in greed. jackson would have found someone else to give him his propofol. he had money to spend. pretty much anything and anyone can be bought. this doctor was bought. stupidly, with how huge a salary the dude was getting he would have been wise to have at least hired an assistant to sit with jackson when he went to pee or whatever. not excited to spend tomorrow in class all day. i don't think we even get the continued ed credit we once did. should head to bed early as i have to awaken early, not my favorite thing to do. my snowshoes. i have two pairs. these are my older and bigger ones. the creeks are slowly getting covered up with snow and ice. tanya can't get enough of the puppy! they grow up so fast, especially these larger breeds.rio was beat after her week of hiking. she loves the snow though. it's so much easier for her. still, it's a long walk for a big girl. just taken with my snapshot canon camera. this is the inside of my car windshield. in the winter i have to scrape both inside and outside. not sure if all the condensation in my cars is due to the dogs or if everyone has to scrape the insides of thier windows? i often just save used gift cards and leave them in the car for this. quite effective.all four of our usual malemutes out for a stroll. they all get along fine. occasionally, they get on a blossom kick and she gets a big overwhelmed by the big dogs, but they quickly move onto other things.the start of the trail sniff-o-thon. you'd think they walk so often together they would just dispense with this activity, but they are dogs.rio gets silly with the snow and does happy zoomies at times. just stand away and let her unwind.nash slept a bit today, skipped yesterday. not sure he's too keen on the carrier. they reach that age when they become tough to walk with. too small to walk, but too big to want to be carried. back in the fray!nash is beyond adorable though! a puppy and a baby...we were in heaven!!
tanya and andrea.jsut enjoyed the day. played guitar and sand some of the music i wrote several years ago. haven't gotten much written since moving up here to anchorage. not sure why that is. other stuff going on, life is not so dramatic at this stage of life, who knows. really should make time to get words down on paper. for awhile i was putting some poems in here. perhaps i'll try to add more in again over the winter. still need to work on my calendar some more. maybe tomorrow night. christmas is fast approaching and i've not really done a thing. eek!this was taken at 2pm...always amazing how low the sun is on the horizon at that time. it never really gets up over your head in the winter. well, off to pop a movie in then sleep. "127 hours" just arrived from netflix. still with em. i just do the mail stuff, not streaming.

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  1. I love these photos. By the way, so glad you're not a slave to your hair. I cut my hair every 8 weeks but have to color it (i.e. cover the grays) every 3 weeks). Yeah, I am such a city girl. You are wise - you keep it simple and live in God's country!!!!! ~ Laura