Friday, November 4, 2011

more polar bears...hips are bigger than mine!

apparently, my hips have the look of a woman who has had many children. i found this out when i took care of an innocent child with crazy, obnoxious, socially inept parents. something about my hips and how many kids did i have. none, i have no children. this was not good enough for these people who asked me at least 5 more times, "so you don't have any kids?". did they think i got pregnant and delivered between the last time they asked? i was just about ready to make up some story about how i did have children and a husband but all had been killed in a car wreck and please don't bring it up again as it's very wouldn't have worked. stupid people don't pick up on even the most obvious cues. later, i had the fathers armpit thrust into my face. when you are medical, people will sometimes believe they now have access to some grand medical advice. i gave no such advice and warned the doc in the morning that she too would probably have a armpit in her face. she turfed that one off on the surgeon. smartie. of course, when i came past the next night, the idiot starts to show me his newly lanced zit in his armpit. it's hard to be compassionate sometimes! i had threatened illness if i had to return to this family again the next night and was granted a new assignment! hurray! patients "fire" thier nurses, we "divorce" our patients. since i am too lazy to see what pictures are on my camera from last weeks walks i thought i'd continue with some of these polar bear shots from churchill that i transferred over. polar bears are so adorable...i wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley though. they get pretty close and climb up on the tundra buggy. i suppose if they really wanted to they could find their way up. it may have just been a false sense of security. this guy looks quite harmless though. mostly they seemed curious about us. had a few nice walks with friends this past week. amy, lena and tiffany joined me on rovers run and then the next day tiffany, tanya and lena joined me on a loop on north bivuoac. we've gotten a bit more snow over the days and it looks like more is coming. once the snow comes up here, it stays. when i lived in south dakota or even in ketchikan the snow would come and go and you'd see the, no ground til the snow melts in may sometime. initally, i will admit there was just a part of me that wasn't ready for winter to come, but now i've got my winter gear out and i'm all happy hospital announced that they would be nicotene testing all new hires and not hiring anyone who tests positive. now, i am not a fan of smoking at all, but it is still a legal activity. i have never had an issue with drug testing for illegal drugs, but this just feels abit invasive. when does it stop. will we soon be required to have a full medical exam with ekg's and labs and such before we are hired to a new job? was happy when my friend told me michael moore was booted from the wallstreet occupy protests being that he is part of the 1%. funny that he didn't recognize that. it's not his battle, it belongs to others. haven't gotten too worked up about it all. i still see that we have a much better life here than most of the other humans that share the earth with us. many of the poor in america are partly poor because we all seem to feel entitled to all the things that the 99% have so we just buy them whether we have the money or not. i'm not without my share of credit card debt, so i don't cry poor. frugality is not one of my better qualities. i remember in college a friend who always complained about being so straped for cash despite the fact that she had a decent sum of cash in her savings and had no debt. it's all a perception. with all my stuff how could i ever consider myself poor? i have food, i have a home, i have my basic needs met. the financial issues in my life are there because i made choices. those choices are my responsibility. banks can offer deals but you don't have to take them. they can try and sell you the moon, but you don't have to buy it. it's up to each individual to do the research before signing any papers. not that this means i find the banks to have no fault at all, i just get annoyed that the 99% seem to act so taken and tricked when many just let their hopes overtake the realities.watched a disturbing movie the other day, "the last king of scotland" about idi ameen? i'm sure i spelled that wrong, but considering how many people he brutalized and killed i could care less. he ruled as a dictator in uganda from '70-79. a young scottish doctor becomes his personal doctor and aide. he was pretty naive about life in this region. it was too late to get out once he figured out what a cruel and horrid man he'd befriended. there were a few graphic scenes in there. the worst is that you know that those things are based on stuff that really happened. people in our world live in utter fear and my theory that we are surrounded by serial killers just waiting for some crazy person like this to tell them it's okay to kill these people or those people. that all thier problems are caused by those people. it could happen anywhere. you can't take the security and peace you have lightly. it's always at risk. thought for sure i'd have horrible dreams after watching that. i did have strange dreams, which i can't recall, but luckily the images from that movie only haunt me when i am awake. this is bad enough. we enjoyed hours of polar bear wrestle sessions. one would lay down and eventually be jabbed back into play by another.between they rested and as this guy is doing, dug up seaweed to munch on. yes the great white bear is willing to eat seaweed when the ice is not in yet.
liked these pictures of this lounging bear. so sweet! obsessed with those huge paws!was still experimenting with my new digital camera. these are with the digital. pictures that looked crystal clear out there, looked slightly more blurry when i put them on my computer.the second night at work was much more pleasant. i was precepting a co-worker. she is quite nie and coming along well in her training. enjoy this when i do it, though i haven't been through the official hoops. hate hoops. nursing is full of hoops to jump through. i debate returning for my bsn..i'm just a mere associates degree nurse. it's just so painful to think of going back into the fire that is nursing schools. some people are on these mini power trips. i've decided they have no power in thier actual homes with thier real families so they take it out on nursing students and such.anyway, this nurse had most of our patients and i was just there to help guide her and answer any questions. i was given a sweet little baby. held that baby the last few hours of the night. love to just rock a baby and get paid for it...and not the baby sitters fee i charged as a kid...$1/hr, no matter how many kids the people had. what a rip off!! those last few hours were heaven. sorry, i can't get that call light, i'm holding the baby...hehehehe!this mama bear is so skinny. unlike me with my garganjuan baby birthing hips!the bears are still being sighted out on the trails apparently. i haven't seen any tracks yet. soon they will be denned up. you can see the slimness of the mother polar bear in this one better. they don't eat for several months after thier babies are born. just live off thier fat stores.loved the little guy in front. he just looks bored...hoping the others will join him for some fun.what i thought to be exciting news in the paper today. university of alaska in fairbanks will start offering vet school, the first two years to be done up there. the state is one that has no veterinarian school available to students. this will make it so they can stay here the first two years and only have to head to colorado for the last two years of graduate work. thought that was cool news. once upon a time i hoped to become a veterinarian. i didn't have the stellar gpa nor were my math skills at the level needed. did enjoy my days working as a vet tech in the field though. i turned to nursing. it's been a good job. has it's good days and bad days. i really should do the school thing. it's just so painful to contemplate. i know once i started it would pass and be done fairly rapidly. sunset in churchill.lone bear wanders.enjoyed dinner out with a friend tonight. always great to get out. it was a last minute decision. was debating swimming or going to hockey. hopefully, i'll do both of those things tomorrow night. have been spurned on by the birthing hips comments. would honestly like to drop a good 15 # . have always gained a smidge of weight in the winter and then it fell off come least until i got into my 40's. now the winter weight doesn't budge. have done nothing different than i did 10-15 years ago except got older! dang!!i'd say i'll be some fat well fed cat or dog in a lovely home in my next life, but then i smell thier food and i'm not so sure the grass is greener. perhaps i'll just wait here til the humans fall asleep then i'll board the buggy and have myself a fine meal! though not sure i would be good eating for a polar bear. in truth it doesn't seem they really are all that finicky. looking down on a bear wandering about.liked the windblown snow out there.finished reading, "testimony" by anita shreve. it was ok, but just ok really. for sure not a favorite. it was about a sex scandal in a private high school. the girl got drunk and seemingly created the whole event only to turn around and cry rape when the tape got out. many lives destroyed...blah, blah, blah. not her best. just started a new book so hopefully it's better. i do love to get sucked into a book. often what happens is i get a string of good ones and read like crazy then i am slowed by a crap book that i can't seem to finish and then i take a break. here i am with a a few bears. just leaning out the window of the tundra buggy. life is feeling good to me right now. always surround yourself with the right people. good and kind people make life better! good night.

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